Friday, June 23, 2006


Congrats to Edwin and Jess on the birth of their second son! Check out their link on the side over there to see baby pictures and proud big brother. Yippie! Wishing you guys lots of sleep in the next few weeks =D Love you!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Don't all y'all fall over. I know, amazing, isn't it? Two posts in less than a week! Ha!

Care Bear started ballet lessons on Monday. After being so excited about them, you'd think she'd dance, right? She met Miss Melissa and the 4 other little girls in her class (she is the shortest, by the way) and she stood there, hands on hips, most of the 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it. This child who will not hush up and hold still would not move in ballet class where she is supposed to be dancing. Miss Melissa had to physically position her body to do anything. I was so embarrassed. Granted, it was the first class and it's not all about me, but really. Kids. She says she had a good time and can, naturally, show us everything at home that they did there. Maybe next week will be more interesting. =P Cheeseball. Anyway, here's the much-awaited ballerina pictures. What a hoot.

Liam's sitting very well and loves to watch everything around him. I'm going to be immensely sad when he starts moving. He started in Sitters & Crawlers at church on Sunday and apparently napped most of his time in there! I couldn't find him when I went to claim him & the new ladies told me, "oh, he's in the crib!" Silly boy. All those toys and new kids and he sleeps. Oh well. I think they're just off this week... it's been super hot/humid/stormy and both kids have just been crabby & irritable. So am I.

Tonight we took advantage of the break in the storms & went for a walk in the mud & puddles. Care Bear had a wonderful time and didn't want to have her bath & go to bed. All the kids are conked out now- the two smallest (I am including the dog as a kid, since she is!) are just having their pre-bedtime naps. Dada is home safe & sound after many travel interruptions & minor disasters, setbacks, etc., etc., etc. so we're glad he's here!

Have a great rest of the week and a fun weekend! =) Oh, and I started step aerobics. Love it! Dada is signed up for it too, so if you wanna come see a good time, watch us as we try frantically to keep our right straight from our left ;) Hehe!

Her ballet slippers. Hehe! Posted by Picasa

Our Angelina Ballerina Posted by Picasa

This is her after dance class, back home. Posted by Picasa

Carrie is kneeling and Triskal is standing. That oughta provide some scale so you can see how big our girls are getting! Posted by Picasa

We had pancakes for dinner two nights ago (since Dada doesn't like breakfast foods for dinner =P) and she ate hers on the counter while I flipped 'em. Posted by Picasa

Of course, since we're talking about Carrie here, she had to throw rocks into the puddles! Posted by Picasa

She's such a cheeseball. She wiped her muddy hands all over the front of her shirt. Posted by Picasa

"Help! I'm stuck!" Posted by Picasa

She found a storm drain on the way home, too.  Posted by Picasa

Look how well he's sitting! (Okay, you're right. It's a picture for all my Girlfriends who love baby bum pictures. He was entertaining himself with the box of wipes.) Posted by Picasa

There are no words for how cute he is! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there. Thanks for doing the jobs you do! =)

We've had Pa Pa visiting with us since Thursday. So fun! We took him to the zoo on Friday and have been out to eat a good bit. We took him to church with us today, too. Last night we stayed up late and went to Target & Mr. Freeze... wish I'd had the camera with me because Carrie was hilarious with her ice cream cone. For any of you who visit us this summer, make sure you get BABY cones in this heat. We were all messy and got a few bugbites, too. And Lisa, we found the first Fred of the summer! He proved to be most elusive, though. =(

Before Pa Pa came we had Scissors, Episodes 1 and 2. Yes, everyone is fine. So is our hair. Episode 1 consisted of Care Bear obtaining scissors at a neighbor's garage sale somehow. She snipped all the vertical slats in their lawn chairs before Dada or I noticed. Bad parents, bad parents!

The very next day, I put her down for her break and went to get Liam down for his. As I'm putting him down, I hear *click* and her door opens. She sneaks downstairs. I get her back upstairs and into her room. He's fussing, so I finally get him straightened out and settled down. I laid down for one hour. When I got up, I notice her door is open and I check her bed- no Carrie. Her pillow and bed aren't even warm. Greaaaaaaaaaaat. She's in the kitchen when I get downstairs and she promptly tells on herself, "I cut with the scissows."
"What did you cut? Did you cut anything?"
"I show you." *Begins leading me around the house.* "I cut the cuwtains." *she shows me the new curtains, one small snip in each* "I TWIED to cut Lamb's changing pad. I cut Twiskaw's sheet. I cut this (her coloring book) and I cut Dada's book (The Lord of the Rings- title page, three small snips in various places)" There was minimal damage, but I'm silently laughing hysterically as I walk around behind her- I just can't believe it. And she's telling on herself. Hilarious. *I do not want any emails telling me to be more careful. I know already!* We had a big talk about "if you see scissors on the kitchen counter, you leave them be. If you see scissors on the floor, you leave them be. If you see scissors on a bed, you leave them be. If you see scissors, etc." The highlight is that she also tells me, "I twied to climb up and get the owange ones." as if she needed TWO pairs. Grrrrr. For those of you who were wondering, yes, they were adult scissors and they were on the kitchen table. Lesson learned.

And the story of today: Pa Pa asks her "why do you do things your mommy tells you not to do?"
Carrie: "Because Mama tells me not to!"

What can you say to that? =/

Have a great week, all! Signing off while I still have some sanity......

A beautiful visitor in our yard! Posted by Picasa

Carrie gave Liam an empty box of Ritz bits. I have no idea why. Posted by Picasa

"Indian giver. You gave them to ME! Now they're mine." Posted by Picasa

I think he looks like Linus from Peanuts in this picture. Almost like he's thinking, "who'm I kidding? It's all I can do to eat my pears!" Posted by Picasa

The kids at the ball game on Wednesday night. Dada's team had a double header! Posted by Picasa

The team is full of great sports. Here's Nicki playing catch with Carrie. She even pitched so Carrie could bat some! Posted by Picasa

Dada helping Carrie catch Posted by Picasa

New hula skirt from Hinrew & Muggin! Posted by Picasa

Carrie is watching... Posted by Picasa

... Pa Pa doing the hula! Posted by Picasa

Pa Pa and Liam talking to Rita and baby Nina, some wonderful new friends of ours =D Posted by Picasa

Liam and Nina. She's only a few weeks older than him- birthday buds! Posted by Picasa

Liam crying because Nina didn't let him make the first move. Hehe! She'd patted his cheek! Posted by Picasa

We took Pa Pa to the zoo on Friday! Here they are on a shady bench. Posted by Picasa