Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Me to Carrie:Do you want more juice?
Do you want more chocolate milk?
No. (Good girl!)
No. (That's my kid!)
Scott to Carrie: Do you want some extract from a barnyard animal?
Carrie nods.
Me, as I reach for the milk: You didn't say which one. Sheep?

And this has nothing to do w/ her, but is really funny! http://www.toadalamode.com/zodiac.html

Eggs Posted by Hello

Christian sawin' logs Posted by Hello

Madeleine's pretty flower Posted by Hello

Wendy & Madeleine Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005


Been trying to get pictures up for half an hour now. Not sure if it's a network issue or just this computer. I'm giving up for tonight. Sorry =/

More stuff

I'm too tired to be original tonight as far as the title goes. Scott's in Milwaukee this week so I'm chasing Care Bear alone. At least the weather was gorgeous today & we could get outside to play! She pretty much wanted to be everywhere I wasn't... can't wait to fence the yard so I don't have to chase her down anymore. I'm pooped!

So at this point I don't even remember what day I'm supposed to be recording from vacation. Here's some more pictures. Sorry, I don't have the Easter ones loaded from the camera to the computer yet, so some of you will just have to wait (Mother!) to see her in her purple velvet dress. They're coming, they're coming!

Keep praying for Olsons & baby Christian- they're all home but Wendy is exhausted & said last week was probably the toughest of her life. If you live near them, go visit & help her out =D And hug her from us while you're at it!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Last of the beach

We parted ways w/ the Olsons in the afternoon so that we could all do our own thing. We drove down the coast (it was beautiful everywhere but Seaside, where we'd been!) and did a few stops in fun places we'd remembered. We browsed some shops in Seaside and bought her a hat. We let her nap in the car while we pulled over to scenic lookout points & took more pictures. We visited the pier where we'd first laid eyes on Newfoundlands (the dogs we adore) but the pier was closed for renovations! So no Newfies to show Carrie =( Sad! There was a couple from Idaho(?) crabbing, so she got to see some live crabs close up. Then we went along the coast some more to Tillamook to check out the cheese prices & have some ice cream. For any price-conscious shopper, Tillamook cheese baby loaves are cheaper at WinCo than they are at the factory ;) As we drove back to Hillsboro via the twisty coastal route, Carrie did super! She waited to throw up until we were about 15 minutes from the house, on a completely flat stretch. Kids! We think it was her milkshake topped off by her berry juice in the car =/ So we got to hose her off and wash everything when we made it back to the Olsons'. *sigh* Such a great trip, so not a great ending! Haha. Enjoy the pictures!

for some reason, she was biting that little button on the top of his hat Posted by Hello

Phooey, you can't see it well, but she had really sandy feet! Posted by Hello

that's the Pacific Ocean in the background  Posted by Hello

Look! Hills! ;) Posted by Hello

Gotta love that Oregon coast *homesick* Posted by Hello

Cloud at the coast Posted by Hello

Snoozin' in her new lid Posted by Hello

This is the house at the end of the pier where the Newfies live! You could crab off the deck on the back of it and there's a bait shop inside. Sadly, it was closed. =( Posted by Hello

Real crabs! Posted by Hello

Posing w/ the cows at the Tillamook factory Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The beach, continued

I forgot to mention one of the neatest sights of the trip! We had to drive two cars to get everyone around all week (4 adults & 3 car seats). As we were leaving Camp 18 for the beach, a bald eagle swooped down right in front of our caravan! Wendy & I were riding together w/ Christian and we both said, "Wow! A bald eagle!" It was the first I'd ever seen in the wild, and Wendy's first in Oregon. The boys later told us that they had seen it too. I've heard all the words to describe them... regal, noble, etc etc etc, but they really are amazing creatures and to see one just out of the clear blue sky (haha) was breathtaking. I hope everyone gets to see at least one in the wild at some point in their lives! Awesome.

Back to the beach! I think the highlight for Carrie was the seagulls. She really had fun chasing them all over the beach. It's always funny to see birds run before they decide to fly further off. One of my favorites is the picture of Scott chasing Carrie who's chasing birds. Hehe!

Carrie's first time @ the Pacific Ocean Posted by Hello

Chasing seagulls Posted by Hello

Carridactyl prints Posted by Hello

Carridactyl prints! She would walk, stoop, grab sand, drop it, walk, stoop, grab sand... Posted by Hello

Found some other kids w/ trucks! Posted by Hello

Dads n kids Posted by Hello

I like the beach! Posted by Hello

Gotta be faster than that, Dada, if you're gonna catch a seagull! Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

To the Beach!

ARGGGGGGGGGGH I just typed all this out, hit "post" and then it poofed me to the "Page cannot be displayed" baloney. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

Okay, summary:

We went to Camp 18, a restaurant on the way to the coast. It's full of logging historial stuff and made out of old, humungous logs. It's a really cool tourist spot w/ HUGE cinnamon buns ;) Anyway, we had breakfast there before we headed to Seaside, which has been overcast & foggy every time I've ever been there. That didn't stop Care Bear though. She had a ball in the sand. There are enough beach pictures to last through 3 days of posts, at least, so here are the first of them!

Carrie & Madeleine on one of the wooden carvings at Camp 18 Posted by Hello

All our shoes in the sand Posted by Hello

crab shell fragment- so pretty! Posted by Hello