Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorful Morning

We're having a beautifully colorful morning today! So far we've had several soft brown sparrows, Papa Cardinal, a pair of bright goldfinches, and some of our "purple" finches (who are actually red and brown). It's so much fun to look outside and see pretty colors in our green, green grass. More rain to come today!

Row, row, row your boat...

Actually, it hasn't been too bad. We have had enough breaks in the rain that the sidewalks and streets and some of the puddles can dry out before the next deluge arrives. It's been super windy, though. Power has stayed on, thankfully. The tornado siren went off yesterday morning as I was headed to get Liam from school, but everyone is fine and I didn't hear of any damage. Tis the season!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is such a tease.

I am so bummed that the pictures aren't working again. Thanks to all of you who let me know about the problem. I wish I knew what to do to fix it, but until I hit on it accidentally, I guess we'll just use word pictures.

We talk all the time here about being responsible for one's own things such as laundry, dishes, toys, etc. The kids know that they're supposed to turn their library books right side up and stick them spine out on the shelf we have designated for the library books. We lost two books several months ago, only to find them the day I paid for them. I've informed the big kids that the next ones they lose they will be splitting the cost themselves since they're not my library books and they know where to put them when they're done with them.

Anyway, the other day I was telling Liam to please, "pick up your clothes, turn them right side out and..." he said, "I know, I know! Put them in the kid laundry, spine out!" It cracked both of us up. I love the connections he makes.

The last time we got to hang out with Miss Theresa, who works with Dada and has been our family friend for the past 10 years, she was reading a book of Halloween poetry and riddles to Liam. She asked him what follows him, doesn't make a sound, and is with him everywhere. She was fishing for the word, "shadow." He promptly answered, "Jesus!" Again, it cracked us up, but it also made us rejoice that he's heard enough about Jesus that some of it is sinking in!

The Sunday before last, it was 80 degrees and windy. The only thing that's stayed the same since then has been the wind. We've had a windy, windy time of it lately! It stormed again last night and the neighborhood was littered, pun intended I guess, with recyclables this morning before the garbage and recycling guys could get to everyone's bins. Nothing like a little 52 pickup to start your day!

Liam especially has been enjoying the new thistle seed feeder which attracts finches. We have 3 goldfinches and several of the pretty red ones who come and visit almost daily, along with our morning doves, robins, and sparrows. My favorite thing is hearing the killdeer back in the fields again. There have also been a ton of DUCKS flying and wandering around. There were a pair of them on the sidewalk at Kohl's- I'm not kidding- and another pair waddling across the street in front of Giant Eagle. Sadly, I've seen at least 2 carcasses on various streets as well. Poor duckies. They seem to really like the big ditches we have around town, even though there are plenty of ponds in the area. I've been calling them puddleducks!

The grass is super green, there are amazing daffodils downtown, and the buds on the trees seem to promise that warmer weather is coming. Who knows? We may yet get to actually wear the sleeveless Easter dresses which are marketed here. Usually we laugh at them. "Yeah, right. Who's gonna buy a dress without a sweater (or a snowsuit) around HERE?" We shall see...

Dada's been in town in the office a lot more lately, which has been fantastic. We enjoy his company! He's been working on the gardens already. The peas, onions, shallots, and garlic are all in the beds. We have 8 visitors IN the house; we are tomato plant sitting for one of his coworkers. These guys are already 2 feet tall and have taken over the laundry room counter, some of the kitchen counter, and claimed a spot under the kitchen table by the sliding glass doors. There's a tray of cilantro and basil on the kitchen table, and the landing where the grow lights are host several trays of squash and tons of tomatoes, again. We still have tomatoes in the freezer in the garage from last year. In fact, when Grandma Barb and Pap were here for the second half of spring break week, we cooked up an entire brown bag of them and Dada turned them into his yummy spaghetti sauce. Which the kids won't eat. WE enjoyed it- it's gone now!

We're in the home stretch- the last 6 weeks of school are upon us. I just signed Liam up for gymnastics. It starts next week and runs through the first week of summer vacation. So far we have two weeks of VBS, a week at the beach, and hopefully Care Bear will get to go to camp. Summer is filling up fast! No idea when or if we'll get to do our Christmas in July party yet. It might end up not being in July! More to come.

Have a wonderful spring, allergies and all! Triskal was out this morning in the biggest puddle of the yard, up to her ankles and lapping up water. Never mind there are two dog bowls of water out there and another one in here. Apparently rain water just tastes better if it's in a puddle. Just don't tell Damon.

THAT kid is eating everything that isn't nailed down, unless it is peas or green beans. He devours Cheerios, Goldfish, rice, crackers, pizza crusts and pasta as if there's no tomorrow. I think he grows overnight, because while he's still pretty chubby in all the right places, he's also getting really, really long. His next appointment is the week after school lets out. Joy, joy. Nothing like taking all of them to the doctor's office, hehe! He still isn't crawling, but rolls all over the floor to get where he wants to be. His favorite things right now are necklaces, earrings, and hair. Weeeeee!

Speaking of the little bugger, I hear him up from his nap, so ta ta for now! =)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Bein' silly with Grandmama

Grandmama is here, kicking off Spring Break with us. She's having lots of fun with our silly baby.

"Eep! She goosed me!" =D


We4 on a couch...
Cheesy We3 on a couch...
And just plain showing off:

Happy birthday to Carson!

Our buddy Carson turned 4 on Saturday and invited us to his birthday party. It was the first time the kids have been bowling in real life. They've practiced on the Wii often. They very much enjoyed it.

And Damon discovered the joys of pizza crusts. He made two whole pizza slice crusts disappear, and is looking for more!

April Fools

Care Bear's teacher decided (wisely) to channel the April Fool's shenanigans and declared a Harry Potter dress up day. Of course, Carrie wanted to be Harry.
Trying to catch the Snitch:
Harry, don't pick up hitchhikers. That's Bumblebee Transformer on the back of her Nimbus 2000...
Harry has some reaalllllllllly young fans!


Dada had an oopsie in the microwave:
This one is mostly for aunt Becky's mom, Sue. She bought Care Bear this book forever ago, knowing Care Bear was a huge Cheerio fan. Guess who else devours O's?!
And Liam's favorite birds, the neighborhood goldfinches, have made their return trip to our feeder. We've seen them each morning for at least 3 days now!

Spring Do's

I trimmed up Dada's hair and then turned around to find Liam requesting a haircut just like Dada's. So we whipped the clippers back out and used the same numbers on him. Here's before:

And here's after:

Pat A Cake

Damon and Dada playing Pat A Cake...

And then someone got alien antennae...
"That's it. I've had enough! I'm pooped."

Paging Alexander... no, not that one.

It's for you, Alexander Graham Bell. Care Bear did a book report and oral presentation on Mr. Bell, and we got a few shots of her hammin' it up. Ask her anything about him!


"I, cute, furry, adorable Grover... er, Damon, am here to talk to you about your body. This is your front."
"This is your back."
"I have to show them what!?"
"Um, I, cute, furry, adorable Grover... er, Damon, am officially outta here. No comment. Get that camera outta here, please."

Down on the Farm

Farmer Damon, hard at work:
"Chow!!! Y'all come wash up now!"
"We're having chicken. And lion. And octopus... what?"

Feet, Camo, and Boots

Liam is on the left, Damon's in the middle, and Carrie's on the right. An entire family of big feet!

Ssshhhhhh. I'm hiding. Duckies and froggies are close enough, right?
Liam got new yellow boots... not giraffes this year, but helloooooo monkey boots!

New sunglasses

Why is it that babies are so intent on ripping OFF sunglasses?!

Good times at Isaac's

Right before Care Bear's good friend Isaac moved, his mom invited everyone over to play. The kids had a BALL, and I'm not just talking my kids!
Yes, he's in their ottoman...
Swords and shields versus super soakers. Hmmmm... bets anyone?
Even Damon had a good time once they broke out the Little People!