Saturday, August 27, 2005

Baking & bug hunt

Care Bear helped me bake some cookies for some far-flung friends and stole some of my equipment (see pictures). Thankfully she waited until it was empty!

Yesterday we went on a bug hunt in the morning. I was surprised how many critters we HAVE out here in the corn. She put her face pretty close to a live cicada after inspecting many of the cicada shells, and was completely alarmed when it buzzed right past her ear. Scared the bejeesus out of her and, of course, made me laugh myself silly, I admit it! After listening to me gasp for air from laughing, she decided it was funny too and laughed very loudly about it. She has been chasing lots of butterflies too, but they're hard to catch in flight w/ the camera. I stuck to slower bugs =)

Had a busy morning running to the post office (to mail aforementioned cookies), the playground, dropping off library books, yardwork, getting gas, and picking up lunch. She was pooped and had a 2.5 hour nap- yippie! Now she's in front of a Baby Mozart video while I "work" on the computer.

Have a wonderful week! We'll be "yoom"ing (swimming) and running around a lot. Enjoy the end of August!

Naptime after a busy morning. Look at all those toys in bed with her! Posted by Picasa

Helping bake some cookies for far away friends Posted by Picasa

Little stinker stole the empty bowl & declared, "hat!" Posted by Picasa

A lightning bug cousin, maybe? Posted by Picasa

One of her little red bugs beating a hasty retreat... Posted by Picasa

A black & orange stripey beetle. We have lots of these guys too! Posted by Picasa

A praying mantis. He was shy & kept hiding under leaves Posted by Picasa

Two earwigs, my LEAST favorite bugs, back to back inside my flowers! Posted by Picasa

Cicada on our mailbox Posted by Picasa

Cicada corpse (one of many) on our tree Posted by Picasa

Cluster of Carrie's pretty red bugs. They have an orange dot on their backs. No idea what they are, but they can scurry really fast! Posted by Picasa

Giant grasshopper Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

For Mommee...

My mom suggested I post some of Care Bear's newer words (or attempts anyway), so you can thank her for this post =) Carrie says "you" when she means "me" so that's why a lot of them start off "you..." I do have a few stray pictures that I'll get up in a bit too.

Guck guckles! = That tickles!
Peek= pink
Geen= green
Ott= orange (she's done most of the other colors well for a long time now)
You come? = Can I come too?
You tay?= Do I stay here?
All go?= Are we all going?
Yook= look
Goos me= Excuse me
Top! Go! Top!= stop, go, stop... especially when someone is driving. She's very much the backseat driver, commenting on traffic, signs, choochoo bumps (tracks), other bumps, landmarks she knows such as where the Golden Retriever lives in our neighborhood, etc.
Bee Guck= big truck
guk= chalk
guk= stuck (some words are all purpose for her!)
And the past two days when I've asked her what she wants to wear: "red dots!" meaning the shorts she has on in the picture where she's pretending that it's raining.
For sizes, instead of small-medium-large, we hear a lot of "baby, Mama, Dada" which makes sense to me! I.e. baby ball, Dada da= Dada sized chair and/or the chair Dada sits in
Mah-miah= mailman

That's the latest in Carriese. Now you're all fluent!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Scott said, "see? Proof you're bigger than a ship! Hehe!" =D And that's our second quote board for The Last Resort in the background also! Posted by Picasa

The "raining" picture Posted by Picasa


Just two quick funnies. The one of Care Bear is of her holding up a pen. She lets me know that it is her umbrella and that it is raining. She then "splashes" in "puddles" in her red shoes, too. Such an imagination!

And then the one of me is how big I've gotten as of today. This morning was the glucose test for gestational diabetes and tomorrow I set up an appointment for my Rhogam shot.

Tonight we're going out for dinner & Shawn gets to babysit =D A million thanks! Have fun!

Monday, August 22, 2005


GRAH! We just took a walk, the 3.5 of us, and are back... in the time it took me to come inside to use "the facilities" as Nana would say, that neighbor girl is back over here! I can hear her from in here. As the exasperated pregnant woman in "The Emperor's New Groove" says, "*snort* *growl* I gotta go clean something." Does her mother even know where she IS!? BAH!!!!


There are these neighbor kids who just love Carrie. The girl is 8.5 and her brother is 7. They are constantly coming over (they are at their grandma's house for the summer, two houses away), ringing the doorbell, and knocking, and ringing the doorbell, and knocking, and ringing the doorbell. I have told them & told them & told them that she naps in the afternoon. The girl was just here dinging away on the doorbell and I finally threw the door open & told her that Carrie is napping and that if we are not outside that means we are not COMING outside. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START. The older I get, the more annoyed I get by other people's kids. First of all, when you were 8, did you want anything to do with a toddler? Secondly, where the @#(*$&@)#(%*^@)#(*^ are their parents? I have yet to meet their mother, yet they are over here all the time. Our next door neighbor informed us that the boy and one of his friends threw over 25 rocks into the pen where she keeps her two Rottweilers. Are you starting to see how NOT smart these kids are? Thirdly, I try to nap when Carrie does so that I am not all fiery tempered from being tired and pregnant. Fourth, you can bet everything you own that if that little girl was me and my mother found out I was pestering a pregnant woman that the conversation (lecture) would go something like this:

"You may go over if you see them outside. If they are not outside, leave them alone. They are probably doing other things. She needs all the peace and quiet she can get before the new baby comes. I find out you were pestering her..."

And of course, now Carrie is up, having NOT slept today because the phone rang, everyone and their uncle is mowing, and thanks to this ignorant little kid who was laying on the doorbell. Now I get to have a crappy afternoon and evening because she didn't sleep. Thanks a lot! If only I had a force field around the house... that would settle the yard fencing issues too... hmm, I'll have to get on that! And it's not fair that I am so furious I'll be yelling at Carrie when it's not even her fault she didn't get a nap. I am so angry!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

As promised...

Playground pictures from early in the week. These were all taken at the playgrounds of the nearby elementary school. The boys (Scott & Kelly) are just back from Austin Labor of Love and they both say they had a good time. So little Miss Care Bear is runnin' around, thrilled to see them. Hope you enjoy the pictures of an everyday thing like a playground visit and that you have a nice weekend!

Riding the chicken Posted by Picasa

On the buffalo. She had to try them all. Posted by Picasa

Up at the top... Posted by Picasa

And weeeeeeeeeeeee! Posted by Picasa

Pushing her imaginary friend, maybe? Posted by Picasa

Watching football practice w/ Dada at the playground Posted by Picasa

Up the steps of the "big toy" like they say at all the playgrounds in Oregon... Posted by Picasa

First spot to peek through, at the top of the steps Posted by Picasa

A second peeking spot, through one of the tunnels Posted by Picasa

Top of a slide while Dada spots from behind Posted by Picasa

"Too high, Dada" Posted by Picasa