Thursday, November 30, 2006

*ominous music* Dum dum DUMMMMM

Just kidding. Wahooooo! The last of the Colorado pictures! Only two and a half months later =P Bah. Anyway, hope this cheers up those of you who are homesick for blue skies and Rocky Mountains *cough LISA cough cough* Hehe! No, seriously, hope you all enjoy them. I took lots more than this but posted the best and am hoping nobody will get bored. Yes, they feature Liam because he was there and Care Bear wasn't. And the first two pictures are from this week, not the trip.

Happy last few hours of November. YIKES I have a lot to do before the party next weekend! Hope to see lots of you! May each and every one of you have a blessed Advent and a greed/ gimme-free Christmas season. Especially those of us/you with young children. Heh!

Went in to get "baby Lamb" the other day and cracked up and ran for the camera... he was completely asleep, even after I took multiple pictures of him. Posted by Picasa

A bird's eye view Posted by Picasa

Look! It's the end of the world! Hehe =D Posted by Picasa

The Rockies are SO COOL! Posted by Picasa

Misty mountains make me smile! Posted by Picasa

The aspens were just starting to turn yellow when we were there in September. (Like I'd know an aspen if it bit me you-know-where...) Posted by Picasa

Eh, Liam wasn't that impressed with the mountains. Hehe Posted by Picasa

We found this great Indian restaurant in the Cherry Creek district of Denver. It's the Bombay Clay Oven. They had a seating section that was elevated and you supported yourself with pillows. Guess who thought that was REALLY neat! Posted by Picasa

He found a spoon and was clanging it against the metal pedestal supporting the table. *Whang whang whang* *giggle* *Whang whang* Posted by Picasa

Theresa was a wonderful hostess and let us do laundry at her house while we were in CO. We took some naps there too. Liam chased his ball all over her house, and was fascinated with all her fancy decorations. Posted by Picasa

Our gorgeous Theresa during her softball game. She even got beaned in the head while we were watching. Nothing keeps this girl down! Posted by Picasa

Dada, Liam, and our beautiful friend Anjelica at Theresa's softball game. We had such fun girl time =) Posted by Picasa

He must have liked the acoustics under the sink in the hotel bathroom. He was under there every chance he got, just "ahh"ing away! Posted by Picasa

Still playing in his favorite room, the bathroom. Liam Andrew, WHAT are you doing?! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Turkey day report

Hi all and happy belated Thanksgiving! I loaded the pictures backwards again. Sorry. And to make matters more interesting, the version I use to get the pictures on here will disappear at the end of this year. Sadly, expect even more delays as I figure out how to use something else. *sigh* As if I'm not pokey enough!

I'm cheating and skipping Step Aerobics tonight. Dada took the kids to the Y so he could work out and keep them out of my hair so I could do this and some more cookie doughs for the Christmas party. Only two weeks away! Please let us know if you're coming... need to figure out food and sleeping arrangements soon!

A big thank you to Rob & Jana for hosting Thanksgiving at the Farmhouse this year. It was awesome to see everyone. Dada got lots of play time in w/ family and friends (he really needed it) and Mama got some downtime too. The lowest point would be that Care Bear threw up in bed Thanksgiving night. Yeah, not going to dwell on that. Just use your imagination. Triskal had a wonderful vacation in the company of lots of other dogs- Louie, Gilmore, Teddy, Tracker, Angel, and Hershey. Carrie and Liam were even excited about all the other dogs. Of course, compared to Triskal, who really is humungous now, the other dogs probably seemed puny to them. Heh!

Home safe and back to work. Cleaning and getting ready for the Christmas party Dec 8-10 in case you've forgotten. Liam is cutting at least one more bottom tooth that I can see, so he's been kinda crabby lately. Carrie's been getting fits of hysterical giggles for no reason. Always crazy around here! And the quote board is almost full, so soon* I'll bring it down and post a list of the Carriese that's happened this past year. *Dada and I decided about 10 years ago that "soon" meant anytime within a year. So don't hold your breath for it to be this week or even next! We WILL need to get a new one up for the party though... expecting big things that weekend! =)

Have a great week! And remind me to do this more often ;) xoxo

What is SO fascinating about the dishwasher? He is RIGHT THERE every time I open it. Posted by Picasa

Da girls, ready for church yesterday. Mama got to play w/ the babies in the nursery! Posted by Picasa

A close up (so y'all could see the dog on her shirt!) Posted by Picasa

Third time's a charm for the Granddaddies Posted by Picasa

The first take worked the best for the Grandmas. Then there's Carrie... Posted by Picasa

A view around the table at Thanksgiving Posted by Picasa

Louie (L) and Gilmore (R), the Farmhouse doggies. They slept on the steps out of the way during Thanksgiving craziness. Gilly knew exactly which step the sun would hit. Posted by Picasa

Carrie trying to hug an escaping Nina Posted by Picasa

Mama's best friends here, Lee and Rita =) Posted by Picasa

Our beautiful friend Nina =) Posted by Picasa

After much internal debate, I've decided to not go w/ this shot as our Christmas picture to send to everyone. Never mind that it is probably the most accurate portrayal... Posted by Picasa