Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final post for April

I tripped over this link on Facebook and gave it a quick read. I agree with a lot of it and found it worth sharing. Since we're never too old to learn something, give it a minute and see what you think. Click here to get some advice worth implementing.

Karate belt tests are tomorrow, the Awana awards banquet is tonight, and everything in the world is happening on Saturday. Have a great rest of the week and remember to breathe! =)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Stuff

Hello everybodeeeeee,

Yes, I am channeling my inner Grover today. Damon is rocking in the big chair with a book, so I'm anticipating about 245 seconds of peace. Figured I better make it count.

First off, you know who you are, but I'm gonna name names anyway: Wendy, Jessica, Emily, Jen, and Sarah- I know you're all incredibly busy with passels of kids, BUT as it is springtime and a time for new beginnings, get back on the blogwagon! I miss you! Throw us a bone! Don't get hung up on how far behind you are, just toss the blogosphere a few paragraphs about life and how old the kids are now and that you're still alive!

Second, I've added two new blogs to the post list that you should head over and check out. My friend Mike, from high school, has started a very thoughtful blog that hosts good questions and honest opinions. You can find him off to the right there under Mike Dean's Journeying. The other addition is Made for Freedom, which is a small idea with a big impact. I strongly encourage you to head over there, check out their mission statement, and then buy their pants! They. Are. AWESOME. My sister-in-law Becky has both the purple and the charcoal pairs, and I am debating which one I will be getting. Please, please, check it out. Mother's Day is coming up- helping out women AND a pretty gift? Can't beat that!

Third, we spent a very full weekend with our Indiana Kurths, in the beautiful sunshine and breezes of ... Indiana. Yes, well. You can't have everything. Seriously, the weather was perfect, the cousins had a blast running around together, the guys had some quality time together, and the food was excellent. And Dada won Settlers of Catan. ;) It was a wonderful weekend and we're so thankful for the chance to spend time together with our loved ones. Thanks for having us.

Fourth, if you're even remotely considering sending a child or three off to camp at Westminster Highlands or Camp Lambec, get that application in before April 30 for your early bird discount. You can find everything you need right here before time runs out. Yes, I'm reminding myself, too!

And that's all, folks, as the Damonater just announced that he's still hunnry. Make it a great week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fickle Spring and Fickle Kids

It's me again. Pictures still aren't working. That bums me out, because instead of snowy, icy pictures, there could now be beautiful blue skies, green grass, budding trees, spring flowers, and spring fevered kids in photos to share. Oh well.

What have we been up to? Adjusting to the ups and downs of the fickle Spring temperatures. Right now I'm sitting in my swim suit top, soaking up the sunshine that is pouring in through the sliding glass doors as I write this. The kids' tent is up in the backyard, though there have been two failed attempts to sleep through the night out there. Frizzering kids have come back in during the wee hours of the morning, declaring through chattering teeth that it's just too cold. No, they knew better than to try last night when it hit 33 degrees, supposedly. They tried over the weekend, but the lovely Ohio wind was knifing the wrong direction and slicing through the tent instead of hitting the house first. That's life!

Apparently there are less than 30 days of the school year remaining, though I don't know how that's possible as it feels like they've only been IN school for 30 days since the New Year. I suppose now is the appropriate time to begin panicking at how much work around the house I have to do before all 3 of them are home...

Karate continues to go well. They are comfortable and focused in class. It's great to see them doing so well and learning so much. I particularly love that they do jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups, while cheerfully hollering, "one, sir, two, sir, three, sir" and, less cheerfully as they're tiring, "getting stronger, sir" as they get into push up position. I think Uncle Jeff would get a chuckle or three out of watching them.

Damon is only quiet when he's sleeping or playing on the iPad. This usually means I have to delete about 100 pictures when I get the iPad back, as he loves to hear the button clicking as he takes a picture of the ceiling and the top of his head over and over. And over. And over. And over.

The big kids rediscovered their roller blades in the garage we cleaned out this weekend and have been gleefully stomping all over the driveway with them. Damon, naturally, is crushed that he can't be out in the driveway with them, but as I can't make dinner, get ready for the Y, AND watch that he doesn't get run over, he'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. It's hard being small. Hence the iPad.

Carrie aced her science test, getting a perfect 16/16 after her dear, sweet teacher physically brought over a packet of study materials when Carrie realized she didn't have hers and the test was the next day. Insert adage about it being a good thing one's head is attached to one's body for fear of forgetting it here. A certain fifth grader has been known on more than one occasion to plug in one half of her cord to her computer to charge overnight, never mind that the plug is not attached to the wall on the other end. I suppose that's why God invented mothers.

Work's been going well for Dada. He actually enjoys his job and his coworkers, which is such an incredibly huge blessing. I bet that's in the Bible somewhere: Blessed is he or she who has a job and a boss and people to work with and something to work on that is to one's liking. I can see how it can make or break you!

We're planning out our summer and who's going to be where, when. We will not be at camp all summer long this year because we have a million small things to do all over creation, including the redoing of the kids' bedrooms. Believe it or not, Care Bear starts middle school next year and is moving into her own room this summer while we bunk the boys together. She wants her room to be green with black accents and the boys want yellow (Liam, naturally) and choctit (chocolate, Damonese for brown). I really am going to think of yellow cake with fudgy icing every time I go in. I am sure I've said that before, but it remains true.

Carrie plans to attend horse camp through the Girl Scouts and Liam wants to do a week at Camp Lambec this year. Plus our usual OBX trip with Hin and Muggin and a weekend at camp for the 4th of July all makes for a busy summer. I want to paint some more of our white walls (we've been here for 8.5 years, it's about time, I suppose) and spend lots of time outside. The garden is started, seedlings are hogging the landing under the grow-lights, and a load of compost was delivered yesterday. I even went a little lot crazy buying flower seeds, but I got excited. I'm going to try poppies, lupine, and alyssum along the side of the house. I have some wildflower seeds and a morning glory mix, also. What can I say? It was a long winter.

My sweet Rita and her family have left for their India trip. They'll be gone far too long and I miss her already. Her dad passed away recently, and her mother will be coming back to the States with her. I can't wait to hug them both. Please pray that they have a safe trip and that the kids have no allergic reactions to any foods while they're away... And that I don't kill her plant while they're gone!

Okay, the Kitchen Fairy hasn't shown up, so I must go do her dirty work. Have a wonderful day. It's Worship Wednesday for those of us in camp mode, so count those blessings. We have millions. =)