Monday, August 26, 2013

Corolla light house

The big kids did the Corolla lighthouse with Dada and Lainie while Damon and I stayed ground-bound. Glad I did, because I'm not a sprial staircase fan and Liam said there were 200+ stairs. Thanks to Dada for taking all these pictures! 

Below, the elbow is Liam's. The blue dot just below the middle tree is my dress, and the tiny orange dot is Damon.

I LOVE this one of Carrie. It'd be a neat place for wedding gown pictures, I think!

Lainie's new knees are only a few years old and she said they held up pretty well for the climb and descent.

Then the kids wanted a silly picture, naturally.
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Corolla Nature Preserve

Lainie took these pictures of us in Corolla at a nature preserve. There's lots of stuff to do there, and the kids really enjoyed learning about the geese and duck migrations, especially. We got to walk to the wetlands part and the kids got a kick out of the green algae and jungle-y looking foliage. Didn't see any sea monsters or alligators, but not for a lack of hunting for them.

The kids found a camoflauged moth and Damon didn't want to budge until it did. There were impressive spiderwebs too!
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Sunrise at the Atlantic

This was the same day as all the Jockey's Ridge pictures. Muggin and I were delighted to have done sunrise and sunset pictures in the same day. Neither of us are morning people, strictly speaking. 0=)

Yes, those are jellyfish all over creation. And I like the crab holes, too!

My cute, sweet brother whom we call Hinrew, who graciously got up to take us girls shelling. So fun to go on vacation with him and Muggin!
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Blast from the past

Totally random, but thought some of you would get a big kick out of them. Above is my Nana with me, my aunt Tammy, and my great grandma Frances. I look about four, maybe? So... 1980, perhaps? Anyone?

Then there's me and my Mommee. I loved that sweater!

And this one makes me laugh because I look just like Damon. It says Christmas Eve 1977, and that's my aunt Barbie behind me. If you click on it and make it bigger, you can see the nice shiner around my eye. I bet my parents were just thrilled about that for Christmas pictures of their firstborn, hahaha!
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First day of school 2013-2014

Our beautiful Care Bear, ready for *gulp* FIFTH GRADE!

And our handsome Liam, entering second grade. Yes, he remembered to get shoes on before he left for the bus.

They were so excited that the were bursting at the seams. Fifth graders got laptops this year, so that's why Carrie looks like she's headed off with half her belongings attached to her. She has a brand new backpack and lunchbox which I told her she had to use until college, and she got a cover/carrying case for the laptop.

There were eight school age kids at the bus stop this morning and since I only knew three of them (besides our two) I didn't want to post pictures in case any of the parents have privacy issues, etc. Lots of homes in our neighborhood have been for sale or sold, so it was nice to see we've got new kids in the neighborhood!
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