Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rocket man

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Open presents!

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What have we been up to?


We've been up to big cheesy grins, new clogs, and coloring on things we shouldn't.

And birdwatching. We have sparrows, finches, cardinals, chickadees, starlings, doves, and robins. And our first-ever chipmunk!

And watching too much TV. Funny how even big kids get sucked into Sesame Street.
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Yes, that's right. Two cakes.


I can't believe I didn't already get this on here. I just have to say that I'm still mad Blogger changed things around, so I've been avoidant. Carrie turned 9 and we had two cakes because we had a slew of grandparents in and out over the past few weeks. Yay for us!

She then went on to Girl Scout camp for a weekend and fell in love. With a horse. You can ask her all about it. ;) I'm so glad she's having a good time doing girl things because she's such a rough and tumble tomboy when she's home. She is very much looking forward to going to camp and the beach again this summer, as well as a science class/ day camp session at the college where Grandmama teaches.  She was NOT pleased to end third grade, but she's adjusted and is all about summer right now.
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He followed me home and he's just about the cutest little bug I've ever seen. Can I keep him?


I just want to eat him. Really.
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Food for a two...

Chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday boy. He's funny about chocolate though. His first reaction is almost always "eww" because he thinks it's something he's found in his diaper. No joke. It takes a few minutes of convincing for him to realize that we're not trying to serve him THAT, but that we're actually giving him "some yum!"

He got a BIG breath to blow out both his candles, and then threw his fork on the floor to go after his cake. I suppose forks are for babies. ;)

He weighs in at 31.2 pounds and is 35 inches tall. He got a finger stick to check for hemoglobin and lead at his appointment and didn't even peep. He was less pleased with his last Hepatitis vaccine, but even then he got over it quickly. He stood up like a big boy on the big scale to get weighed and measured, just like Carrie. She topped out at 53 pounds and 51 inches; that's the first time she's ever weighed more than she was tall, hehe!
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Monday, June 04, 2012

Last day of one

So today is our last day of having a one year old in the house. Tomorrow our Damonater will enter the Terrible Twos. We asked him about his birthday and this is what he said:

Damon, do you want chocolate cake?
Do you want pumpkin pie?
Do you want cookies?
Do you want ice cream?
Do you want pudding?

It diverged off into vegetables and fruits and just about everything you can imagine. Needless to say, we'll be feasting!