Wednesday, March 22, 2006

21 Shots

No, I haven't been drinking. *sigh* I wish. ;)

Here are 21 shots of the kids and the dog to make up for lost time. Sorry it's always so long between posts anymore. Dada got back from Waco, then St. Louis today. He'd been gone since Monday and I don't think I even checked EMAIL for a week...

Hinrew & Muggin came to visit (thank you!!!!) Monday- Tuesday and we had a ball. It was great to have one on one fun for the kids and dog.

Speaking of, I hear "leave it, leave it!" getting hollered upstairs followed by screeches from Care Bear, so I better go assist w/ bathtime.

Have a good week. Alllllllllmost the weekend! ;)

Triskal and her man Posted by Picasa

This is how tall Triskal was when we got her. Posted by Picasa

These jammies are so tight he looks like a sausage :( Posted by Picasa

We3 kids! Posted by Picasa

Our babies... Posted by Picasa

He just loves "Hershey" from Kelly & Becky Posted by Picasa

Some scale: Liam, the pack n play, and Triskal Posted by Picasa

"I'm so hungry I gotta eat my bibby..." Posted by Picasa

Sharon, that's one of your outfits! He's been in it for a month & I keep forgetting to tell you! Posted by Picasa

Both kids behaving... Posted by Picasa

Big smile from my happy boy Posted by Picasa

Where's Triskal? Bet she won't fit there very long! Posted by Picasa

She is SUCH a nut. Posted by Picasa

Thanks to Pa Pa for the shamrock cookie cutter. These went to Lou and Lisa. And there was just enough dough left for leprechaun boots! Posted by Picasa

This time it's Liam in a ducky towel :) Posted by Picasa

Hinrew is just a big toy! Posted by Picasa

Muggin, Carrie (after roughhousing with Hinrew), and Triskal Posted by Picasa

A shot of my Roly Poly... Posted by Picasa

This is how we make her so tall ;) Posted by Picasa

Apparently Pa Pa is not the only one who eats ladybugs ;) Posted by Picasa

Just me and my sweet, small son Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

More stats & stuff

Today I took Care Bear to the pediatrician's office. Yes, I know, we were just there two days ago. She went in to get a rash checked out. They think it's pityriasis rosea although she's really young for that. Basically it's a virus that makes a somewhat itchy rash. It starts with one patch or lesion that they call a herald (hers was inside her right knee) that looks blisterish. The doctor said most kids' look about quarter-sized and hers is only about the size of a dime. It's not contagious by contact, so Liam won't get it probably. I'm guessing she was exposed to the virus at church, cuz that's about the only place we ever go other than the grocery store. The doctor also said it was the third case she'd seen this week. Since it's a virus, they just let it run its course... Benadryl at night to help w/ the itching and to help her sleep. She doesn't seem too bothered by it, thankfully. Not nearly as bad as chicken pox. ;) Oh, and she weighs 25.6 pounds fully clothed and shod. Heh.

And in other news, Dada brought our new puppy home! Yes, you read that right. We now are the very proud, excited owners of a not quite 3 month old female Newfoundland. She's gray with a white stripe on her chest and gorgeous blue/gray eyes. She is very mellow and sweet, much calmer than I was expecting her to be. Apparently she's a wonderful traveler and has already spent one night w/ Kelly, Becky, and Hershey (thanks, guys!) in St. Louis before she made it the whole way home to us. She's kissed Liam a few times (he didn't seem to mind) and Carrie is thrilled to have someone to romp in the yard with. Thankfully this one is fenced. Yippie! =D Her name is Triskal, after our favorite angel in the Frank Peretti novels Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness. So for those of you who thought we'd never get one, after hearing us talk about them since we saw our first one in Oregon, hooray! We got one! =) And she's a dolly babe.

That's it for tonight. Gonna get some sleep before one of the babies, two legged or four legged, decides they want to be up and have some company in the middle of the night ;) Have a great weekend!

A tiara from Pa Pa. Her words: is that a CROWN? Posted by Picasa

meeting my first very own puppy =D Posted by Picasa

Getting acquainted Posted by Picasa

Can you find the only girl in this picture? *Hint: she looks Teddy sized ;) Posted by Picasa