Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Stuff

Hello everybodeeeeee,

Yes, I am channeling my inner Grover today. Damon is rocking in the big chair with a book, so I'm anticipating about 245 seconds of peace. Figured I better make it count.

First off, you know who you are, but I'm gonna name names anyway: Wendy, Jessica, Emily, Jen, and Sarah- I know you're all incredibly busy with passels of kids, BUT as it is springtime and a time for new beginnings, get back on the blogwagon! I miss you! Throw us a bone! Don't get hung up on how far behind you are, just toss the blogosphere a few paragraphs about life and how old the kids are now and that you're still alive!

Second, I've added two new blogs to the post list that you should head over and check out. My friend Mike, from high school, has started a very thoughtful blog that hosts good questions and honest opinions. You can find him off to the right there under Mike Dean's Journeying. The other addition is Made for Freedom, which is a small idea with a big impact. I strongly encourage you to head over there, check out their mission statement, and then buy their pants! They. Are. AWESOME. My sister-in-law Becky has both the purple and the charcoal pairs, and I am debating which one I will be getting. Please, please, check it out. Mother's Day is coming up- helping out women AND a pretty gift? Can't beat that!

Third, we spent a very full weekend with our Indiana Kurths, in the beautiful sunshine and breezes of ... Indiana. Yes, well. You can't have everything. Seriously, the weather was perfect, the cousins had a blast running around together, the guys had some quality time together, and the food was excellent. And Dada won Settlers of Catan. ;) It was a wonderful weekend and we're so thankful for the chance to spend time together with our loved ones. Thanks for having us.

Fourth, if you're even remotely considering sending a child or three off to camp at Westminster Highlands or Camp Lambec, get that application in before April 30 for your early bird discount. You can find everything you need right here before time runs out. Yes, I'm reminding myself, too!

And that's all, folks, as the Damonater just announced that he's still hunnry. Make it a great week!