Thursday, February 10, 2011


It is becoming overwhelming to do an entire quote board at once on here, so I'm going to give you a few funnies today. I do have more pictures to upload, but this isn't the best time for that, so you'll just have to deal with using your imaginations and words. Hehe!

This one happened just this morning. I was talking with Liam about how he went to bed first last night and then Damon went to bed. Liam got up first and then Damon got up. Liam, Damon, Liam, Damon. That's an AB pattern, I explained. "No, Mama. That's an LD pattern. I'm an L and Damon starts with D."

Dada: Liam, Please pee and wash up for dinner.
Liam: I DID! (long pause) Yesterday.

We've called Damon a Doodlebug for forever now...
Liam: Damon's a dude-el-bug! He's a dude.

LIam: Hey Mama, the lower case 4 looks like an upside down chair.

Mama: Liam, is that... pizza sauce on your shirt??
Liam, matter-of-factly: No, it's just blood.

Checking out Dada's spine, Liam: Dada, how come you've got dinosaur bones on you?

On the way to preschool, Liam points out clouds: Look, Mama. There's God's foot. See it? And his other leg is on the other side. He's exercising.

Liam, 5, blowing his nose: That made my eye throw up.

Carrie, 7.5, at dinner: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII am not drinking that wine, am I?
Dada: No, you're not. It's mine.
Liam: It's not lime.

Carrie, eating macaroni shells: Mama, before these were cooked, were these real seashells?

Mama: Did you do your chapstick?
Liam: I accidentally got it on my eye because I wasn't paying attention, but I can fix that...

Carrie, 7.5, doing homework: I need to circle the nerds. (pause) Nerves. (pause) Verbs!

Following that, Carrie: Sometimes my words don't come out the way my brain does it. As they say, "sometimes your brain works faster than your hand!"

Carrie, chattering about birthday parties: McKinnia invited 4 girls- that's a total of 5 girls- and guess what? Isaac said I count as a boy.

Post-breaking of the bunk beds, Liam, 5: I was tempted. (He was -we think- traversing along the bottom bunk while hanging onto the safety side of the top bunk. It sheared off along the clippy parts- yes, I realize I have no idea what the technical term for that is- and didn't do any lasting damage to Liam. It DID make an almighty crash, though!)

And speaking of noise, PaPa was putting cinnamon on his Crispy Rice: Now they'll say, "Snap Crackle Pop and BOOM!" Liam falls over laughing.

Carrie, 7.5: Dear Santa,
Mama, interrupting: Dear Carrie, don't even bother...
Dada, also interrupting: Dear Carrie, "we are men of action. Lies do not become us."
(That quote is from "The Princess Bride" for those of you who were trying to place it.)

Liam,5, to dental hygienist Cindy: Now watch it. Don't get all scrape-y by my gummies!

Carrie, 7.5: A leasenoveda*** (this one will be translated at the end of the post. Pretend you're playing Mad Gab and try to figure it out by closing your eyes and having someone say it slowly out loud. Some of you will get it!)

Carrie,7, to Mama: How do you know all this STUFF?! I thought IIIIIII knew everything!

Grandmama: This baby sounds like a treeful of drunken parrots! (AAAACK! SCRAWK! YAAH!)

Liam to Mama: I'm stuck in the curtains! (only Carrie documented that one as: I'm stuk in the crtin's!")

Liam to Carrie at Bob Evans: Why don't you have your straw twisted?
Carrie: I'm not a fancy kid. I just like regular things.

Mama to Dada: I love you. Just because.
Dada: I hope so.
Mama: After a dozen years you doubt it?
Dada: Some people have a higher pain tolerance than others.

Liam, 5: The silos were making me sigh.

Liam, 5, to uncle Doug (stay with me... this is Dada's cousin's husband Doug. For all intents and purposes, to the kids they are aunt Sherri and uncle Doug. Their youngest child is in high school): PaPa has silver hair like you!
Doug: You know what, come here, you little turkey!

Dear Santa, This year I was a dingbat. Please bring me nothing. Love, Carrie.

***We THINK she was trying to spell "Feliz Navidad". Did anyone get it right? Without cheating?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Boys just chillin'

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Snuggling with my rapidly growing little boy:

You'd think it'd be a rare sighting, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. Somehow this girl is all about bums lately...

Big feet and getting-to-be-big feet:

Look! A Weeble!

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One of Liam's favorite pasttimes:

"He squeezed me too tight!"

Incoming millions of kisses for the baby:

And this one is especially for PaPa. She wore it once... and got chocolate ice cream on it. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

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Checkin' out his world

He's fascinated with everything going on, inside and out. He reminds me how Liam used to plaster himself against the glass and "da ba da ba da ba" back to the birds. We wonder what his favorite wildlife to watch will be...

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First "solid" food

I'm not sure there's any real food value in those wagon wheel puff thingies, but we decided to see what Damon did with one.

"Can you believe it? FINALLY they caved and gave me something real to eat!"

"This is how you do it, right? You shove it way back in there?"

"Back off. Step awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from my wagon wheel."

"No way, no sneak attacks from the other side either! They're flanking me! This is MY wagon wheel!"

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Ahhhhh, fresh, clean sheets...

See what I've got to put up with around here?

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