Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pretty 'do's

Somehow this one got overlooked. The last time my Mommee was here, the girls got their hair done. Aren't these some sharp looking ladies? =) Hehe!

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Resigned to indignity

Check out this fearsome dragon!

Could she look any more embarrassed?
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Early trick or treat

We knew Dee would have a party and a parade at school, so Liam went to the preschool trick or treat at some of the area businesses. He was a very polite knight. And here he can be seen subduing the dragon:

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Rock Band

We had a good time doing Beatles Rock Band at uncle Rob & aunt Jana's last weekend:

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Friday, October 30, 2009


Let's hear it for Hinrew, who won his Emmy right before his Hawaiian vacation ;) Whooohooooo!!!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We clean up well!

We4 got all gussied up for church on Sunday and decided we may as well take pictures of it. Not sure if these will turn into Christmas card photos or not, but there's no reason you can't enjoy them in the meantime. =)

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Erie Orchards, part 3

Sunday was gorgeous and warmish, so we took off once again for Erie Orchards. We picked another huge bag, found pumpkins to decorate the house and porch with, and had our donuts and cider, of course.

Have I mentioned that Liam wants to be a knight for Halloween? He practices every chance he gets. Little boy + stick in hand + apple in the other hand= life is good!

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The Hinrew corn is still hangin' in there, hehe!

But the rest of the sunflowers are looking pretty sad.

Hmm, there's something funny about that tree trunk. Oh wait, that's Dada in his brown cords! =D

Two monkeys

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Dada had them hunting for the perfect small pumpkins. "But Dada, we want perfect BIG pumpkins!" "Perfect big ones are easy to find. Hunt for the perfect small ones- that's harder!"

I'm bummed this one didn't turn out sharper. It was a great shot. The blue sky, the green leaves, the brown corn, then the red apples on the ground were all perfect in the sunshine!

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This is their favorite part, I swear. They get such a kick out of riding in the very back.

Who said pumpkins don't grow on trees?!

We laughed about the one on the left looking like he was already a jackolantern. The mud on him makes the perfect face.

Mama's tired out. Time to go home. Another great day at Erie Orchards!

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Fiery tree

I was just thinking, why isn't fiery spelled "f-i-r-e-y?" Hmm. Anyway, this gorgeous tree is in our backyard and every morning when I open the curtains, it blazes red right into our bedroom. Love it!

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Boys at breakfast

My boys had "Bee O's" for breakfast together this morning. Aren't they so handsome?

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Erie Orchards, part 3

Off to Erie Orchards, again. Gonna get lotsa apples and pumpkins! It's in the 50's and sunny, so we're taking advantage of the gorgeousness of today and are outta here. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The house is a complete disaster zone and I am procrastinating on cleaning. I already called my parents just to chat and now I'm blogging. I'm justifying it by saying that I can hear the washer isn't done with its load yet, so I don't need to get up quite yet either ;)

The last time my Mommee was here, she was reading to Carrie in our big rocking armchair. Carrie informed her, completely deadpan, "you bum is bigger than Mama's, I'm afraid." Lest you be horrified that I said that in public, I want you to know that she asked me to blog that! It's also on the quote board, so you'll have the joy of reviewing that quote at a later date. Mommee said that my Nana and Pap Pap both found it hilarious when she told them.

Happy 4th birthday to our Nina, Liam's betrothed. She had her birthday and her party yesterday, and everyone had a great time. She is such a princess. I'll have to see if Mama Rita has any pictures to share so I can post them here.

Liam is done with his swimming lessons at the Y and he loved them. He's signed up to start soccer two weeks from now, and he can't wait. It ought to be interesting! He'll be a VERY young 4, so I hope the coach doesn't mind having kids in her session who bodily throw themselves onto the ball. Oy. Like herding clouds.

I know a lot of you have had crazy, wet weather, and some of you have had snow. You can keep it! Today it is a beautiful, breezy, sunny morning although there is a freeze watch for tonight. Gotta remember to get my plants in.

Care Bear had her first spelling test yesterday and got a star AND a sticker on it. She spelled all 10 words right, and she's on track reading to us at least 4 nights a week for her Pizza Hut Book- It program. *beam* So proud of her. Gym is still her favorite. I'm still not sure she's my kid, sometimes ;)

Drat it all. The washer is done. Better get off my bum and get to work. Happy weekend, all!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Paging Alexander

This post will require some rudimentary knowledge of children's literature. There's a classic called Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day in which Alexander has the worst day ever. He's the youngest of three boys, and from the moment he wakes up, his day runs steadily downhill. I loved this book as a child, and my kids have enjoyed it when I've read it to them. Throughout the story, Alexander wishes he could move to Australia, thinking perhaps he'd have better luck there.

Last night I set my alarm for 6 AM, thinking I'd get up and have some quiet time before the kids got up. I went to bed at a little after 10 PM. This morning, my door clicks open at 7:59 AM and Liam cheerfully calls, "Good morning, Mama!" I do a triple-take at the clock and race downstairs to find Carrie dressed (I'd gotten her clothes out yesterday) and waiting patiently for her breakfast. Not only that, she'd set out three cups, three bowls, and three spoons for us! Never mind that she has to be out of the house in 15 minutes to head for Jillian's house and then the bus.

As I'm frantically throwing her lunch together, she tells me "I don't need to go to Jillian's today. She has a bad fever and isn't going to school." I glance over my shoulder and see the phone sitting there. "Did her mom call you and tell you that?" She nods.

We get breakfast into her super-fast and get her into her hat/gloves/raincoat because of course it is pouring cats and dogs out there. I remind her not to go to Jillian's, to just head straight to the bus, and try to breathe for a minute.

Liam, amazingly, honored my request to let me focus on her until she had to leave and stayed out from underfoot. Oh, I know why, now. He had her black gloves with the glow in the dark skeleton bones on one side and was boxing in front of the glassed-in fireplace. That makes sense. Okay, so he did relinquish gloves pretty smoothly and then we sent her off.

I got him his breakfast and have already had Triskal in and out (twice) and dried off to the best of the ability of the two towels that are dripping in the garage right now. She looked just like the kids when I told her to "shake" after she already had. "Mom's lost it. I just DID already!" Nothing like eau de soggy dog...

I knew I was going to make stew today, so as I haul the meat out of the fridge to cut it up, I wasn't paying attention and ended up boggling the bag. Naturally, the bag was all bloody on the bottom and it spilled all over the bottom of the fridge and the floor. And naturally, Liam and Triskal both want to be in the kitchen right then, though for different reasons. I shoo them out, clean up the mess inside and out, and start chopping meat. Liam keeps asking to help, so I had to promise to let him help when I get to a spot in the recipe that is kid-friendly. I told him I'll call him when I need him.

I am going to attempt to bake some bread next, and in the back of my mind there is this tiny voice from "Into the Woods" talking about how the baker's father had "a baking accident." It's said very ominously in the musical, and I can't wait to see how this day continues.

So would someone please get a hold of Alexander for me? Please find that kid and tell him I'm coming with him...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brrrrr freaking cold!

One of my Facebook friends was admonishing the rest of us about griping about the weather. She figures since we live where we live, we should be used to the bizarre temperature changes by now and get over it. While I agree to a point, I also think that because we're used to it doesn't make us have to like it!

It was 34 degrees when I came downstairs at 7 AM this morning. The house itself said 63. That's the one I lamented first. Then I strolled over to the outside thermometer and promptly did a bug- eyed screech, "Thirty-four!? You have GOT to be kidding me!" Cue stamping around, lots of "sweet Indian" followed by "where's the (insert skull symbol, lightening symbol, etc) coffee", etc. Repeat.

Kids get up and come downstairs. Liam's been sleeping in footie pajamas already. "Those are my WINTER ones, Mama," in his sweet, serious voice. Like, Mama, you just told us two weeks ago that fall started. I remember. "Yes, Liam. Let's get them on." Carrie is doing her thing (translation: procrastinating about getting ready for school) and I manage to corral her and get jeans onto her no-butt body. I pull out a long sleeve shirt, think for a minute, and stuff her into an undershirt first. Kid has no body fat to speak of! So when she left for the bus she had on an undershirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and fluffy down (or something) vest, hat, two hoods, and gloves! October first! Sick.

The flipside is that their appetites increase exponentially when it's cold. She ate a scrambled egg, the end piece of toast, and then three slices (THREE!) of banana bread. I don't know where she put it all. This is the same kid that often tries to sneak out of her chair after one small IKEA bowl of cereal. And half a glass of juice. Of course, this is also the kid who's been begging us and Dr. Jon to let her out of her car seat...

For whatever reason, though I'm blaming the freakishly cold weather, Liam had a Fragile Feelings morning. Multiple times he burst into tears and more than once was kicking while laying down on the floor. I told him if he didn't stop that we would NOT be going to swimming class. Thankfully he settled down, because it would have been one of those "who are you really punishing" kinds of days had we not had that half hour class in there...

That's all from this corner for the moment. Have a great day. It's 48 now. =)