Monday, May 29, 2006

The Zoo!

Sorry we didn't get to talk to you today, Nana. We went to the zoo!

We didn't tell Carrie where we were going. We sunscreened everyone up and hopped in the car w/ all our strollers & coolers & nonsense. We parked & she still had no idea where we were. We pointed to the signs that say Z-O-O and she still wasn't sure what was going on. She said we were going for a walk. True, that. Then she finally said, "we're at the ZOO!" =) So funny.

She wanted to walk everywhere, but we managed to convince her to ride in the stoller some. Otherwise we'd still be there! And they close at 5 PM... now how dumb is that? I'd think they'd have a lot more guests if they stayed open until 7 or even 8 once the sun goes down. How many people can only go on weekends cuz they work during the day until 5 or later!? Silly. And MAN, was it hot. Poor Liam just had sweat rolling off him. I think he slept through almost everything. We had good baths tonight, that's for sure!

Anyway, pictures tell their own stories, so I'll quit blabbing and let you see what we saw. We're now Members too, so expect more zoo pictures in the future! There were realms we didn't even make it to today.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend & didn't get sunburned! Take care!

This is Liam on his way into the zoo.  Posted by Picasa

How Care Bear stacks up against a polar bear. My money is on her. She'd talk its ears off! ;) Posted by Picasa

Carrie getting "caught" by the polar bear, hehe Posted by Picasa

A real, live polar bear. The other one was sleeping so she was more impressed with this one. Posted by Picasa

They have a whole Dragon exhibit. There's dragonfish, Komodo dragons, etc. and the art & displays were very fun. Was nice to get out of the sun a bit too! Posted by Picasa

This is a for-real sea dragon. They were the coolest things ever! If one had floated by me somewhere I'd never have dreamed it was something alive. Looked like amazing foliage and you weren't allowed to use flash photography on them. Amazing! Posted by Picasa

Lookit Care Bear, Mama, and Liam on the dragon's treasure pile! No maiden bones here... Posted by Picasa

This maiden was part of a storytelling display. She was kind of mechanical but Carrie sat and watched a bit anyway =) Posted by Picasa

Looking for the tigers Posted by Picasa

There's a tiger! Posted by Picasa

Spotted some crocodiles hiding inside Posted by Picasa

Carrie & Dada watching elephants Posted by Picasa

Mama and baby elephant Posted by Picasa

This is Liam tired out at the zoo Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Right on the money

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! We hope y'all are having pleasant vacation days and are enjoying the superb weather. Finally got some pictures up and have a few stories to share:

Yesterday Carrie found a very dirty penny outside. I asked to see it and told her it was from 1986. Me:"That penny is twenty years old!"
Carrie:"It has a guy on it."
Me:"Yes, it does."
Carrie:"It's Pa Pa!"

Hahaha! Well, there you go, Pa Pa. You're right on the money!

A lot of our conversations lately have been oppositional on her part. The only example that comes to mind ran like this.
Me: Did you pee?
Carrie: Yes, I did.
Me: Then wipe.
Carrie: Ac-tua-lly, I didn't.
Me: Then get off.
*the sound of peeing*
Me: I give up.
(this is, of course, after several minutes of previous discussions and general ignoring of why she's on the pot in the first place. This kid talks about EVERYTHING.)

Taking it easy this weekend. We had home group on Friday night w/ our friends. Just did picnic stuff and enjoyed ourselves. The night before we had our next door neighbors over for dinner. Matt and Christine are big hits with Carrie. And Triskal. The day before that Pap Kurth was here for a quick visit and last week Grandmama was here with us. Yesterday we played outside in the kiddie pool and the sprinkler. Well, Triskal did. Carrie got a cup out of the kitchen and poured water from one mudpuddle to another. But she had fun running around the yard in her swimsuit and Aquasocks, so that's all that matters. Today was church, and Dada is off tomorrow so we'll just keep taking it easy! =) I love long weekends.

Liam has almost gotten the hang of sitting, and today actually leaned forward and opened his mouth for pears, which is a huge improvement from the gagging and pickle faces we usually get when we try to give him solids. Yay, he's getting the idea! =D He even got to wear an outfit with shorts to church today. We knew the ladies in the nursery would go wild over his chops ;) When we dropped him off, the check-in lady said, "oh good. Liam's here. Robin's already been asking if he was here yet!" Our sweetie boy has such a fan club. Hehe!

Happy belated birthdays to Manoj, Rah Rah and Noah! Hope your days were fantastic!

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone. Soak up every bit of sunshine =D Take care!

Liam's calling in life: sumo wrestling! Posted by Picasa

It's so fun watching them read books together! Posted by Picasa

He's scratching at the cover of the book, trying to "get" the picture of the bear. Carrie thought that was so funny. Posted by Picasa

Floor time for the boys Posted by Picasa

Hard to believe that this tiny boy... Posted by Picasa

...has turned into this chubby hunk of love! Posted by Picasa

Still gets excited to see old Cookie Monster Posted by Picasa

He takes up a whole lap! Posted by Picasa

group shot with Grandmama Posted by Picasa

Pap Kurth (and kids) and the hutch he made! Isn't it lovely? Posted by Picasa

Listing to port Posted by Picasa