Sunday, April 22, 2012

Once again, it's time for quotes

Wow, pardon me a second as I finish freaking out. They've updated Blogger and that means buttons are in weird places (to me) and everything looks different. I'll do the best I can while being thrown off my groove...

This quote board took forever, to me at least. It runs from late spring of 2011 until winter of early 2012. Dada's already got the first quote on the new board, but I'll get as much of this old one blogged now as I can while the kids are eating dinner. 0=)

And before I forget, again, Damon also says, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" and "hooooome", both with question marks at the end of a voice that rises an octave throughout the word. His first sentence was "Dada home" unless you count "all gone" as a sentence.

Off we go!

From the beach last summer, a note was found in the bathroom of The Beach House, which had been left by Dada: Went out for a run. 7:10 AM Love ya, Scott PS Duck Doughnuts, here I come! =)

While listening to "Les Mis", Mama comments: Poor Eponine.
Liam: Why poor Eponine?
Mama explains that the man she loves loves another woman more than her.
Liam: Oh! Probably feels like "friendly fire!"

Talking about winning SkyMiles, Mama: Who says we can't take them (the kids) with us?
Dada raises his hand.
Carrie: Yeah, we HAVE been obnoxious lately...

Liam, in the car: Are we going home to get beatings? Oh boy! Ha ha. I'm just kidding.

Carrie: We're setting a record of how long we can stay upstairs, so Mama, can you bring us room service?
Mama: Um, no. Come down here and eat.

Mama and Liam (5 and a half) are talking about butts (again) and Mama declares: another word for butt is "buttocks".
L: Butt ducks!?
Mama and Liam roll on the floor laughing.

Mama: I got you StarWars valentines for your party.
L: YAY! Are there light sabers at the end for exclamation marks?

L, 5 and a half, with a twinkle in his eye: Mama, I love you.
M: I love you, too.
L: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?  (This is funny because Liam has said it all year long!)

C: Read me another Bible story.
M: Hmm. "Respect your mother and father." Hmm! How about that?!
C: Not THAT one.

L: Did you put ketchup on it?
M: Yes. And spaghetti sauce. It's plain.
L: And sauce. Otherwise it wouldn't be Sloppy Joe. It'd just be Joe.

M, in the car: ENOUGH! I should not have to listen to toys peeing! (sotto voce) I should not have to say things like that...
L and C: Hahahahahahahahahah!

L: The greatest mom in the whole entire planet is you.
M: Awww, thanks!
L: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack? (See!?)

L to Dada who has just come back from a run: You really ARE sweaty. I can see your shines.

Checking C's teeth (at age 8!) before bed, M: That's CORN! Disgusting!
C: I didn't have corn tonight. I had it LAST night.
M: !!!

C, in the car wanting to "be bad": If I promise to keep my big, fat mouth shut and not tell Liam?

L: Amphibian and beyond!

L to Rusted Root: "Send me on my way, drum drum drum, send me on my way."

Damon, at 18 and a half months: Gall gone. (all gone)

M: English is so hard. You guys are learning a hard language...
C: Spanish is-
M: Spanish is easier. If you can say it, you can spell it. Not many silent letters.
Dada perks up: Oui! Wait...

L, almost 6 and wiggling eyebrows: "Bus." There's a silent "F".

Mama to Dada: Whaddaya think your favorite part of the race will be?
L, from the back seat: Hopefully winning winning winning!

L, 5 and 35/36ths, drawing: I'm gonna make an alien.......... cow.

M: Hmm. There's something I was going to tell you. What was it?
L, 5 3/4: I dunno. I can't read your brain.

M to L, 6: Do you know you're incredibly gorgeous?
L, sighing: Of course I know. Geez.

Damon, 22 months: MAMA! (FINALLY!)

Dada: I don't know what that was, but you need to focus on your food.
L: It was inner peace
D: Fine, but if you do anything other than eat your dinner, it won't be inner peace. It will be outer pain!

L,6: I love every speck of nature that God made us. Even though it makes me sneeze.

M to C after she finished a bout of stomach flu: You look like your normal self.
C: Yeah. But I bet not on the inside.

Before unit 4 math test, Mama tries: If I gave you 5 m&m's, you can't TAKE 15 from them. But if I gave you 15, you COULD make 5 sets of 3.
C: No. I'd just eat them.

L: Can we move around in Heaven? I hope there's clouds cuz if you trip and fall you don't wanna scrape your face. If you trip and fall on clouds, you won't get hurt...

Mama hands freezing Crown Royal to Liam: Take this to Dada, please.
L, 6: Here, Dada, Dada, Dada. Here. What is it? Ink?

L,6, hands Mama a snack size bag of Skittles: Can you please open these so that they don't BOOM all over creation?

L's in the bathroom a LOOOOOONG time. Mama asks: You okay, Liam?
L: Yep. (pause) Didn't fall in or anything.
M: Good.
L: Cuz I was STANDING! *diabolical laugh*

Playing Scrabble at age 8, C: I have "LOY"
M: That's not a word.
C: Oh yes it is. Like "lawyer!"

L trying ti explain fractions to Mama: You just don't get math, Mama.

M: Can you pass me my phone, please?
L, at the table: Do you mind if it's sticky?

M: ARGH! How can you STILL be hungry?
L: I guess I'm just a hog.

Mama is asking C about her spelling test: Didja get "evaluate"?
C: I'm sure I did.
M: How about "solve"? Didja do S-O-V-L-E?
C, enthusiastic: Yep! I DID!
M: Cuz that's WRONG.
C: (in a tiny voice) Oh. (in a normal voice) I did it right, hehehehehe!

L,6: That upset butt was actually a bum burp.

M to Dada in Pepe the Pilot: You made a good choice. You had a good idea.
D: Yay. Once in my life.
M: You've had lots of good ideas. I can think of 3 right now.
D: The Hawaii trip?
M: I was thinking of Things One, Two, and Three, but yes...

D: Those were impulse.

L, examining his tissue: Woah. That was boogerful.

C, 8.5: Thanks for taking my butt seriously. (Thanks for making my seat warm.)

L, 5 11/12ths: Can I have some of those?
M: Marshmallows? Yep. Hinrew used to call them "marshmalloons."
L: Can I have some mushballoons? I mean... hehehehe!

C, on a cold rainy afternoon after school: Thank you, God, that I was born when hot chocolate was invented!

Dada snags ANOTHER fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie and Mama admonishes: STOP IT! That's FOUR!
Dada: Do not keep a record of wrongs! *hightails it out of kitchen at Mama's glare, laughing hysterically*

Let us know which one(s) were favorites! =D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sailing, Sailing...

"WHAT are you doing? You're not..."

"Oh. Yes, you are." =/

Triskal, on spotting duty. At least he'll have a squishy, fuzzy landing...

but he'd rather sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide down!

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Word Wall

Poor Grandmama has been campaigning for this post for awhile. She keeps dropping hints that I'd written word lists for both the other kids and hadn't done one for Damon. The reason for that was because until very, very recently, he didn't say anything! His word list has consisted of "Dada", "PaPa", and naturally, "Doh-Da" which translates into Yoda. Liam plays a lot of Star Wars on the Wii and Damon has taken quite the liking to Yoda and R2D2. Yes, you read that right. Dada, PaPa, and Yoda. Occassionally there'd be an "ouch" or a "touch." And he calls Liam "E-O" along with the corresponding notes we use when we call Liam- one higher, one lower.

No Mama. Nothing resembling Mama. Until Spring Break, when Grandmama was here. Then he started saying, "Mama." At 22 months old. Bonehead.

Now he's added, "doos" which means juice, "Bee" for Carrie (which makes sense because Liam called her Dee and that stuck. We call her Dee, so he calls her Bee. She likes it.), and I was thinking there was something else but it poofed...

He still sucks his thumb and grunts a good bit. He jabbers constantly and can follow your notes, but isn't interested in using words too much yet. Oh I know, he says "baby" and "bibby" also. He still signs for "more", "please", and "bird." He even sings something that sounds remarkably like the Star Wars theme song (I wonder why).

He's also a huge fan of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and anything involving a ball. He flips through books asking himself something that we think translates into "where's the ball? there's the ball!" He recognizes a lot of object words and points to everything. As you'll see in the following pictures, he also loves to climb. There are very few places we can put things that are truly out of his reach.

Cute pictures of boys

These are all pretty self-explanatory. And the Tshirt reading "Saw it. Wanted it. Threw a fit. Got it." is completely apt for this kid!

This one was of them watching Sesame Street this morning. Spellbound. =)

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What have we been up to?

What have we been up to? You're looking at some of it...

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It's Electric!

Dada took these crazy hair pictures. Aren't they a hoot!?

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring break

Carrie had made this box a snuggly nest for herself (though, as you can see by Damon modeling it that she needs to squish herself in fourths to fit) and left it unattended. Sure enough, someone else took advantage of her sweet spot of real estate!
And here he is, tolerating even more kisses. This time they're from Grandmama. She got to come play with us for some of our spring break! The kids are especially thankful for the Easter bags of goodies she brought, naturally!
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Liam's haircut

This boy has Uncle Rob hair. ;) I didn't want to buzz it fuzzy quite yet, but he needed something done before his Easter pictures, so I got out the clippers and did a 3-5-7 on his sweet little head. I'm pleased with the results. He is SUCH a handsome kid!
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Happy Easter from We5

Almost looks like they like each other, doesn't it? ;) Happy Easter, everyone!
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Christmas in... March!?

Being perpetually behind, one of our Christmas bins has yet to make it into the basement. Damon and Liam have been sneaking into it to liberate Christmas bells and hats for everyday use:
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Spring Fever 2012

March had been absolutely gorgeous. We had to break out the shorts and get outside to play. The boys are having a good time with the sidewalk chalk (tasty!) and the sea shells from last summer's trip to OBX. And Triskal is enjoying rolling around in the grass. She's been panting like crazy and trying to get rid of the winter coat she hardly needed this year!
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Liam's first concert

Liam had his first spring concert in March and he was, as usual, thrilled for a chance to dress up. It had been in the 80's all week so we opted for summery dress clothes and were relieved to find that he was not the only kid up there in shorts...
Unlike his sister, he actually watched his music teacher AND did all the motions to the songs. It was a great concert, also attended by Grandma Barb and Pap, and we had ice cream afterwards. We were very proud of our big boy!
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Birds of a Feather

The school displays the students' art during the concert. The peacock is Carrie's and the owl is Liam's.
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