Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is Grandmama's hat. Damon has always reminded us of a baby bird when he's eating because he can't possibly open his mouth any wider. But this hat completely cracked us up!

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I love this tree. This was taken from our bathroom window. It's mostly naked now, but I love how it starts to change colors from the top down. It looks like a torch for a little while. It's been super windy lately, and Damon likes to look out his window at the pretty tree blowing in the wind. I don't like fall because it means winter is coming, but this beauty makes it a little more bearable...

This is my dinner helper. These baby carrots were grown in our garden, and he took it upon himself to decorate with shredded carrot greens. He munched them, too. This kid will eat anything!

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More puppy love

I love Triskal's face in this one:

He's getting to be SUCH a big boy. I wish he'd cut it out. =(

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Giddyup, horsie!

I'd have said, "A Horse and His Boy", but C.S.Lewis already used that. ;) Dada took these photos of our almost 6-year-old Newfie tolerating the almost 1-and-a-half-year-old boychild. He's finally getting the hang of "GENtle touches!"

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Pilgrim pants

Okay, not really, but I've been thinking about our dearly departed friend, Skink, a lot lately and that was his email address. Anyway, Liam's kindergarten class had their Thanksgiving feast and they got to wear their pilgrim outfits, which is how I got the title. Isn't his artwork wonderful? I especially enjoy the smiling fishies!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

How We5 are spending our Thanksgiving:

Tomorrow we'll head to Sherri's for Thanksgiving dinner and all the fellowship and festivities that go along with it. Today we're just taking it easy and staying in jammies, hehe! Be blessed, everyone. We all have more blessings than we realize!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tino through the XRay

Care Bear joined the Girl Scouts this school year. They meet once a month after school and also do one fun monthly outing. For November, the girls met up at a local hospital for a tour of the X-ray section and were told to bring one stuffed animal or favorite lovey from home. Of course, steadfast Tino got to go with Carrie. Tino is a rainbowy Beanie Baby whom Carrie has had for years and years. She says she got to see his beans!

When they were finished, the girls were in the cafeteria having cookies and punch. And they were all in the tie dyed Tshirts they'd made at their first meeting. AND they were wearing the soft, blue surgical hats that look like poufy chef hats almost. Tooooo funny to see a whole troop of girls in matching garb, munching away. She had a wonderful time.

She's also very much looking forward to their camping trip in May. That oughta be hilarious!

Taking it easy today. We did church and it's break time now. Dada even got to mow, for what's hopefully the last time of 2011. Triskal is enjoying it completely; rolling around like fresh cut grass is the best thing ever for Newfoundland fuzz. Silly girl.

Happy weekend, and happiest of birthdays to Grandmama! oxoxoxoxoxoo!

Friday, November 11, 2011

more Legos

Yes, that would be Voldemort, Nagini, and Bellatrix.

And an alien, up close. Skellie behind, ninja behind him, and then way back in blue, an astronaut.

Quit bickering or Voldemort will get the both of you!

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Trick or Treat 2011

Damon doesn't look too sure about this whole deal.

"Oh, I get it. Liam's Bumblebee Transformer, and Carrie's Link from the Legend of Zelda!"

"Now who's got the goods?"

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Tigger 2011

Tigger in the skyyyyyy with diamonds....

"Whaddaya mean Tiggers don't eat O's? Whaddaya think all that "whoohoohooHOOing" is about!?"

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Somebody is SIX!

We made a big number 6 on Liam's cake, which he blew out as we began singing "Happy Birthday." Oh well. He wanted a Funfetti cake with Funfetti icing and chocolate and vanilla ice cream, so that's what he got. We did this party on Sunday, right before he officially turned 6. Halloween is crazy around here. Carrie had school because it was a Monday and then we had Trick or Treat that night. Grandma Barb and Pap took the kids Trick or Treating while Dada and I stayed in with Tigger (Damon) and handed out candy. It was a good birthday weekend, that's for sure!

Damon's thinking, "I just know I can get cake outta Mama Rita. She's a softie!"

"See!? I knew it! Go me!"

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He got a goofy, gross card from Dada. And a squishy ball from Grandmama...

...that the baby promptly took off with!

Nina and crew bought him a replacement Bumblebee Transformer that talks and his hand does some spinny thing. Liam was thrilled, and didn't mind at all that it didn't transform!

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Old shoes, new shoes, silly faces

Damon's adorable giraffe shoes are finally too small. So sad. =( Now he has a heavy pair of new blue shoes, and a soft pair of new blue shoes. And new blue snow boots. Hoping we don't need them for many more weeks! *shiver*

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