Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dada's home

Dada's home. Yay!!!! He spent a very long week in California and we missed him LOTS. We went to the Y, enjoyed the moms' Bible study on Wednesday morning, played at Nina's on Friday morning, and went to home group last night. So glad he's home to play with us now! I feel so much lighter with him around. <3>

Last week we went to the zoo Sunday before Dada had to leave. We got to see the baby polar bears, the giraffes were actually wandering around (the baby one was loping in circles- so cute, Muggin!), and we all loved the butterfly house. It ends tomorrow, so I'm really glad we got in there to see them. Even got to see one hatching from its cocoon or chrysalis or whatever term is used. Too cool!

Liam's starting to chatter a lot. He is a very physical little guy- very strong. And not afraid to tackle Carrie for whatever he wants. He's got a good takedown, for sure! We went to the farmers' market two Thursdays ago and three separate people asked us if they were twins. Liam seems so big and Carrie seems so petite. Can't believe he's almost two. Eeeeeep!

He says, "I loah loooo-oh" which means "I love yooooooou!" It's so cute. We're going to really miss that when he says it the right way =( He calls Carrie "Dee", maybe because he doesn't do r's yet... so we've taken to calling her Dee. She answers to it. Might turn into a lifelong thing, like Hinrew! Hehe!

We took his crib down last weekend so he's been sleeping on a matress on the floor. He still kicks a lot to wind down, so now we hear the thumps on the floor instead of him whamming onto the end of the crib. Of course he still has Geoffrey in there with him. He usually pitches his pillow off onto the floor and doesn't use the blanket at all. But boy, does he wham on the door to let you know he's up. I'd be surprised if Nina couldn't hear him at her house every morning, "Mama! MAMA!!!! MAAAAAA MAAAAAA!" Silly boy. I'd put books in there with him but he still chews on them sometimes. And Triskal just picked up that habit too! Apparently board books are tasty to everyone...

He has finally gotten his very last tooth, at least until the 2 year molars. I was checking his baby book and last year he only had the two on the bottom in the middle and then on the top he had the outside two incisors instead of the middle two. He looked like a Jackolantern. This year he just looks like a little boy! He will be Tigger for Halloween. Carrie tells me she just wants "to be plain." Heh. We did have to buy glow in the dark skeleton gloves though... we'll see what we can arrange around that. I even had a Superman costume in our cart at one point, but it turns out she only wanted the cape. Might get interesting...

Have a wonderful weekend! Dada's in town this week, so I hope to be on here more. Love you!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Support a starving artist ;)

Okay, he's not really a starving artist. But Dan is a really nice guy with a lovely wife who's in the same Bible study as me. Carrie loves their little girl and they're about to have a brand new baby boy any day now! So check out the new link on the left that says Daniel Now and enjoy his hard work making music! =)

No real other news. Dada's heading off to play poker tonight and I get to snuggle babies at church tomorrow. Kids are wild & crazy, taking advantage of the cooler weather. We're all healthy!

And congratulations to Todd & Joy & big brother Seth on the birth of little sister Zoie last month! We got her picture in the mail already and boy, is she a cutie! Further congratulations go out to Dao and Sharon and big brothers Noah and Charlie on the birth of baby Annika Rachel. She made a rather dramatic entrance on Tuesday morning. Everyone is doing just fine. =) You go, girls!

Have a great rest of the weekend! Love you all =)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank you

Thank yous go out to lots of people for the ongoing help in our basement. Thanks to Dan who's poker table sitting while we're under construction. Thanks to Pap who came out the night of "the flood" and helped bail, etc. Thanks to Pa Pa who came to help bleach the wood clean. Thanks to Grandma Barb who helped watch kids during cleaning and wisdom teeth removal and who even gave us a free night away from home w/ no kids! Thanks to Rita for taking the kids for a morning so we could clean up immediately after the damage. Thanks to the plumbing & heating guys, the reconstruction experts, the guys from work who lent us dehumidifiers, to Dada's boss for helping us redo the outlets and wiring. Thank you to Grandmama and Nana and Kay for the more than generous donations. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. We really appreciate all of you and all of your work!

The kids & I have had a good weekend at Pa Pa and Grandmama's. We got to see Hinrew & Muggin both yesterday and today, and we even met their dog, Betsy. What a sweetie! Today they joined us at Nana and Pap Pap's as we celebrated birthdays. Nana turns 21 this week *ahem* and Pap Pap will have his birthday later this month. We got to see my aunt Kay and uncle Mark too! We're going to have breakfast with Mar tomorrow and then head home. What a busy weekend. Glad we could see so many of you in one trip! =)

Have a wonderful week, everyone. We love you all lots!