Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chillin' with Pap


And good heavens, I just realized I haven't taken any pictures of the bunk beds yet. Guess that is still to come. Along with The Gory Post...
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Garage sale

Our neighborhood had a community garage/yard sale over the weekend. We made $4, but we didn't have any big ticket items. Our main goal was to get Stuff out of the house. Someone did end up taking one of the twin beds that we had out, but sadly nobody wanted to rescue our old ESCO desk that we've had through 4 states and many moves. The garbage guys picked it up this morning. While I can't claim it broke my heart the way the Na'vi felt watching their Home Tree be destoryed, it did honestly bring tears to my eyes when I heard the horrendous crunching of the wood inside the garbage truck. =( I hate waste. I really wish someone would have adopted it. What's a few missing drawers when you're a beast of a desk?


I think the kids made as much money as we did with their lemonade stand. Aren't they cute?



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Snuggling with Dada


Just chillin' out


Biiiiiiiiiiiiig feet! =D

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Why do kids insist on giving themselves bunny ears when you take pictures of them? He's starting young...


So far, eyes are still blue. We're hoping they stay that way, like Dada's beautiful blue eyes.

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Sure signs of summer

Interlopers among the lilies:


Flower gardens a liitle heavy on the daisies:


And the surest sign? Triskal's summer 'do!

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Raised bed gardens, part 3

Check out Jack's beanstalk! Er, peastalk. Whatever. Never mind.




And lookie- tomatoes!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Bath

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Damon. He went to his first softball game and his stroller almost caught his first foul ball. (He wasn't in it, no worries.) We came home hot & sweaty, and then after I fed him he blorped all over the place, so we decided a bath was definitely in order. His cord came off earlier in the week, so it was BATH TIIIIIME (say that in the same "Blue's Clues" voice as "mail time" and you'll get it). He loved it! Except for a few seconds when he looked like, "you're going to do WHAT to my hair?" and then at the end when the ducky towel tried to eat him...




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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleepin' with the fishes

Here's the two week old photos =) Isn't he so cute with the fishies? The last one looks like he's saying, "call my agent. I'm done!"




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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raised bed gardens, part two, I think?

Things have grown a little bit since the last garden post, dontcha think? Hehe! Here's Liam pointing to carrots and checking out the peas that are taller than him. Carrie's been picking peas every trip outside. She brings them in before breakfast and passes them out. She gets more in the afternoon. Then after we've all eaten and had dessert, she thinks it's a good idea to pick some more. Wonder if there is an OCD gene we should have her checked for... 0=) It's been a lot of fun watching the kids get excited about growing things. Dada is constantly sneaking out there too to reposition plants and pick peas and fiddle with cucumber leaves, etc. Who knew we'd have so much fun with seeds and dirt?



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More plants

Here's the peppers, green beans, Liam pointing to peas & carrots... you get the idea. Everything is growing like crazy!




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Onions & Cukes

The tall, skinny plants are the crazy onions. We have sweet ones, yellow ones, regular ones, all kinds of onions. There's even shallots even there, too. And here's the kids with one of the cucumber plants. He's not even in the ground yet and he's already producing! Might have to eat him tonight!




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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and dads to be out there =) These photos are from yesterday, and today looks to be shaping up to be more of the same gorgeous, hot weather. Thinkin' Dada & PaPa & the big kids will go to church today and we plan to grill out later. Damon had a rough night last night after a nice date with just Dada & I. Perhaps he didn't like the onion rings that were bigger than his head... who knew? =P At any rate, have a great day with your dads! =)




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