Tuesday, January 26, 2010

N for Needs Improvement

I used to tease Hinrew about how I was always surprised he didn't get an N for Needs Improvement in the "sits, stands, and walks correctly" section of his report card. We've joked about it for years.

Care Bear brought her report card home Friday, and while they don't give out N's for anything, she did get a "multiplication mark" (her term, not mine) beside "works without disturbing others." As Iago says in the Disney movie "Aladdin", "is anyone else not surprised? I almost died from lack of surprise!" Dada and I looked at each other and had to smile at our own lack of surprise. What does surprise me is that it's taken this long for her to get that mark in that spot!

A productive morning

This morning we got everyone dressed, fed, and got Care Bear out the door to the bus. I've made soup while blogging and am preparing to clean out the fridge because tonight is garbage night. We had Grandma Barb stay with us over the weekend, and Dada & I snuck in a few dates including seeing Avatar in 3D IMAX. Whoohoo! =D Awesomeness.

It's flurrying outside and the weather channel said it was 22 but felt like 6 this morning when I checked. I'm afraid to look again. Care Bear said, "I'm in 4 shirts!" because she had an undershirt tank, a long sleeve T, her Dora vest with a hood, her hat, and her big winter coat on when she left. I checked though, and she did make it onto the bus and didn't blow away to Ypsilanti or Yakima. I told Grandmama we should turn Carrie into a kite and power the house with her. Hmmmm...

Last week she succumbed to the bug that was going around and woke me up Wednesday night at 2:45. She was standing in the hall and announced, "I just threw up. Can I sleep with you?" to which she got a prompt, "getinthebathroomandnowayareyousleepingwithme!" Turns out she meant she'd just been coughing up phlegm (sorry, TMI for some of you) and was worn out. She stayed home in bed most of Thursday and then was able to go for her spelling test and stuff on Friday. She was not pleased to have makeup work over the weekend. TS, as aunt Lainie would say. Just TS, Carrie.

Liam still asks out of the blue, "so. How's that baby in your belly coming along, Mama?" which always cracks me up. That baby is doing just fine, Liam. Bouncing around, though the kids don't know it yet or they'll never leave me alone, wanting to feel every little thing. It's too cold for me to walk around with both of them sticking their hands up under my shirt.

Had a great birthday weekend thanks to dates enabled by Grandma Barb, cards & phone calls & a bazillion well wishes on Facebook. I feel so loved! =)

Seems there was another Carrie story I was supposed to post, but I can't remember what it is. Hmm. I'm sure Grandmama will remind me. I'm listening to the soundtrack for "Benny & Joon" this morning and looking forward to having my nice, hot soup for lunch.

Have a wonderful week, stay warm, and don't forget that Valentine's Day is coming up. Cut out some hearts and snowflakes and decorate your spot in life! Or better yet, big smiling suns!

All tucked in

The kids tucked me in at 8 PM the other night! Then they hopped in, too, and gave me my old elephant, Peanuts. Here's them pretending to be sleeping with me.

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Chocolate caaaaaake

This is my birthday cake. It's a chocolate cake with candy cane pieces and semi sweet baking chocolate pieces mixed into the batter. Then it has cool whip icing with more candy cane shards all over it. Yummy! The candy canes have turned the cool whip pink, but I don't expect it to last too much longer anyway... 0=)

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Birthday weekend smiles

And the belly, for those of you keeping track. We're at 20 weeks already and it looks like I'm having a canteloupe. Oh, and new bangs for the new year, again. ;)

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Mama's birthday

Here's Care Bear jumping for joy even though it is my birthday...

I got lotsa good loot, but this blog is about them, not me. These ones are in here because their reactions are so funny. Look at Liam. You'd think he was the one getting gifts.

Here he's helping me open my new tabletop easel. Check out Dee beaming.

Thing One, Thing Two, and me =)

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Isn't he just so cute? He's gotten SO BIG. He was stacking his stamps, but they fell down right as I took the picture. He's big into playing Mario Kart on the Wii, drawing, playing Jenga, wrecking Lincoln Logs, and looking at books. Still crazy about anything with a ball. As our friend Amy says, "Gator Golf is NOT hockey!" Hehe. This boy has stolen my heart. =)
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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Thought Hinrew & Muggin (& Dao) would get a kick out of seeing the lego pictures. See the remains of the dragon after the knight has finished him off? And see the giant who's now terrorizing the castle? And the sweetest part is that now Liam wants to buy a set that has a princess, so the knight will have someone to rescue, of course! =)

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