Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reminder to partiers

This weekend is the Christmas party. If you haven't RSVPed yet, please do so we know to expect you! Looking forward to seeing you =D Safe travels!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nothing to do with the kids

Like the title says, this post has nothing to do with the kids. It is a prayer request and a praise for someone else. The prayer request is that my friend Jan passed away from stage 4 lung cancer early this morning and she leaves behind her husband and two teenage sons. While I know for sure that she is in Heaven and is pain-free and not suffering trying to breathe (and that is the praise- how awesome to be in Heaven in time for your first Thanksgiving!), please be praying for peace and comfort for her men. They called in hospice just last week, so she didn't linger long and that is good, but they still must be heartbroken as well as relieved. And worn out. Please pray that the boys and John cling closer to God instead of becoming bitter that their mother was taken from them. Pray that God uses this to grow them into compassionate men, capable of truly empathizing with others who are in similar situations. Another praise is that when Jan was diagnosed, the doctors estimated she'd have 6 months. She's had 4 extra YEARS. How blessed she was to have that extra time with her family and friends! I will miss Jan's humor and her wisdom. She was an excellent example to the rest of us moms in Bible study and while I am so incredibly happy that she's not suffering anymore, I'm so sad for all of us who are still here. We love you, Jan, for always! Happy first Heavenly Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

As the saying goes

You've heard the saying, "even a blind pig finds a truffle once in awhile." Well, there is a Thanksgiving hangman game online where the person being hung is a skeleton. (It started out as Halloween hangman...) He offers smart little tidbits such as "tell Vanna you want to buy a vowel" and sarcastic remarks like "you really haven't improved at this since Halloween, have you?" My kids think this game is hilarious. The skelly in question says that blind pig line occassionally when you get a letter right. Here comes the point of this story. Carrie thinks he says, "even a drunk pig gets in trouble once in awhile." !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my personal observation for 2007: Ohio State fans are all a bunch of nuts! HAHAHHAHA! Glad you beat Michigan, guys. Way to go.

Dao & Sharon, hope your party went well. Can't wait to hear about it and see you.

Happy birthday to Hinrew today! Not telling how old you are =P Hehhee. Love you!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't get on here in time to wish it later. Be blessed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Before I forgets...

... here are the latest Carrieisms and Liamisms:

Mama is munching her carrot & comments that she thinks she'd like to be a rabbit. Carrie says, "when you grow up?"

Carrie, peeling her banana, notices: this banana has spiderwebs on it. (She meant banana strings.)

Liam, on the phone to Nanama: happy peppy! (happy birthday)

I'm sure there are more, but I wanted to jot those down to you before I forgot them all. Have a great week!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yes, I know it looks a little different. I found a great background that I like for this site, but when I previewed it, all my links had poofed into thin air and all the Archives were screwy. So I think I'll hold off on the changes until I can print everything out and then fiddle with it first in pencil. Hehe. I'm such a chicken. Mainly I don't want to try to reprogram all the darn links! So, sorry that the site looks like it's under construction... bear with me. I hope to have it looking really cool here eventually! (Read: in the New Year, at the rate I'm going!)

Liam and Carrie had a good time in church today. They went with me to the 12:30 service and we got out at about 20 after 2 since I got to be in Babies today & had to wait until they were all claimed and then clean the room before I could leave. We then hit Wendy's and took lunch home to Dada, who's still working in the basement. Then they took late, long naps. The time change has really screwed them up timewise... but at least now she's awake in the morning and ready to go to preschool!

Poor Dada. Thanks to Jeff for coming this weekend and helping cut so many tiles! Pap is coming back up tomorrow to help some more. It really does look great! Just need to finish cutting the odd pieces, then mortar them in place, and then grout & seal everything. The end is in sight- barely.

The weather is very fall-ish... cold and wanting to rain. Carrie's big into pointing out yards with tons of leaves to rake as she helped me bag the leaves from our 4 tiny trees in our yard. Hey, it was enough raking that I was tired! Heh. Talk about a lesson in futility= raking leaves with a big dog and 2 small kids. Hehehehe. It was actually sunny and not windy yesterday though, so I'm glad I kept them outside as long as I did.

Have a wonderful week! Almost Thanksgiving- weeeeeeeeeeeee! My favorite! =D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stats for Liam

Liam had his 2 year appointment on Tuesday. Dr. Jon was really pleased with the long, lean boy. He weighs in at 25 lbs 3 oz and is 36 inches long... for those keeping track, that puts him in the 15th percentile for weight (where he's been most of the time), and in the 90th percentile for height (he shot up since May). He even got a lead check which turned out fine, and he got a flu shot. Wasn't too pleased about either procedure, but was easily distracted by the Bugs Bunny bandaids and the black pen that we drew all over the crinkly exam paper with. A good nurse is a lifesaver! ;) He was very perplexed that Dr. Jon only wanted to listen to his heart and lungs, and insisted that he also let his stomach and his hair both take their turns. I'm not kidding! Dr. Jon got some chuckles out of him. Liam seems to be getting a cold, but has thus far escaped Care Bear's bronchitis, which is sounding much better. She's only coughing after running around now. I really think the humidifiers we bought are helping...

Carrie asked Miss Linda today if she could "sneak a tissue" and that cracked Miss Linda up. She told Carrie she can certainly go ahead and take some, that she didn't need to sneak them. I'm glad she finds Carrie amusing! I can't imagine an entire room of age 4. Christie, you blow me away. I watched you in there and I still don't know how you did it! =)

Let's see... what else have we been up to? Frantically trying to finish the basement- poor Dada. We bought a new super duper vacuum, so at least the house will be clean for Thanksgiving and the Christmas party. Looking forward to both of those, even though I have not even started baking yet. Eeeeeep!

Weather is a whole lot different than it was about 2 weeks ago and it's cooolllllllllllddddd already. I don't like it. =P Haha. Thankfully, these two have tons of hats and gloves and mittens to choose from, so they are always stylin' when we leave the house.

He just climbed up into my lap and the brownies are almost done and of course the phone is ringing, so we gotta go! Love you all!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Time for Liamisms

Here we go, a foray into Liamese. Hehe. Here's a short quiz to see how well you can understand our Resident Two Year Old:

1. I wunning!
2. I seeping!
3. I da-ding!
4. Dee!
5. Mah-tees!
6. Piddies!
7. Yahneets
8. Dadieuuuuuu
9. Meeeeeees
10. Num num num num
11. Ah doo wah
12. I zahmeen
13. Ahraca

Now check the answers:
1. I'm running
2. I'm sleeping
3. I'm dancing
4. Carrie
5. Pumpkins
6. Piggies, as in toes
7. Raisins
8. Thank youuuu
9. Please
10. Yum yum yum yum
11. We have no idea! He says it all the time and I treat it as "another one" but I'm not sure!
12. A lemon
13. Maracas, a gift from Rita

How'd you do? I'm sure lots more will be coming. I'll just have to remember to scrawl them down so I have them to copy here.

Dee's fever has broken and although the cough still sounds terrible, she's much more her old self. She's singing constantly even though I've been really on her to stay quiet and rest her voice. I guess she's aptly named... she never stops singing. Drives me nuts right now but I'm sure I'll miss it in a few years when we're not on speaking terms. Heh...

Right now Triskal is standing over Pap while Liam climbs across Pap's stomach and legs. Dee has on her pink clogs, blue pajamas, black skeleton gloves, and a Blue's Clues vest. As Grandmama says, "I have no explanation." Dada is still in bed. Too bad kids don't get Time Change Sunday is a chance to sleep in. Bah.

Have a good week! Dada's in town, at least for now. Know that we're thinking about you!