Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Madness

No, not that kind. Just a hodge podge of March-ness. Here's a March morning, just before the cursed Daylight Savings madness changed:

It was actually getting bright enough to take pictures of the Kid at the Early Bus Time... an elusive Carrie sighting.

Yes, that's Triskal eyeing her Valentine from Carrie.

And since I'm at least three full weeks behind, the kids had Read Across America like the rest of, well, America, and they got to dress up as their favorite Seuss characters for his birthday. Allow me to present Thing Two and Thing Three:

Spring Break kicks off this evening and let me tell you- we are ready. I am almost more excited than the kids about a homework-free week. Company is coming in and we'll still have karate, but to not have to get up early for the bus? Bliss!

Happy almost Easter, everyone. Signing out for now.

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