Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time for Quotes!

Let's see if I can do this while the baby is sleeping... here's the 6th quote board from The Best Nest:

Mama to Liam: Lay down and get some sleep. I expect listening ears when you get up.
Liam: What?
Mama: !!!

After staying in bed with the alarm going off for 20 minutes, Carrie is finally moving.
Mama: What!?
Carrie: It looks like the United States. They way I laid down my underwear.

Carrie: Did you have Planet Turtle (online math game) when you were a little girl?
Mama: We didn't even have COMPUTERS when I was a little girl. I'm a fossil.
Carrie: How about YOU, Dada?
Dada: I was never a little girl.

Carrie, 6.5, reading in the bathtub: S-H-A-M-P-OOO-OOO. Hahahaha!

Liam: Why do we call them Go-Gurts? (kids' squeezable yogurts)
Mama: Because we eat them on the go.
Liam: We don't eat them on the stop. Right?

Mama: Oh, you're going to wear your church shoes?
Liam: These are not my church shoes. These are my beach shoes. They like to be in the sand. That's why they're called SANDALS!

Carrie: Where are we going?
Dada: To your DOOM. Hiiiiiieeeeya!
Carrie: Yaaaaaaaaaaaah! *takes off running* To my what???

Mama: That was inappropriate.
Liam, 4: That was outappropriate.

Carrie, 6.5: Broth is water that noodles come from. Right?

According to Liam, 4, mini chocolate chips are "chocolate chip seeds."

Carrie, 6.5: ...yak yak yak yak...etc, repeat
Mama: Do you EVER stop talking?
Carrie: Hmm, no.
Mama: I thought so.
Carrie: Do you think I'll talk when I'm dead?
Mama: You? Probably!
Carrie: (on a roll) Has anyone else talked when they're dead? yak yak yak, etc, singing, etc, repeat, etc

Mama: Thanks for the bread and the milk, PaPa. And the cake. And the ice cream. You're a nut.
PaPa, total deadpan: Oh, you're welcome. Had to get the basics.

Liam: I like chicken. But not with the feathers on it.
Mama: Me neither.
Liam: Or a beak.
Mama cracks up.
Liam: Or that red thing either. What's that called? Or the sharpy things on their feet!

Mama is looking for nail clippers. Liam suggests we use the "booboo getters" instead. (tweezers)

PaPa: Actually, sleeping is my favorite thing. Then eating is next.
Carrie, 7: What about playing with your favorite granddaughter?

Carrie, 7, is writing her name: I have almost every continent... I mean vowel... in my name except for an "o"... every single vowel in the envelope.

Carrie: Mama, something Liam did-
Mama: Carrie, are you tattling?
Carrie: I'm REPORTING!
(I wrote this down before I read the note from their guidance counselor explaining how they're talking about how sometimes you have to tell to keep someone safe and that it is called reporting. Tattling and telling are not the same thing as reporting, apparently. Makes sense, but like I said, I heard this BEFORE I read the note...)

Carrie, reading to Mama, gets to the part where the boy colors on the wall.
Mama: You did that.
Carrie: Nuh uh! I DREW on the wall. I SKETCHED on the wall. I didn't COLOR on the wall... yet.

Liam: Okay, Damon, this is how you talk! Can you say CANDYLAND??

Grandmama: What a pretty day! No thunder, no lightning, no wind, no storms!
Carrie: And no blizzards!
Liam: And no lizards. And no geckos!

Talking about hurricanes, Liam asks: What's a HE-i-cane?
Mama: No, it's a HUR- oh, hehe!
Liam: What's a man-i-cane?
Dada: Like a girl-quake...
(Girl Quake is the name of a song on a CD we have...)

Liam: Is this a pentagon or a heckigon?

Mama and Dada: Welcome to North Carolina!
Liam: North Carolina! A new state I've never been in!
Carrie: I think we should have took a plane.

Mama: OH! A chocolate chip in my cleavage!
PaPa to Damon,3 months: You're going to have cookies and milk!

Liam: Dada just headbutted Carrie. (To Dada) I told on you.

Liam, 4 and 7/8ths: How come my PB&J has a hole in it?
Mama: It happens sometimes.
Liam: Maybe a peanut butter and jelly-pecker ate a hole in it!

Mama to Dada: Will you be home for lunch?
Dada: Dunno. Not if I have a day like yesterday... maybe some Cap'n Crunch will help.
Mama: Lookin' for love in all the wrong places?
Dada: It's all about the captains. Crunch and Morgan!

Liam, 4 and 11/12ths, polishes off an Oreo with gusto: May I have another cookie? The bag says two. Please?

After a long, rough day, Liam: Why will nobody smell my armpits now?

Carrie, 7: My teeth are tired. I can't eat this corn.

Mama, trying to clean up from dinner while holding Damon: Oh BUGGER. I lost a noodle.
Liam, 4.5, from the table: I know how you feel.

Carrie, 6 and 11/12ths, is reading little Tommy Tucker and other nursery rhymes: Can't they just give the poor kid some food? Those are sad stories.

Carrie, 6 and 11/12ths: Hey Mama, how come cars and motorcycles and bikes all go faster than Rollerblades? THEY have the most wheels.

Liam, almost 4.5, is playing with a Barrel of Monkeys.
Mama: Did you clean up the monkeys? Cuz I don't need monkeys on my nightstand.
Liam: Yep. Where's Dada's day-stand?

Carrie, 6 and 24/25ths, reading Flap Your Wings: I think Mr. Bird needs glasses.

Mama: Liam, do you want a circle toast?
Liam, 4.5: An Anguish Muffin!?

Mama, trying to get out of bed at 36 weeks pregnant: I feel like a walrus. Where's my winch?
Dada, from the pillows: I'm carrying three people, he has only himself. (From The Princess Bride when Andre the Giant's character, Fezzik, is climbing the Cliffs of Insanity while carrying Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, and Vezzini. The Man in Black keeps gaining...)

Mama: Dead men tell no tales. That means they're really good at keeping secrets.
Carrie: What about women? Do dead women tell no tales? ... Definitely not me. I'll tell tales.

Carrie and Liam are giggling madly.
Carrie: We just found out "dummy" and "bummy" rhyme!

Mama, observing the job list: How come my name always says, "make dinner"?
Carrie looks at her like she's grown another head.
Carrie: It doesn't. Sometimes it says "make breakfast."

Talking about men with long hair and ponytails, Carrie: are they John boys?
Mama thinks a minute: You mean TOM boys?
Carrie: Oh. Yeah. I couldn't remember. TOM boys. John boys. Hehe!

Carie to Dada when he's antagonizing her: I'll bite your finger with my loose tooth bite!

And the last one is a "Baby Blues" comic with the mom and dad talking:
Mom: I know what I want for dinner. What do you feel like having?
Dad: Mmmmm... let's see...
Mom: It can be anything you want.
Dad: Well then...
Mom: Anything that contains corn flakes and broccoli...
Dad: Uh...
Mom: Exclusively.
Dad: KIDS! We're going out to eat!
Mom: What do you know! We want the same thing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Has Alexander left yet?

The quote board is almost full, but not quite enough yet for today's post to be that. But soon, I promise! Today I'm just checking in to see if Alexander is still around, or if he's already on that plane to Australia.

This morning Thing One had a grand mal tantrum over wearing a coat (it was 37 degrees) versus her jacket. She even had to be threatened with the wooden spoon. It wasn't used, but that was probably because we HAD to leave for the bus, or it would have been a pretty darn sure thing.

Thing Two was dropped off at preschool without incident, and cheerfully announced the split second he got into the door, "tomorrow's the pumpkin patch day!" His teacher was impressed and I got away without incident.

At moms' group, all was quiet for the entire first hour. Then the baby decided to nurse and poop at the same time, which would normally be fine. However, today he wasn't wearing a onesie, and first I felt warmth, then wetness, as the poop escapes up the back of his diaper and all over my blue jeaned lap. Once I change him, mop myself off the best I can with sensitive skin wipes, and clean up the mess, I pick him up to burp him and he blorps right into my scarf. Lovely.

Excuse me while I go polish off the pan of brownies we enjoyed at moms' group...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Gory Post *Hin and Daddee, read at your own risk!*

Today has been a messy day all around, so I figured it'd be the perfect time to do The Gory Post. Especially since we're still having junior high girl issues with technology.

This morning the baby pooped through his outfit before we'd even finished breakfast. Carrie let (though that's not really the right word for it- I don't think there IS a right word for it in the English language) Dada pull both her stubborn, loose teeth tonight. And the baby has been extra blorpy today. No idea what I've eaten that would be responsible for all the fun and games.

So anyway, since we're in the midst of mess, here goes.

June 4 I walked clear back to the very back of our neighborhood. There's a hotel back there, the kind with no windows and each suite has its own garage. We've never stayed there, but I hear it's nice. Not sure off the top of my head how long of a distance the walk is, but it's a nice walk and I was going at a pretty good clip, steaming right along with the belly out in front. Dada lapped me a few times on his bike. About an hour after getting back home, I said, "welp, time to go!" so we threw stuff in a bag for him (he'd made me do mine forever ago) and we headed to the hospital. Grandmama was here with the big kids, as you'll recall, so all our bases were covered.

We got there and they did the prelim check and said I was at 7 centimeters or so, I think... I'd been 4 that morning at my appointment when she checked me "more vigorously" than usual. My paperwork had already been mailed in, so that was taken care of, and they scooted me to where I belonged. I got my nurse, Cory, who was awesome, and she hooked me up to the baby monitors:

My doctor wasn't there until the next day, so I had a sub and her assistant. ;) While her assistant was talking to me, one of the other nurses was trying to get my IV in so I could have my 4 hours of antibiotics since I tested positive for the group B strep, again. I knew I'd never HAVE 4 hours since I was already at 7, but this doctor was convinced I had to do my best. However, the nurse was having a hard time with my veins. She was getting frustrated and felt really bad for me, so another one took over. The assistant was supposed to be asking me questions, but even she would stop talking to watch and that's when I'd get dizzy. It took two nurses FIVE TRIES to get the IV in. They felt TERRIBLE and kept saying that my veins were great, but I kept blowing the whatevers. They showed us one, and the end of it was all bent up. No idea what all that was about. Poor Dada wasn't even feeling so well while watching them play pincushion with me! I had fabulous bruises the next week. There were three tries in one arm and two in the other. I asked if they could do the back of my left hand and the nurse laughed and said, "you have so many holes in you I'm afraid you'd leak!" So that made me laugh, thinking of cartoons how people spring leaks. Finally it was in.

Oh yeah, see that basin? I forgot some parts. I was sooooooooo hot, and I'm never hot. They turned a fan on and had it blasting right on me, and I was still hot. So Cory soaked a washcloth and I put it on my forehead, but it still wasn't cooling me down enough. Eventually, I was miserable enough that I threw up (thankfully into the basin) but didn't have the presence of mind to grab the washcloth first and yep, it ended up in there too. She looked at it and said, "you know, I'm just going to throw this whole thing out. Why don't we try a wet washcloth on the back of your neck?" Smart girl. =) I told you she was awesome! Apparently beef noodle soup with a tomato base wasn't the brightest thing to eat that night. But I wasn't having contractions then, in my defense! =/ Oh well...

The contractions were really, really painful this time and I wanted to push before I was ready. I kept telling people that there wouldn't be time for 4 hours of antibiotics. They kept telling me to try. So I had them check me again and I was at 9. I distinctly remember saying, "it has to be a girl- Liam didn't hurt this much!"

They told me the baby had pooped and that there was meconium in my fluid, so they got a team together in case he/she was in distress. My water actually did break on its own this time, a first for me, and when I finally got to push it only took two pushes, I think. They made me stop after the first one so they could suction the heck out of the poor kid, and then I got to finish. Surprise! A baby boy! Dada admitted to me later that he DID know the whole time. Turns out he HAD peeked into our envelope and kept the secret the entire time. I was so proud of him. =)

The team of baby nurses said he looked fine, that everything was okay, and that he was wonderful. He was a really ruddy little guy and everyone commented on his lots of dark hair. He has continued to be a wonderful baby!

Damon is 4 months old now, can roll from his back to his tummy (just started that this week), has dark eyes that can't quite decide if they'll stay hazel or go brown the whole way, and has light blond fuzz coming in where he lost his dark hair. He still has dark hair at the base of his neck and some long strands on the top of his head that curl into one wild mohawk. He's chubby and sweet and shrieks when he's excited, so we're calling him our Shriekasaurus. Carrie did something similar, so she was called the Carridactyl.

Right now he's downstairs watching OSU get pummeled by Wisconsin, so I better go rescue him from Dada. Happy weekend to all, and thanks for being patient about the lack of pictures. These ones are old, that's why they worked! =/

Friday, October 08, 2010

4 month stats

Since someone is sleeping with his thumb and his blankie, I'll jot down his 4 month appointment stats:

Head circumference 16 1/4 inches, 48th percentile
Weight 16 pounds 6 ounces, 75th percentile
Height 26 1/4 inches, 90th percentile.

Still a really big boy! He hardly cried for his 4 immunizations, which made poor nurse Kim feel a little better about having to stick him. Dr. Jon was really pleased with him and said he could start rice cereal (barf!) and veggies. Supposedly nobody should start any of the other cereals until 6 months because of the gluten. I'm tempted to just wait the 2 months and begin on oatmeal... not like he's not gaining enough as it is or anything!

The weather has been doing its ridiculous 44 degree mornings and 78 degree afternoons all week, and it's supposed to be gorgeous (read: hot) this weekend, so we'll be going to home group and Erie Orchard and Nina's birthday party and church. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just another manic Monday...

Since the camera chip reader and the laptop are still acting like a bunch of junior high girls (read: are not talking to each other), I thought all y'all might appreciate what a typical Monday morning looks like here. And my apologies if you now have Cyndi Lauper in your head. 0=D

From 6:30 AM- 10:00 AM

Get dressed
Feed baby
Change and dress baby
Feed kids
Eat breakfast
Make coffee
Let dog out
Have kids gather laundry
Send Care Bear to clean up her room
Start laundry
Vote online for Pepsi contest*
Confiscate toys from home which are trying to migrate to school
Reheat coffee
Check kids' "brushed" teeth
Walk to bus stop
Chat with other moms
Return home from bus stop
Send Liam to clean up beads from pulverized bracelet in upstairs hall
Let dog in
Feed dog
Gather mail to be mailed
Rekennel dog
Drive to post office to drop off mail
Drive Liam to preschool
Drive home
Let dog back out, or in, depending
Feed baby
Change diaper and clothes
Head back out to do errands

From 11:20 AM- 1:30 PM

Drive to preschool
Pick up Liam
Drive home
Supervise washing of hands
Make lunch
Clean up from lunch
Brush teeth
Get Liam situated for break
Feed baby

Just another manic Monday! Wish it were a Sunday...

* To participate in helping Care Bear's school win $50K for technology at school, go to and create an account by clicking "join refresh everything" in the lower left hand corner. Choose a password and then vote daily. Click "vote for this idea" which is "student led computer classes for senior citizens in our community." I suppose there are more details on the site. So far we've voted once for the month of October... =/

Saturday, October 02, 2010


If this post is a bit disjointed, I apologize. There's a football game streaming on my computer and my brain is trying to compete with the announcers and the marching band and the refs and... you get the idea.

Our Doodlebug has become a Droolybug. I don't feel any teeth in there yet, and he's almost 4 months old, but he is going through an amazing amount of bibs. He's found his thumb, and while he still likes his binkie, his thumb is sneaking in more often than not. We all think it's pretty precious. Especially when he's sleeping.

For no good reason, my camera chip reader has become "unrecognizable" by my laptop, which means that I don't know how to upload photos right now without it. I'm not sure how long it will take or what it will take to get that remedied, but that's why pictures (and posts) have been lacking. Sorry. We're working on it. =/

Care Bear still has one stubborn front tooth poking straight out, with another big kid tooth right behind it. She still looks rather shark-like as she has two rows of teeth in places, but it's a pretty cute little smile!

She's really enjoying second grade with their centers, specials, writers' workshops, and computer games. Her class will be painting the oceans and continents on pumpkins this Wednesday, so that ought to be pretty fun!

Liam is having a great time at preschool and has made two especially good friends. When you hear him chattering about Sammy and Cordelia, you'll know they are his boy friend and his girl friend from class. His new teacher seems to be holding the crew together well and he still hops out of bed gleefully when I tell him it's a school day.

We're spending National Frugal Fun Day today by taking naps. We had chocolate chip homemade waffles for breakfast, Dada sealed his homemade tomato sauce cans in their hot water bath, and now we're pondering what to make for dinner... hope everyone is having a good time celebrating Frugal Fun Day!

Gotta go. Tiny Tyrant is M.A.D. and binkie just isn't cutting it. I really hope it's not teeth! =/