Saturday, April 23, 2005

Don't squirt ME, Dada! Posted by Hello

Helping Dada water the new grass Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sittin' in the "backyard" Posted by Hello

Sound asleep- what an angel :) Posted by Hello

Enjoying Spring

I broke down this morning & turned the heat back on. In spite of that, we really have been enjoying all things Spring. Carrie likes to stand at the window & talk about all the "lellow" dandelions that are popping up everywhere. Next door has amazing tulips so she talks about those ones too. Some are yellow, some are red, and there's a few purply ones in there too. Sally has two gorgeous purple flowering trees across the street- I have no idea what they are- but they are just lovely! The colors have really brightened after the rains this week. So glad it's Spring!

Scott has been watering his grass seed under our little tree and in our rocky section of the yard. Carrie likes to help with the hose. She also enjoys taking off out back, which isn't our yard, but is just way too inviting. She even laid down in the ditch and stared at the sky. I missed that photo op, but did get one of her sitting in everyone's backyard...

She is getting SO long. I notice it most when she's running around naked (which occurs more often now) and when she's sleeping. Look at those legs! I can't wait to see how big she is next month at her two year appointment. Any ideas on packing on the pounds before then? Besides stapling her to her chair so that she can't burn anything off?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Old News and New News

Here are some older photos of Care Bear. I think they're from the week Scott was at the brewery in Milwaukee... so they'd be end of March. We went to the park a few blocks away when it was still a little bit chilly. She played on the swings, watched the man install those bouncy animal toys after the winter, and ran around collecting rocks & twigs. She crawled up against a big tree and snuggled down into the roots, pretending to nap! She loves being outside and wants to play "ball?" all the time.

The denim outfit is from Don & Judy Charbonneau, Scott's old ESCO boss from Oregon. See the OR photos for a shot of her w/ Don on the couch the night they had us over for dinner. I think she likes the new dress, judging from the grin. ;)

My cousin Mulysa had her baby boy yesterday- welcome baby Aidan! Don't have any specifics yet except that he was 8 lbs and 13 oz. It's her first and was a C-section, so please be praying for a swift, smooth recovery for her and that the family can adjust easily to Mr. Aidan's demands. Thanks!

And finally, the news some of you have known but haven't seen posted yet: Care Bear will be a big sister on or after Halloween. I am 2 months along, have had two doctor's appointments already and things seem to be progressing fine so far. Had my routine bloodwork done this morning, so even that is over with! I've been sick twice this week, so this kid is already more trouble than Carrie was! Hehe =) Should have known we'd never get another one quite as good as her ;) We are really excited and having trouble agreeing on names, as usual. We'll be sure to keep you all posted! Please be praying for good health for all of us We3.5Kurths. Thanks again!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

The dress w/ bloomers than Don & Judy Charbonneau bought Posted by Hello

A pretend snooze under the tree- complete w/ fake snores! Posted by Hello

Park swing Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Easter morning Posted by Hello

A pretty Easter basket Posted by Hello

All the nursery kids love this chair. Reminds me of Cap'n Kirk's! Posted by Hello

Some nursery buddies on Easter Posted by Hello

Mom, here is the purple velvet dress! Posted by Hello

She drew lots of eggs! Posted by Hello

I think she likes the purple one Posted by Hello

Care Bear and Mama Posted by Hello

Care Bear and Dada Posted by Hello

Helping dye Posted by Hello

Lellow! Posted by Hello

Inspecting the egg dying equipment (and yes, of course you need Cheerios to dye eggs!) ;) Posted by Hello

Easter, finally

I have about an hour before my Jehovah's Witnesses show up, so I'll get some Easter stuff up since that's what my mother keeps clamoring for ;) Hehe! Care Bear is watching "Maisy" on Noggin, so I'm trying to tune that out. We did dye eggs, went to church, and gave her plastic eggs to play with. We crashed Easter dinner at the Somerville house and Carrie got to eat at the kids' table again. I really think those kids get a kick out of her. Here's the Easter weekend pictures!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Catch up

Playing catch up now... did get the photos loaded, so here are the ones from this weekend and then we'll backtrack to Easter. There are a lot of Easter pictures, so they'll be a separate entry from this one.

Yesterday we went to church & then enjoyed an impromptu picnic at Mike & Leeann's house. There were tons of people there and we did some BBQ action & played some games, talked a lot, and ate ourselves silly. It was hot; a much needed change from coats & hats, I'll say! We didn't get Care Bear down for her nap until about 4 PM and amazingly enough, she was still going strong. She probably would have had a major meltdown later, but I bet she could have gone all day- she had that much energy! After nap we played w/ her new chalk (she's worn the other ones all down to nubs, had to invest in another bucket) and then Scott took her for a short run in her jogging stroller. Then we tossed her in the tub & it was time for night night!

Saturday we'd met Mike & Leeann and Chris & Meredith for dinner at the Thai Cafe in Ottawa. We ran errands that morning... literally. Scott ran her in the jogging stroller clear across town to the library & Dunkin Donuts while I went Krogering. Then we girls took naps while he mowed, seeded some un-grassy areas, and watered some plants. It was great to be outside so much!

Today we're cleaning... I did a weekend's worth of dishes & have done two loads of laundry w/ more to go. We need to vacuum in a desperate way. Mike & Leeann will be coming over for dinner tonight since it's Mike's day off.

Almost time for Scott to get home for lunch! Enjoy the pictures, and I'll get the Easter ones up soon. Take care!

Checking out the loot from the donut date and Kroger this weekend Posted by Hello

Dopey, hehe! Posted by Hello

Excited about her orange hat Posted by Hello

Scott will kill me for this one, but it's too funny to not post! Fresh from the tub... Posted by Hello

Sidewalk chalk artist at work, again Posted by Hello

Testing out the new chalk Posted by Hello