Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily Quote

On the way home from preschool, while we were in Pepe, Care Bear tells me, "Hey Mama. The Spanish word for purple is violet."

So now you know. ;)

Carrie: 1, Monday: 0.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grandmama time

Grandmama came to visit for a few days and Care Bear got a new purse with matching sunglasses and outfit. Here she is showing it off before school one day. Liam is always good for a big "cheeeeeese" too!

And here's the girls, reading books on the Elmo couch. Hehe! Love you, Mommee! ;)

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Trip to the park

What IS it with tormenting geese? I think that is the favorite pasttime at this park...

I think this picture shows what he's going to look like at 15 or 16.

And just look at THAT grin!

The All Saints "steering wheel"

I think her favorite at the pierogie-fest was the Ferris wheel. She calls it the steering wheel. Hehehe. She rode it with Mady and Kenzie, the friends we meet up with here every year, and rode with them the first time. She didn't look too impressed...

But she rode it again alone and loved it! She is so cute.

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Here's Dee, sizing up the climbing wall.

She didn't make it much higher than this, but we were proud that she tried it out!

Whereas Liam declined the rides and headed straight for the game tent. Here he is, a happy boy; check out those lollipops!

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These KIDS!

There is a big store closing by us and so we keep checking out the sales. The kids found these pillows, set them down like this, and then decided to lay down on the floor in the middle of the store! I don't know what goes on in their heads.

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For Mommee...

This one is for my Mommee, and any other Terry Pratchett fans out there who'll get it ;)

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Pretty plants

Some of you only make it to our house for the Christmas party, so you don't really know what the plants look like during the rest of the year. This bush is a lilac cousin of some kind. It bloomed while we were in Oregon this year, so I only caught the tail end of it. It smells SO pretty in bloom! Anyway, right after PaPa and I had planted all our seeds and seedlings, we had those storms. Lots of my seeds washed to "where the sidewalk ends" and this bush has helped shelter them some. Look at the bottom right corner of the picture.

See? Here they come!

And here are the trees or bushes or both in front of our house. I have no idea what the right one is, but the left one is a Rose of Sharon bush. It's pretty too.

Up close and personal. I think the Bumblethunderbeasts like this one!

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I'll never be a landscape photographer, but I just wanted to show y'all how colorful my cheerful zinnias have turned out to be.

Pretty maids, all in a row ;) And some of the baby seeds that washed in front of the row!

A few brave black eyed Susans. And a Weed.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Karen the Heron and the Crouton Futons

A few Carriese moments from today before I forget:

At Pizza Hut today she asked Grandmama and I for some crunchy things from the salad bar. We thought maybe she meant chow mein noodles until she said "no no, the futons!" Ahhhh. NOW we got it. Croutons.

And then tonight at the table Grandmama was telling us how she saw lots of mourning doves and red winged blackbirds at our bird feeder. Carrie piped up that she saw the Karen. We couldn't figure out what she was talking about until I listened like a witch* and deciphered that she meant the heron we had seen at the pond by the mosque a few days ago. "Carrie, it's called a heron." "Well. I call it a Karen." "Maybe it's Karen the Heron." "Maybe it's Aaron the Heron."

And as usual, Liam is telling everyone he is "two and a half." This includes the niece of our next door neighbor, who asked him his name. Apparently he told her his reply to everyone, because the next thing I hear is, "Hey! Hey! Two and a half!" HAHAHAHHAHA

I'm not kidding!

*Terry Pratchett fans will probably understand this. It's called Headology and it's often employed by Granny Weatherwax or those who are doing business with her. Read something like his Lords and Ladies or Witches Abroad to see what I'm talking about... Enjoy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer lovin'

Haha, here's Dada with his little girls ;) Summer love!

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Playground fun with Dada

We realized Dada had never been to this playground, so we took him. All the kids, big and little, had fun! Hehe!

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Splash Bash 2008

Some area businesses held a "Splash Bash" yesterday afternoon close to our house. We took the sunscreened kids and had a ball in the giant sandbox! One of the companies gave away free shovels and pails to the first 500 kids, and they also each got a lei. Of course Carrie's was blue and Liam's was yellow. They had a ball in the sand!

And, naturally, Liam found one of the many beach balls they had. Nothing pleases this boy more than a ball!
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Bubble station and rain tent

Liam was really enchanted with the bubble makers. He thought they were the best thing ever!

He'd have nothing to do with the rain tent, but Carrie went right under it with her blue bucket and caught lots of raindrops!
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Firetruck fun

The firetrucks were there, too! Carrie got to squirt the hose on a wooden fire decoration, and then they got to sit in the cab! Check out the tires on the firetruck... they are taller than Liam!

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Maggie Moo endorsement

A fun day ends with Maggie Moo ice cream, as you can tell by these pictures. Hehe!

She wanted to show off her cotton candy goatee:

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