Sunday, February 27, 2005

Last weekend of February

We fed some birds this weekend. We tossed the breadcrusts leftover from the senior citizens' luncheon into the front yard and have been watching the birds & squirrels come to eat. Mostly just starlings, but they've been fun to watch!

She had a good time in the nursery this morning w/ her friend Joe. He is the next-to-youngest in a family of 10 (8 kids!) that attends our church. They were full of giggles and enjoyed the kitchen toys this morning. Might have to look into buying some of those plastic food toys... the lettuce looks almost real!

We went out to eat at a new-to-us Chinese restaurant after church w/ our buddies. She only slept in the car on the way home so someone is going to bed at 7 tonight ;) Right after bath! Hope everyone had a good weekend. No snow here =D

Watchin' the birds out front Posted by Hello

Hamming for the camera (like the plastic pizza cutter?) Posted by Hello

She's offering a "nana" while Joe nukes something... Posted by Hello

Talkin' to her friend Joe Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Misc stuff

Thursday morning we helped serve some church senior citizens a lunch. I had a really good time preparing food & socializing, and of course they were quite taken w/ Care Bear. Our friends Karen and Jolene did most of the work (Karen prepared just about everything and Jolene watched Carrie!) so I got to play back up. Hehe! It was nice to be out of the house and doing something fun for someone else! The water jug pictures were taken in the church's kitchen. You should have seen her try to carry it. Hehehe!

As usual, we've been watching lots of Noggin. "Blue's Clues" is on right now, and the picture below is her dancing to Laurie Berkner's "Hat Song", again. She runs to our hutch and switches hats just like in the song.

We ran errands this morning- it's Scott's weekend to work but he was done at 8:30- so after breakfast We3 went to the post office, library, and Kroger. She only went into Kroger while I did the rest of the running (MUCH nicer than trying to get her in & out, and in & out, and in & out). I'm looking forward to the days of just a hoodie, or just a T shirt! Coats & hats are startin to get really old, but we've had no snow to speak of, so I should just hush & quit complaining.

Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow will be church and then possibly "out to eat" for lunch. Going to try to enjoy that sunshine... even if it's from inside! ;)

She was really good in the kitchen Posted by Hello

She loved drumming on this! Posted by Hello

The Hat Song revisited Posted by Hello

Sittin' around before running errands Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New friend and fun w/ food

Last night Scott invited "the new guy" from the plant over for dinner. Chris joined us for broccoli chicken, rice, and carrot cake. After some initial shyness, Carrie had him charmed. He's an uncle to 3 nieces and a nephew, so he was no stranger to kids and she put him to good use as a jungle gym. He was so patient as she bounced all over him- I think she likes him!

She pulled an Andrew today at snack time. I'd given her a small ziplock bag of Cocoa Puffs, multigrain Cheerios, and Teddy Grahams around 11 AM. She comes bouncing into the kitchen, no baggie. I see it on the floor, empty, in the living room and I just KNOW she didn't eat at of it. Check out the picture to see where it went. Busted!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight she sampled some carrot & chicken ravioli from Gerber (I think) and she speared about half of them before deciding they weren't as good as she'd originially thought. You'd never know it from the pictures though- she looks as if they taste heavenly!

Scott's in Wisconsin, again, safe & sound. He'll be back Friday and she's been asking for Dada. But she pointed right to Friday on the calendar when we were talking about when he'll be back! Hehe! Have a good week. It's over the hump day!

New friend! Posted by Hello

So nosy! Checking out the map w/ the boys Posted by Hello

Can't look much more guilty than that! Posted by Hello

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lazy Weekend

We had a great, lazy weekend! We did nothing at all yesterday. The big kid & little kid who live here watched cartoons in the morning & we all read a lot. Today we went to church a lot earlier than usual for the new members' class, so Carrie got to play in the nursery for an extended while today! Then we had church, lunch at Cracker Barrel w/ Kyle, Derek, Shawn, Tom, Mike & Leeann. Next was off to Kroger for milk & gas (she crashed hard in the car... didn't wake up until she was inside!). She was really angry when we put her down again and didn't sleep long, so she's pretty on the edge tonight... very fragile feelings! Probably won't be up until 8 tonight. Right now she's climbing all over Scott, who is valiantly trying to read The Cat in the Hat as he resigns himself to jungle-gym! Here's some pictures... notice a central theme? She DID get into a kissing fit and covered his whole face and head w/ kisses- very cute! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday morning cartoons Posted by Hello

Lazy Saturday in February Posted by Hello

Kissing zone! Posted by Hello

Books w/ Dada today Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

Almost forgot...

Okay, so pink doesn't show up on here at all. This is more purple than I wanted, but oh well.

Anyhoo, I almost forgot that some of you need your every-few-days-new-post-about-Carrie fix tonight... I was all set to snuggle down w/ Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason & realized, "I didn't blog those pictures I took of Carrie today!" So here they are. The sweatsuit is from aunt Marilynn & uncle Jim, and it does indeed say Princess on the shirt. It's either 24 mos or 2T, I forget which ;) I didn't think she'd fill it out as well as she does!

I rearranged her bedroom furniture today. I put her to bed while our small group was here and she was MAD. For the first time, she was hollering, "MAMA!!!!! MAAMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" from bed. Usually it's been just a wail. Not tonight. It was a definite screaming of my name from the top of her lungs. I think I'm on her list. And I'm still not sure if she was that tired, discomfited about her room being different, or mad that her buddies were here & she had to go to bed. I think all three. I just checked on her & she was sound asleep w/ her back against the bumper and her arm sticking out through two of the slats. She's now all tucked into the crib w/ that afghan one of Grandmama's students made thrown over her. We'll see what she says when she wakes up. I'm off to bed! Have a good night, all.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Doesn't she look so big in this!? Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kitchen help

I had a small helper in the kitchen today. Those towels that you tie over fridge or drawer handles make really good aprons for little people! Anyway, against my better judgement, we pulled out pots & pans to drum on. She also loves oven mitts. Great rainy day fun (our sun disappeared around 12:30 and it's been icky ever since!)

What's cookin'? Posted by Hello

Bongos- Mama's favorite! Posted by Hello

Got the real drumsticks now! Posted by Hello

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Weee drums! Posted by Hello

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day (late) to all =) Carrie made some valentines yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the double-sided markers. And stickers. God help whoever introduces glitter into her life....

I've seen and done spoon hanging off my own nose, but to the best of my recollection I can't figure out where she learned to stick Cocoa Puffs in her eyes. We DO have the Cheerio book where you fill in the missing spots w/ Cheerios and there's a page where you have to give the mice Cheerio glasses, but other than that... well, I have no explanation. Enjoy our weird kid!

Markers w/ TWO sides? WOW! Posted by Hello