Saturday, January 27, 2007

The latest photos

Our handsome boy! We had 3 days in PA last week because Dada had to go to Brockway. We got a lot of small visits in and I didn't take enough pictures, but here are some of home and PA. Thanks to everyone who saw us and put us up, and put up with us! ;) Have a great weekend! Posted by Picasa

He is STILL fascinated w/ Triskal's kennel. This time he was after one of her red plastic toys that was inside. He's figured out the food door latch and sneaks in. Posted by Picasa

Action shot of him sneaking back out of the kennel Posted by Picasa

Pulling up on everything and SO proud of himself. Posted by Picasa

Such a lover. Give her a kissie! Posted by Picasa

I know. It looks like he's doing what I think about doing occassionally, but he's really trying to get her to lower her head so he can kiss her! Posted by Picasa

Sittin' in the block box... Posted by Picasa

Liam's first blueberry muffin Posted by Picasa

The babies checking out the house from aunt Lainie. I moved it upstairs from the basement, so it's the first time Triskal's seen it. Posted by Picasa

Weeeeeee, noise! Posted by Picasa

Who needs toys? Posted by Picasa

New-to-him shoes from cousin Aiden.  Posted by Picasa

Clacking his shoes together like "there's no place like home..." Posted by Picasa

Static head! Posted by Picasa

The proud parents of beautiful little miss Ivy! Posted by Picasa

He had himself all twisted up in these balloons from Nana's reunion. Loved it! Posted by Picasa

Get those balloons, Liam! Posted by Picasa

Carrie-ing on w/ her Pap Pap ;) Posted by Picasa

This is her "peeking thing"- it's Pap Pap's magnifying glass! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Next New Thing

All right, all right. Sue me for false advertising. She's not really a new thing but a new person! Welcome to little miss Elizabeth Lee, born to Kelly & Becky today! She's 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Details are a little on the sparse side as I haven't talked to the proud parents myself yet, but from what I hear, things are going well. So hip hip hooray for the newest baby in the fam! Weeeeeeeee! Congratulations to all of you =D

Friday, January 05, 2007

More comparisons

I'm such an idiot. Been blogging for two years now and I still forget things load from the bottom up. *sigh* Apparently I didn't get a brain for Christmas...

Anyway, here're some of the newest photos and I *think* I've figured out the new photo loading program I'll be using. Seems pretty smooth. Might just like it! ;) Hope everyone is having a happy new year and remembering to write 2007 on all the checks being written. Hehe!

Have a great day!

Flipping around on crayons Posted by Picasa

Our beautiful fuzzy girl Posted by Picasa

Tackle! Posted by Picasa

Action shot of Triskal holding down the floor as Liam tackles the red crayon. He was just leaping all over it and flinging his legs up in the air. Such a boy. Posted by Picasa

Big boy, ready to just take off. Mixed feelings about that. =/ Posted by Picasa

Role reversals? Care Bear with tools... Posted by Picasa