Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yep, dropped the ball again. Sorry that I forgot to put these up earlier, but as sweet Sherri pointed out, I DID get pictures up again, so all is forgiven. ;)

Okay, Liam's 5 year stats, after a week of constant coughing and no appetite: 38.5 pounds (40th percentile) and he's usually over 40. 43 3/4 inches tall that puts him in 70th percentile. Hearing and vision (20/40) both turned out fine. I asked specifically if the hearing test checks in the frequencies of a mom's voice, and Dr. Jon assured me that those frequencies are well within what they test for. So I guess he just sometimes qualifies as Selectively Deaf. ;) Quit laughing, Hinrew; he gets it from you.

Alas, our camera didn't make it to the family Thanksgiving get-together, but plenty of others did, so I'm sure pictures will find their way here eventually. I'm also sure they'll show up on Facebook first. We had a great time at Doug & Sherri's this year, just outside Cleveland. Sherri is one of Dada's cousins, and his other ones on that side of the family came with their families as well. One of the best parts was that Dada's brothers and their wives and their kids came too, so we got to meet baby Neva for the first time and see baby Zach and his big sister Lizzie again. SO much fun. I can't wait to see pictures myself!

We're all home safe & sound... and we all weigh more than we did when we left ;) We hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and that you are safe and warm and stuffed!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're giving away babies this year...

Just kidding. This is our handing out Halloween candy bowl, and the kids thought it was hilarious when Damon was in it. =D

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Playing with pictures

Summer fun =)

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Liam turns 5 and other Halloween traditions

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Time for your closeup

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More Halloween silliness

Lookie at Nina kissing that baby!

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Is this kid ready for solids or what?

Well, maybe not...

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First food

We chose peas for Damon's first food and couldn't shovel them in fast enough for him:

"Enough Dada. That's enough. I need a thumb for a minute..."

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A faithful babysitter:

Damon sleeps like this more often than not... thumb of one hand in mouth, other arm slung across eyes. So cute!

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Stats to come soon

Liam goes in today for his 5 year checkup, and he just happens to have cooperated and gotten sick in time for his appointment. It never fails- they're always sick the week before or the week after a scheduled appointment. Got lucky this time! He's been home from school since he came home coughing last Wednesday. Everyone had Friday off, and I kept him home today even though he's been fever-free for over 24 hours. His cough has finally begun to sound productive, which is medical-speak for really icky and phlegmy, I guess, and I can't wait to see what he weighs and measures. I can't remember if they do a hearing test at this appointment or if they do the great big eye chart... Carrie couldn't remember either. So anyway, more to come, and our big boy is on the mend!

And happy 5 months to Damon! He had a good time at church yesterday in the jumper thingie and enjoyed watching the other babies rolling and crawling around. I think he's starting to notice that he is stationary and isn't too pleased about it. He wants to be a boy on the move!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Tis the Season

Since Halloween is over and people are looking ahead to the holidays, I heard about this from friends and thought I'd pass it along. I'll let it speak for itself. Hope it helps you get into the reason for the season. Enjoy!

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