Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I took the kids to IHOP this morning for breakfast since "Dee" was home sick from preschool yesterday and today. She has a bad cough and has been running a fever. They both got those chocolate chip face pancakes with the cool whip and extra chips on top. They both also pretty much ate the cool whip and the chips and drank their chocolate milks. Sugared up long before trick or treating! Oh well. Poor Dee even missed her party at school but she said she didn't want to go today even though she was much improved from yesterday. Hopefully she'll be done w/ her fever and can go back tomorrow- I've gotten dependent on her being out of the house! =/

And happy 2nd birthday to Liam =D He was Tigger tonight for trick or treat and Carrie was a pirate. They were pretty great looking! He was incredibly distracted by all the "pretties" along the sidewalk while we were going house to house. First he found some leaf stems that he ripped off his mittens so he could pick up. Then it was a red leaf. Then it was a magic dandelion. Then a blooming dandelion! He was more enamored with everyone's pumpkins than with the candy- to him they're just shiny wrappers. Except for lollipops. He totally gets what those are ;) He got one at the second house we visited and chattered about it the rest of the night, including using it as a microphone and singing into it while waving his arm just like Rob does in the video a few posts down! Too funny. It was much warmer this year (MUCH warmer) and we started at 6 when it was still light. Dada thinks we had around 40 kids... lots of them were our kids' age. A handful of junior highers and the rest were all about 8 or under. Everyone pretty much was done once it was dark even though it lasted until 8 PM officially. I think Liam and Care Bear were in bed by 8:20 or so...

He had a slice of pumpkin pie today since I made three of those instead of cake this year. He dug right in and ate it all up. Most of his words are food words, like his Hinrew did too. But "book" is another very favorite, along with his no. 1 word= NO! Eh, he's two. Egads, he's two!

Sorry this post is so scattered- wrapping up to go to bed. The pictures, we did get them, are awesome, so I'll try really hard to figure out how to post them soon! We have so many! Thanks to Kay (I think- a singing card- what were you thinking?! Haha), Mar, and Pap & Grandma Barb for the cards that came today. Nana, yours didn't make it yet. Love y'all! =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have no idea if that's how it is spelled, but that's the word one of my real life heroes always used to describe the idiot of the moment ;) Today at church a lady was talking to Care Bear about Halloween and was asking what she'd dress up like. Carrie told her, "a policeman." The first words out of this lady's mouth, and I kid you not, were "oh, are you going to have a gun?"


Now why in the world would anyone ask a four year old about a gun? And why would that, even if it was your first thought, make it past the filter between your brain and your mouth? Is it just me, or does that lady deserve the Derelict badge today??? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh...

In other news, I told the ladies in Liam's nursery room at church that his birthday was this week and that he wouldn't be in their room anymore since he'd be headed into the 2's room. They told me he was not allowed to have a birthday and that he was staying in there forever. Glad to know one of our kids is a good kid! Hahahaha.

Have a great week, all. Happy Halloween in three days- yay! =D

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pictures, pictures everywhere

Today was Picture Day at Carrie's preschool. I asked her how she smiled for the camera and she said, "like this." It was kind of a silly face, typical Carrie, so I asked what the photographer said about it and she told me, "he said I looked ridiculous." I giggled and asked what Miss Linda said and she said, "same thing. She said I looked ridiculous too." Sooooooo, having no idea if that's fact or fiction, I guess we'll just wait and see how she smiled! What a nut.

Yesterday I took Liam to get his 2 year old pictures taken and they'll be done next month. Y'all are going to love them. He was pretty funny and very... shall we say, active. Hehe! The photographer said boys are always like that, so I didn't feel so bad. ;) They'll be worth it though! He's been calling pumpkins "mah-tees" and we're not sure why. I've painted my toenails orange and did jack-o-lantern faces on the two big ones. He made me take off my socks so he could see them again. He pulled one of my socks off, saying "piggies, piggies" and then he cooed "MAHHHH-TEEEEEEES" when he saw them. Then he insisted I show him the other one too. Silly boy. Gave him another fuzzy haircut tonight too... not quite as short as summertime, but cleaned up some. It was getting pretty long! He can even say "haircut"... his language skills have really taken off this week. Lots of two and three word phrases all of a sudden. I think he knows almost every color and a lot of shapes. Amazing how fast he's stringing things together! Such a fun age.

Pap is here to help with the basement, again. Last night Dada and I finished painting down there so it's a very light, cool, minty green. (Not as dark as the room at the Last Resort that was going to be Liam's room had we stayed there, PaPa.) Pap is going to help with the tile. None of us are sure how it's all going to look once we get the pattern going. Jim, come save us! ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone. We're off to Nina's tomorrow for her birthday party and I get to snuggle babies at church on Sunday. Rather easy weekend for us. If you're close to the Highlands, go help this weekend if you can. They're painting G1, I hear. Get in touch w/ Dawson or Caves if you need more info. Wish we could be there too!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


The title is a direct quote from the Liameister. He says it with incredible glee, and whoever hears it cracks up. He is, of course, talking about apple pie. His first word was apple. He loves to talk about apples. Now he's completely delighted to put them together! He's been stringing quite a few words together these days and you can really understand him. "Lellow ball", "apple pie", "more mees" (more, please), etc. Sometimes the kid even gets his manners before we can prompt him! He's terrific.

"Dee", as he calls Carrie, started preschool last Wednesday. She goes every day from 9-11:30 and seems to be doing just fine. She listens better to just about everyone except me. I am constantly getting reports on how sweet, funny, cute, etc. she is. Glad she's good for everyone else! The class pet is a female hamster named Patrick. Yes, you read that right. There is also an outdoor playground that she has yet to play on, and a memorial path that we've walked a few times. Her class has "about 12" kids in it- the quote is from her. They do a snack every day but when I try to get out of her what they ate I get varying answers: real worms, pigs, animal crackers, applesauce, you get the idea. I think they had gummi worms one day but I have no idea where the pigs answer came from. She is a bona fide nut.

Last weekend we were in PA for a beautiful wedding (go Dave & Colleen!) and a family reunion of sorts. Aunt Lainie, Gary, and David came in from eastern PA and we met up with my parents and Hinrew & Muggin and Nana & Pap Pap all for brunch. It was great! So thank you, everyone, for making the various trips to spend time with us. We also got to see Lisa & Ivy- hope the clothes fit, little miss! Mar, sorry we didn't make it to your house, yet again. It was a whirlwind weekend. And a huge thank you to Muggin & Hinrew for watching Triskal! Whew!

This weekend was a trip to Erie Orchards with our friends, the Arquette family. We went last year too, but the kids had a better time this year. It was a lot warmer, for one thing, and Liam was old enough to appreciate everything. He mooed to the cow and was very, very dubious when it mooed back at him. That bottom lip came out and we all lost it. He was delighted with the goats, especially the black one. "Black goat! Black goat!" And then he saw the pony rides. All we heard was "horsieshorsieshorsieshorsieshorsies" so yes, he got a ride. He loved it. We did take pictures- I'll try to figure out how to do them! He got antsy on the hay ride but they both were pleased to be able to choose a pie pumpkin to bring home. in case you wanna check it out.

Today was church and we washed the dog and Dada & I got the 2nd coat of primer on the basement walls. Busy, productive weekend! We will all sleep well tonight. Off to preschool in the morning! Have a wonderful week- Dada's in town all week- yayyyyyyy! xoxoxoxoxo

*****Christmas Extravaganza 2007 is here the weekend after Thanksgiving. I think that is the very first weekend in December. Mark your calendars. And if you can come help finish the basement before then, please come!!!!!! We still have to paint the walls, tile the floor, and buy the furniture and appliances (read TV) for down there! EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!***** Oh, and I haven't even started on the cookie doughs. Yiiiikes...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Campus Superstar Rob Kurth sings Brown Eyed Girl

The kids' Uncle Rob! =D Enjoy!