Thursday, May 27, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Sorry, I've been slacking with the growth reports. Here are the peas a few weeks ago. Right now they are over halfway up their trellises!

The onions and shallots.
Dada inspecting a cucumber plant.
The tomato cages. Yes, we realize they are about 8 feet tall. We're hoping for Hinrew tomatoes! =D
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Okay, found the pictures I couldn't find before. So never mind. ;)

Not often do you get TWO Hinrew mini wheats in the same bowl!

A Captain Jack sighting!
A hot dog.
No, the kids didn't get a hold of the camera. This is a robin in her nest in the tree by the gardens out back. Now there are baby birdies under her with eyes still closed and beaks open, but this picture is specifically of tail feathers. Not intentional, just was trying to get Mama Bird =)
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54th Commencement of Covenant Theological Seminary

Dada's big brother Kelly graduated with his Master of Divinity last weekend in St. Louis. Dada was fortunate enough to be done with his work trip to Canada in time to get out there for the commencement ceremony. (He even got to meet uncle Kelly and aunt Becky's new son, Zach. More on that cutie later.) Their parents were also in attendance.

This piper is Ms. Laurie Hartung.

This is the President, Dr. Bryan Chapell.

And this is the Reverend Alistair Begg from Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. And this story is for my Nana especially. Apparently this Reverend has a Scottish accent and he delivered the commencement address. Dada says that after the ceremony, an older gentlemen came up to Kelly and thanked him. When Kelly was about to ask, "what for?" this man asked Kelly, "so what part of Scotland are you from?" Apparently he though Kelly was the one who'd given the address, hehe! You can kind of see the resemblance in the next picture.

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The sights of graduation

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Hood Me!

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Kelly showing off his wizarding sleeves. Looks like he's all set for Hogwarts, hehe!

Here's the hood that has the official tartan of the school:

Kelly and his mom =) And his diploma.
Off he goes!

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Party time

Aunt Becky's good friend Dawn also graduated at uncle Kelly's ceremony. She got her Masters of Arts degree.

Dada and uncle Kelly
Uncle Kelly and his parents
And uncle Kelly with his beautiful wife Becky
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Introducing cousin Zach

Here is the kids' new cousin Zach in his 13 pounds of glory:

Zach is letting Pap know he wants some pizza too. See below.

And since Dada needed to bring this cradle home with him for our soon-to-be-here baby, we reminded him to get pictures of Zach in it before he outgrew it. Then we'll have it for about 2 months before we need to pass it along to uncle Rob & aunt Jana's baby! Then all 6 of the grandchildren will have had their turns snuggled into the cradle that Pap made. =)

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Lizzie love

Dada also got to have a good time with Care Bear and Liam's cousin Lizzie. At one point when we caught him on the phone, he was fastening a crown and butterfly wings onto her. Sadly, I don't have pictures of that, but here's some of Lizzie and her parents, workin' her charm:

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Like a BIG pizza pie...

While Dada was in St. Louis, he remembered he'd seen a clip about Pointers Pizza from a Food Network show. These pizzas are ginormous, and he and uncle Kelly were a few blocks away from the pizzaria, so one thing led to another and voila, we have pizza pictures to show off. This is baby Zach at two months old, displaying the box:

This is after five adults and one three-year-old have eaten their fill:

And the box is big enough that it fits in the doorway! =D How fun is that!?

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Is that a watermelon?

Or are you just happy to see me? Hehehe. Here's the progress report. All fine and dandy at 37.5 weeks. Today is actually 38 weeks but no new pictures yet. And Picasa is being queer again... it's not loading all of the pictures that I see on the card or can see in Lightroom, so I don't know what's up with that. Night vision goggle pictures I'd promised are on there, but for some reason they aren't showing up here. Grr...

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