Monday, April 10, 2017

Birds and Bees

Okay, true, it's really a ladybug, but that's because the visiting bee didn't stick around long enough to me to snap it's picture.

The bluebird was puzzling because I've only seen one here before. He was perched in a spot with other trees between where I could see him without a screen and I had an internal argument over if he was actually blue or if he was a robin- the glare on the glass with the screen behind it gave me just enough pause. I snapped a shot then I moved to a different window and he spooked. I had to check the photo to be sure, but there he is! And you guys, then he came back! He's zooming around from the trees down to the grass and then back up again. 

Liam still loves everything yellow, except bananas, and especially goldfinches. This was was sweet enough to pose. 

And our crazy robins are back, nesting above the floodlight on the deck out back which means they spook every time we put the dog out and there is a feathered bombshell swooping past your head and bird poop all over the deck. "Some horrid bird..." I swear between the robins and the phoebes out back there is not a minute of peace from before dawn until bedtime. You know other birds are grumbling, "tell that Phoebe, whoever she is, to get home already so they stop calling her!

Not sure who this huge guy is, but he's having a wild ride in our 20-30 mph winds today. He keeps streaking past, just steering, making huge circles as he's buffeted. I hope he doesn't take out the guy measuring off his roof of the big red shed we can see from our back yard...

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