Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve and BANG BANG BANG!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We're behind on shipping gifts, so you'll have to consider this blog update one of your presents. Hehe!

We went to the 4:30 Christmas Eve service tonight- Liam's first time at church and he only peeped twice- and were informed by Care Bear that, "I want to stay." Apparently she had a good time in the nursery with the zillions of boys who were in there too! There were also Salvation Army folks with their kettles (so she got to throw in coins) and a man in a snowman outfit that she got to tickle. She wished some people, "Mawy Keemis!" and is getting very excited about presents. Tomorrow will be really interesting. We've been trying to focus on Baby Jesus being God's special present to us and I think she gets some of that, but how do you really explain God to a kid when they don't even understand everything they can see? If you've got any ideas, lemme know.

She calls Raggedy Ann "Roggy Annie" and has been having a good time sneaking into the last of the semi-sorted moving boxes in our basement. She found a children's book about Raggedy Ann, so that's been a big topic around here lately.

Sharon stayed over last night after a wedding she went to, so of course we were asked where Noah and Charlie were. It was okay that they were home with Dow =) Next time all four of you have to come! We love having you!!! Hope you got back safe, aunt Sharon, and that Karoly has a super birthday tomorrow. Your card came today too, right after you left!

And the BANG BANG BANG part (to end on a bang, hehe) goes back to Care Bear's haircut. I told her the fringe in the front is called bangs. So every time we talk about her bangs now, she smacks herself in the forehead and calls, "BANG BANG BANG!" It really is funny, and Sharon said we had to blog it, so there you go.

Thanks for joining us on this Christmas Eve of 2005. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Chillin' out in a jaunty cap ;) Posted by Picasa

"helping" Posted by Picasa

Mama, you are NOT putting a picture of me in this on the computer!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Full length of our beautiful girl, ready for the Christmas Eve service Posted by Picasa

helping with tinsel Posted by Picasa

They look like M & M's! Posted by Picasa

Mama and the kids Posted by Picasa

Dada and the kids Posted by Picasa

The boys on Christmas Eve Posted by Picasa

Post-church closeup Posted by Picasa

Our tree =D Posted by Picasa

Foaming at the mouth again. Very impressive bubbles, Liam! Posted by Picasa

And Merry Christmas to all... Liam's first documented smile! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Not sure why my pictures are posting out of order. Just to make me mad, I suppose. Oh well.

And thanks to all of you who leave me the cutest IMs telling me how much the blog makes you laugh! I love to hear it! Feel free to post comments on here too =D

First haircut and other stuff

We had a nice, peaceful weekend once Dada got home from California on Saturday. The only place we went was Giant Eagle, hehe. Yesterday was Carrie's first haircut ever. She was good as gold. Even though she didn't get much taken off, it is a definite improvement now that the wispy ends are all gone. Amazing what someone else and a strange toy can do ;) Tonight we had chocolate ice cream for dessert and, for whatever reason, she decided to sing the happy birthday song while she ate it. Mommee, you'll appreciate this; it comes out as Hippo Birdie and I swear I did not teach her that. So she's singing Hippo Birdie and then she ends it with "Amen!" =D

Mesmerized by Sharon's bouncy seat fishies... thanks Aunt Sharon! =D Posted by Picasa

Where are you going?! Sneaking Dada's hat and coat... Posted by Picasa

Cheesy grins while making cheesy spuds Posted by Picasa

Making Mar's Holiday Potatoes Posted by Picasa

Before. Her first haircut! Posted by Picasa

After. Can't really tell the difference, but she has small bangs and a blunt cut now ;) Posted by Picasa

During... looking dubious but the girls said she was SO well behaved that they couldn't believe it! Posted by Picasa

He looks so big already! =/ Posted by Picasa

Drain every drip of that ice cream! LOL Posted by Picasa

Ice cream satisfaction Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 16, 2005


It's freezing out there! I know that God says not to covet thy neighbor's ox or ass (no matter how fine it might be... hey, just making sure you're paying attention- hehe!) or wife, but He didn't mention their snowblower! Muahahhaa...

Anyway, the driveway's shoveled out.

More fun than that, we made cupcakes today! And Liam is getting big & strong. We're staying warm & goofing off. Dada will be home from California tomorrow morning. Yippie! Please pray for safe travels for him & thank God he's not flying through Detroit ;) Have a good weekend, all!

my funfetti cupcake helper Posted by Picasa

my strong little man *beam* Posted by Picasa