Thursday, May 14, 2009

Any number of things...

There are any number of things I could title this, but I'm going to save the fun words for the labels, since some of you apparently get such a kick out of that. *cough JEN* ;)

Yesterday we had our sweet neighbor Jeannine over for pizza for a multitude of reasons. We enjoy her company, her hubby's out of town, she watched the kids on Mother's Day, people have to eat dinner, etc. The kids scarfed through their pizza and started to run around. Then they played upstairs and gave a wonderful demonstration of what sounded like body slamming in the bedrooms above our heads. Our guest commented with a mix of apprehension and glee that, "it sounds like they're going to crash right through the ceiling!" Pretty close.

Once she shut the door behind her on her way home, the kids magically reappear on the landing wearing nothing at all. Not a single stitch of clothing. Not even socks. They asked, "where's Jeannine!?" and we mentioned that she had to go home. Then they announced, "we're playing bum tag. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Then they proceed to bump their naked bums together like athletes bump chests after a particularly spectacular play. Bum tag. Now I HAVE seen everything. Thankfully, dear Internet, you will be spared from seeing it as well. I have to draw the line somewhere. I figure the mental images y'all have will do quite nicely. ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

They're at it again

HOW does our conversation at lunch always seem to revolve around this?

C: If you were a girl, you wouldn't have a penis. Girls just have private parts.
L: I'm Ruby. I'm a bunny. I don't have a penis.
C: Then what's that thing sticking out of your bum?
*Mama succumbs to hysterical silent sniggering*
L: Say "cuckoo" now.
C: No.
L: Now!
C: I'm not gonna say "cuckoo" ever again.
L: You're Max.
C: *scowling* Why does Liam get a bigger cookie?
M: It's not Liam's.
C: I'm going outside.

And people wonder why I'm crazy. If you don't have the script from every TV show they've ever watched, there's no way you can keep up with the dialogue...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Neighborhood news

The following was reported from our yard today. It was broadcast live, surprisingly not by WCNK but by WLAK as follows:

Hi Joe's mom! Hiiiiiiiiii Joe's mom! Hiiiieeeeee Joe's mom! Hi! Hiiiii! Hi!
*response from across an entire yard AND street, thus encouraging the dj*
Hi! We're having lunch outside! Hi! Hiiiiiiiii! Hi Joe's mom! Hi!
*repeat ad infinitum*

Post-horrendous grocery shopping experience in the company of two small children who shall remain nameless...

Mama: You know (insert nameless child #1 here), Mama lions eat their babies who don't listen.
Child #1: Is that true?
Mama: *slightest of hesitations* Yes. The Mama lion says, "that's it. I'm not putting up with it anymore." And she eats them. *another pause for effect* And they're not the only ones!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Crazy, Cutie Carrie

I think this was on Wednesday. She said a classmate has the same shirt, but that said classmate didn't even notice Carrie wore hers. I like it when she shows her stripes. Er, her animal colors. Er, her true self. Yeah, that's it... ? At any rate, isn't she a cute Care Bear? =)

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In Need of a Hero?

Liam the Destroyer, at your service!

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The Changing of the Guard

Lots of you know how attached Liam is to his giraffe boots. He has gotten compliments on them just about everywhere he's ever gone. He wears them inside and outside. He'd probably try to wear them to bed if he thought he could get away with it. Sadly, he's worn them out. You can see the lining pulling away from the outside of the boot, the scuff marks all over them, and the hole he's torn in the bottom of the sole. They're so beloved that he just can't part with them. I believe in the Velveteen Rabbit, and let me tell you, in some realm these boots have taken on life of their own:

So yesterday we went to Target and perused new boots. He kept getting distracted by the shovels, watering cans, and clogs. I had to wheel the cart into towels so we could talk about what we came for. Boots. Just boots. Do you want cows, dinosaurs, trucks, or frogs? You can see what he chose:

Look how shiny they are. Nothing will ever replace the giraffe boots, though. Just look at that sweet little face. Gonna miss those guys.

How does that song go? "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is (uh...) green and the other's gold!" =)

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