Monday, September 29, 2008

My beautiful Mary Alice

Congratulations are due to my beautiful Mary Alice and her husband Marc on a gorgeous and fun wedding this weekend! The ceremony was wonderfully genuine and well done. The pastor was a hoot! I can honestly say I've never seen a wedding that was standing room only. Well done, guys! The reception was delicious and it was great to see so many people so happy for you both. Here are some of the pictures I took. I hope to see LOTS of others on your blog, Mary Alice! Best wishes to you both, and thanks for a great wedding! =D

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Friday, September 26, 2008


This is Carrie's bike. This is LIAM on Carrie's bike. Tell me my baby is not big enough to be tackling a two- wheeler already. His face says it all. *sigh* Lookit that pride. *sniff*

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Harrison Rally Day

Last Saturday was Harrison Rally Day which reminds us of ALF. There were bazillions of vendors and lots of cool stuff to see. There's also new art down closer to the river, so we checked out these new sculptures while we were there. A nice man even offered to take our picture all together!

This one was Carrie's favorite. She called it the Mickey one. Hehe.
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Even a steel drum band! How fun!

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This game is called Don't Break The Ice. Notice that Liam has the frame of the game around HIMSELF.

Here you will notice the kids are playing with their kids' meal bags. Not the toys that come in the bags, but the actual bags.

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This is my handsome friend Bing!

How old do they need to be before you can do arranged marriages??

He is so silly!
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After the storm

Lots of people have asked how we fared after the big storm a few weeks ago. We were not in the direct path this time. The only damage we had was to my zinnias, which had grown as tall as Liam. Carrie discovered them all laying down on the driveway as though they were praying. They were all ready to be pulled out anyway, so now we're getting a better view of all the other plants in the garden. Liam supervised while I hacked the zinnias out and we're enjoying the flowers that have been overshadowed all summer. It looks a little naked, but they're coming along...

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All the men in my life told me this was just going to be a weed. Well. If weeds look like this when they bloom, then BRING THEM ON!

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Natives at the bus stop

For two days we saw a praying mantis hiding out in the lily leaves at the bus stop. We went back last night to hunt for him (or her), but it proved fruitless. The kids really enjoyed seeing how well he could blend in! We looked again this morning but he's either moved on to someone else's lilies or decided to be camera shy. Bummer.

But we have been watching this spider all week also. Carrie spotted him (or her) because the web was facing the sidewalk for the beginning of the week. Since then, the spider has changed it to the rear side of the bushes, so the kids climb up in behind to inspect the web. The spider has yellow stripes and is pretty good-sized... must be doing a good job eating those mosquitos!

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September silliness

So what do you think? Should Triskal be the official mascot for this yogurt, since she is so clearly displaying how yummy it is?


Yes, those are Carrie's socks on his hands like mittens. He does it himself. But that's not why I like this one. It seems to me that Liam and the flower are smiling "good morning" at each other. I took this today after we'd dropped Carrie off at the bus stop. Happy weekend!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekly funny

Last night at dinner, Care Bear was procrastinating. Let's just say we told her to eat her green beans more than the usual amount of times needed. (Bear in mind she ASKS us for these beans.)Finally it came down to the following conversation:

Mama: Eat your beans. If we have to tell you again, no dessert.
Dada: Ever. For the rest of your life.
Carrie: (before he even finishes talking) Well, that's not true!
*Mama and Dada lose it completely and crack up until tears run down their faces*
Carrie: Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at what I said?

Please pray for her teachers. They stand no chance...

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Carrie keeps bringing home papers from school and since one of them had her schedule on it, I thought I'd share it w/ all y'all so you're in the loop =)

Art on Mondays, Music on Tuesdays, Library on Wednesdays, Gym on Thursdays (that's when Gymnastics is through the Y, too. At least she'll get a really good night's sleep on Thursdays!), and Playground is Friday. Computer lab will be every day. How fun!

They also alternate Show and Tell on Fridays. The boys and girls alternate each week. You're supposed to stick to the theme of the week... this coming week they'll be talking about red, circles, graph activities, making patterns, and recognizing alphabet letters. So an appropriate show & tell object could be a red ball, a patterned ball, etc. Oughta be interesting!

Pretty soon the fundraising will start too, so be expecting to be hit upon for magazine sales, etc. Oh, the joys of elementary school!

Have a great week and try not to catch our first cold of the season! ;)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of school 2008

Care Bear, ready for Kindergarten

Liam, not ready for kindergarten, but willing to take on the world nonetheless

All together now!
Great big cheesy grins to bring in the new schoolyear!
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Carrie and Dada, both with backpacks.

Carrie and Liam, both with backpacks. Wendy, look familiar? ;)

Carrie ordering Liam to stay out of the street at the bus stop. There were about 4 other kids there, too. One is a new neighbor girl who is even in Carrie's class! We are so excited!
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