Sunday, October 28, 2012

When what to our wondering eyes should appear... again...

Oh yes. I was trying to remember what I had used this title for, and then remembered as soon as I saw the picture. Before we put all the childproof doorknobs on the doors, Damon had enough time to discover not only his love for toilet paper as an art medium, but also tissues and toothpaste. This was all done in under 10 minutes, and then he moved on to the other bathrooms...


If memory serves me right, three always seemed to be worse than the Terrible Twos. We have a loooong way to go, and we are in soooo much trouble! =/
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Visits and randomness

I am definitely behind. Grandmama visited forever ago, seems like, and uncle Kelly got to pop in for an overnight as well. And we were visited by a Rudolph-potato, thanks to Carrie...

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Thoughtful Halloween decorator

We had this incredibly thoughtful spider who decorated for us for Halloween. The web was exactly what you'd find in an encyclopedia under "spider web perfection" and I truly was sorry to see him/her/it move somewhere that the web was harder to see.

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Big boy bed!

Yep, it's about that time! Damon has moved into his toddler bed with great aplomb. Never mind that we now have childproof doorknobs on every single doorknob in the house...

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Leaves and laughter

This tree is now totally naked, but was absolutely gorgeous. The kids had a ball raking the leaves and hopping into the pile, even though it really was much too small. We have this tree and 3 others in our yard, but they are all spread out. PaPa was here last week and he was a tremendous help getting all these leaves raked up.


When Dada is home, we take advantage of him. I mean, we take advantage of it!  0;)
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Working hard, and hardly working

All the fourth graders had to do a book report on a President and Carrie chose FDR. The students were to decorate a pizza box and make a pizza about the President's life. One side was to display facts and important dates from their lifetime and the other side of the pizza slices were to be pictures or illustrations about said facts:


Then our girl wore her button-down shirt and tie, and presented her findings. She got an A+! If you click on any of the above pictures, it'll show them bigger so you can get a better idea of the facts she chose and her illustrations. That goes for any picture here on the blog, just as a reminder.

Then here's Liam getting ready for his rain gutter regatta. He and Dada sanded and painted his boat, while I had the joy of hot gluing the sail and actually attending the pack meeting where Liam placed third. Not bad for his first attempt! I'm really, really hoping Dada is in town for the next one. There was way too much bravado and entirely too much hot air, and I don't just mean what was being blown against the boat sails! ;)  I survived, even though I really dreaded going for the entire week before, and was proud of my Tiger Scout!

Oh, and here's Damon busy growing. Guess not all work is noisy or active or making a mess, though you could've fooled me!
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What's Damon up to?

This is by no means an everyday occurrence yet, but at least he's thinking about it. About having privacy in the bathroom, that is. Hehehe!


Here I caught him being a frog. He was hollering, "ribbit!" and clomping around. Not sure why he felt the need to accessorize with the beads, but why not?
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"School pictures" teaser

Dada and I decided to do our own school pictures this year. We have a decent camera. Class pictures alone cost $9.00 through the school. I thought it'd be fun to get the kids being themselves in a place we all love. Let me know what you think!

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Boy Scout camping highlights

I told Dada he should guest blog this entry, because I did not GO to Boy Scout camp, but here is the synopsis. Liam and Dada took off on Saturday, Oct 6 at lunchtime. They spent all day Saturday, camped a frizzering night cozy and warm in our Hubba Hubba tent, and came home early Sunday morning after their pop-tarts. Carrie was indignant that Liam got to be outside the whole time and declared that Boy Scouts get to have all the fun! I better watch out or she'll try to smuggle herself there next year. ;)

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A Road Less Traveled

I wanted some shots of the kids in the exact same places. The top two accomplished that, but Damon's photo is facing the opposite direction of the same section of road. In case you are location-oriented, these were taken almost out at Witherspoon, in the turnoff to the falling-apart ropes adirondack.

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