Thursday, September 28, 2006

Airports and Red Rocks

We're back from our trip to Colorado =) Carrie stayed home with Triskal and Grandma Barb while Liam, Dada, and I flew to CO for two weeks. It was our first long time away from Carrie and she did just great. Anyone want a three year old? *Ahem* Oh. That was out loud? Sorry. Heh!

Anyway, it's going to take longer than I thought to get all the pictures in order (darn that shutterbug!) so here's the first ones to get you started. We left Friday the 9th and had dinner w/ Josh & Malia in Pittsburgh at Max & Erma's. We hadn't seen them since... our wedding? I think that's what we decided it had been! Needless to say, it was great to catch up with them! We spent that night at Lisa & Bob's in Pittsburgh and then they sweetly took us to the airport on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to Red Rocks park, where the CCC built a huge amphitheatre. Words can't even begin to express how cool it was, but the pictures might help get the vastness across! We'd known the CCC folks had helped build parts of the Appalachian Trail, but even more kudos to them for achieving this park. Awesome. Rocks are awesome. ;) Here's the official link so you can check it out: The history of the place is really neat, and we were truly amazed at how many people had performed there over the years.

That's the start of the trip! More to come, I promise!

This is Liam, getting flown by Dada through one of the airports. Hehe! Appropriately enough, Liam's sweatshirt said, "Born to Fly" and WE didn't even notice until we landed in CO. Haha! Posted by Picasa

Liam enjoyed army crawling all over the airport. He got quite a lot of smiles from fellow travelers.  Posted by Picasa

This one is a map of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre area.  Posted by Picasa

This statue is called "CCC Worker". He's pretty buff! Hehe! =D Posted by Picasa

This sign was under the CCC dude statue. It says there were 3 million workers who served in the CCC from 1933 to 1942. The ones who built Red Rocks Amphitheatre did it from 1936 to 1941. Posted by Picasa

This sign talks about how the CCC made the amphitheatre. (That is a hard word to spell. I just got it right now, finally, because I copied it from the sign! *sigh*) Posted by Picasa

The left side of the ampitheater. It was neat that they had trees there too instead of just bare rocks and then benches. Posted by Picasa

The middle of the ampitheater. I was really surprised how many runners were there to do their workouts.  Posted by Picasa

You guessed it. The right side of the ampitheather. Posted by Picasa

A model of the ampitheater in the gift shop. Posted by Picasa

One side of the rocks behind us... Posted by Picasa

The other side of the cool red rocks behind us. Ha! Posted by Picasa

Pooooor Dada. Signs all over said to please stay off the rocks. So this is the only one he got to sit on. Hehe! ;) Posted by Picasa

On some steps headed for the stage. We liked the misty mountains in the background. Posted by Picasa

This is down by the stage. Posted by Picasa

Dada and Liam onstage. U2 performed here! So did bazillions of other people. Who knows who else stood RIGHT THERE!? Posted by Picasa

Sorry to those of you who are going to have sky and darkness on your computers for this picture. It's the view up at the benches from about mid-stage.  Posted by Picasa

I turn around and these two are on rocks! Heh. Just couldn't resist. This is the back of the stage, how cool is that? Posted by Picasa

For those of you juveniles who are wondering how many rows of benches there are, there are 69. I'm not kidding. Some runner dudes said it takes about 20 minutes to run them all. Yeah, whatever. ;) Posted by Picasa

To give you some scope of the rocks, I got the railing in there too. Wonder how many miles you can see... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Late, as usual

Sorry about the delay. Something w/ the pictures was screwy yesterday, but they're up now! It's been so nice to have Dada home for 3 weeks. He's even in some pictures! Amazing.

Grandma Barb comes today to visit for awhile. Gonna take her to the library and the farm market tomorrow. She and Carrie can keep each other busy. Hehe!

Carrie was going on & on today & I said, "whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" and she tells me, "I'm not a Willis!" Eh, too bad. I say that a lot! Things I also say a lot:
Doesn't hurt to want ~Dada
Turn it off ~Grandma Barb
Girls who have temper tantrums do not get their way ~all mine, baby, all mine!

Hope everyone is doing well. Weather here has been super hot during the day and mighty chilly at night. I think it's really high 50's at night, but for me, that's mighty chilly! =)

Three months until the Christmas party ~ Dec. 8-10. Get it on those calendars! A full house would be SUCH fun! Have a great Full Moon (tomorrow) and a fun rest of the week!

The boys, beaming at each other. =) Posted by Picasa

The flash made him blink. He was squeezing Dada's cheeks. Posted by Picasa

"Take me out to the balllllll game..." Posted by Picasa

Wearing Dada's big hat Posted by Picasa

Squeezing between a wall and a hard place to get to his plastic fork Posted by Picasa