Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekend words

Dada still isn't home from his adventures in Atlanta =( We haven't seen him since early Tuesday morning. Grandma Barb is here to play w/ us and keep us company. We did Wendy's for lunch and have been trying hard to stay out of trouble ;) Here are pictures of Liam I managed to take while Grandma Barb took Care Bear for a walk this morning. We're keeping busy! Send the Atlanta bottles some wishes of goodwill so Dada can make it home for some of the weekend, please! Have a great weekend yourselves =)

Will the real Cookie Monster please stand up? Posted by Picasa

He has such a good time under his A-frame toy now... biiiiiiiiiig smiles Posted by Picasa

Balloons for Mama's birthday from Grandmama. If we'd taken them outside, she'd have blown to Yakima ;) Posted by Picasa

Raiding a fridge with his co-conspirator! (That's Carrie's Blue's Clues fridge... "zee broccoli!" Hehe!) Posted by Picasa

What a cast of characters! Posted by Picasa

"So, how tight ARE you and Mickey, anyway?" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Behind again

This is as close to gold (for the Steelers) as I can get and have it still be legible. Go Steelers! Hehe. We're watching the game and taking it easy. Skipped church today as we girls are getting over colds and Dada is starting it. Liam's avoided it so far *crosses fingers*. This kid taking growing very seriously. He has been sleeping 5 hour stretches at night and just gets rounder and rounder. So cute! Wendy, I apologize for all the teasing I gave you about "what are you feeding Christian!?"... now I understand! ;) Love you!

Uploaded my pictures & thought, "hmm, I'm behind again!" so here are more than I thought there'd be for your viewing pleasure. Things have been going pretty smoothly around here. Potty training continues. Some days are more successful than others. Looking forward to it being over. Sharon, you're right- we'll save a ton of money on diapers once she's done ;) Care Bear is a wonderful helper, especially in the kitchen. We made blueberry muffins this morning. She lined the muffin pan w/ the papers, sampled a slivered almond and a blueberry and the batter, tried like crazy to get the lid off the PAM for the other pan, and counted all my measurements. She's been excited to eat her creations too. =) Wonder where she gets that!

That's about it. Not too much goin' on at Chez Kurth. Gonna go putter around the kitchen to see what's for dinner and root on our Steelers some more. Have a great week! =)

Takin' a walk w/ Grandmama Posted by Picasa

Reading at an early age is important. Liam and Dada enjoy Terry Pratchett ;) Posted by Picasa

First time in the swing. He fills it out a little bit more than Carrie did. Hehe! Posted by Picasa

Carrie wore this sleeper when she was 6 months old. He's not even 3 months yet! Posted by Picasa

Goofy girl waiting for her tub water to be ready Posted by Picasa

He sleeps all sprawled out and takes up half his crib already! Posted by Picasa

Liam taking a nap, one of his favorite hobbies Posted by Picasa

Boys watching the game. Go Steelers! Posted by Picasa

What am I, a climbing wall!? This is Liam, sleeping. He certainly owns his space. Posted by Picasa

Two kids, smilin' in the sun Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

Good thing she's cute

*Narrator sits down w/ her pint. Of Ben & Jerry's, for those of you who're gasping, "she's a nursing mom!" Anyway...*

Today was one of those days. Everything I told Care Bear not to do, she did. Everything I told her to do, she didn't. I think Liam's first sentence will be, "Carrie, I'm going to beat you!" because that's going to be what he hears more than anything else. She sees him make spit bubbles so she decides to make them too. Hers end up all down her front, on the carpet, etc. Even though both of us AND Pa Pa have told her it's yucky and gross, she's unfazed. How old do they have to be before you can ground them?

But enough of Being Two. It'd take all night to list the rest of the examples and I'd really rather be watching a movie. Now Mr. Squirmypants in the Bjorn is getting restless so I have to move on to Toddler Logic:

"Monday and Tuesday. Sixday? Threeday?"

"Uh oh! Mama is calling me wif her mouf!"

At Christmas:
Mama- "What's Dada got?"
Carrie- "A box!"

Dada:Carrie, wanna open another present?
Carrie: No, I busy wif my toaster.
Dada: Do you wanna open this or save it for later?
*Carrie pounces on it* I wanna open it!

Carrie spots a VHS tape (wrapped), picks it up, sets it down, picks it back up, shakes it, hands it to Mama, "maybe it's a movie!" and then doesn't open it!!!

That's all, folks. Off to visit w/ Frodo for awhile, methinks. Have a great weekend! Grandmama comes tomorrow. WhooooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This one's for Nana and Hinrew. Our Leons have had a little too much Christmas cheer, I guess. =D They are elves made from blocks, each one sporting a letter of N-O-E-L. My brother and I used to arrange Nana's set so they said "Leon" every where. Carrie prefers "Leno" or making them all sleep off their eggnog... Posted by Picasa

We got the Little People back out. Here's Carrie waving from down on the farm. Posted by Picasa

She LOOKS sweet and innocent, doesn't she? How come all kids look so cute when they're sleeping? Posted by Picasa

He looks so small in this picture, but he really takes up most of the cradle. We've moved him to his crib and now he sleeps all sprawled out. Posted by Picasa

As you can see, no snow. So we decided to take a walk yesterday. I pushed Liam and Carrie pushed too! Posted by Picasa

Sunshine in northwest Ohio for tummy time! Who knew!? ;) Posted by Picasa

Liam's first walk in the stroller. It was pretty bright out and he kept squinching up his nose, but I THINK he enjoyed it... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rah! And review ;)

Carrie's cheering for the Steelers, naturally. "Ohhhhh, football!" and we're hoping things will look up here shortly for our Pittsburgh players. We went to church this morning and had a break and then finished cleaning off our tree, ("our twee is naked now!"), so that it could go curbside for garbage collection tomorrow. Now the game is on but we might put Shark Tale in. We hear Madeleine recommends it ;) Here's more pictures of the cake baking from the holidays. As I scroll through all the photos on this chip, I'm sorely tempted to post pictures from this summer just to have something warmer and cheerier to look at. Lemme know if you want to see them. Everyone vote! ;) Have a super week!

Liam asking, "what's a football?" Go Steelers! Posted by Picasa

Egg on their hands. Hehe! Posted by Picasa