Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Saturday and Sunday fun

We had a wonderful, busy Memorial Day weekend. I took so many pictures that it'll take more than one blog post to fit them all again. Here are the zoo pictures and the first two grilling experiences on the new grill. We did the zoo on Saturday w/ Kelly & Becky (who snuck out of every picture all weekend!), picked Mike & Leeann up from the airport, took them home, and then grilled for the first time. I think we ate at about 11 PM on Saturday night. Hehe! Sunday Kelly & Becky left just before we went to church. Then we grilled again w/ our bunch of church friends. It was kinda sprinkly, but not too bad. That night we cleaned a lot. Once Care Bear was in bed, Scott went to play poker w/ some buddies and I watched TV while I did a full pedicure for myself and watched way too much TV ;) I'll tell about Memorial Day in another post later on. Right now we have to go Krogering! Have a spiffy day!

Shawn at the kid table Posted by Hello

Grillin' on the new grill Posted by Hello

First kebabs of the season Posted by Hello

A rose between two thorns. I mean... uh...hehe! ;) Posted by Hello

I think we've seen EVERYTHING, Uncle Kelly! Posted by Hello

Can you see the monkey? Posted by Hello

Watchin' the rhino Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Family visit

Uncle Kelly, aunt Becky, and Hershey have come to play w/ us for Memorial Day weekend! We're a bit slow getting going this morning, but are playing ball while we all get showers & get ready for the zoo. So here are the pictures of that...... and she is having a wonderful time w/ Hershey! She's pet her a few times which I am really excited about. Course, Hershey is a pretty mellow, sweet doggie =) Nice that she came to visit too! Have a wonderful weekend.

Have a great bridal shower, Mango! Can't wait to hear in your blog about all the loot you guys get! Wish we could be in more than one place at one time! =D Love you!

Thanks to all who worked & sacrificed for our freedom. We owe you all more than could ever be said. We appreciate you! =)

Playin' ball w/ Uncle Kelly, Dada, and Hershey Memorial Day weekend Posted by Hello

Dada bouncing ME Posted by Hello

Not quite, Dada. Try again! Posted by Hello

He shoots again Posted by Hello

Cleaning out the cradle Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

All decked out in denim Posted by Hello

Sideways glance at Grandmama... "is that REALLY what the story said?!" Posted by Hello

This is that bee outfit she wore in her one year old portraits... much tighter fit these days! Posted by Hello

Ready for church, sending Grandmama off to the airport Posted by Hello

Story time w/ Grandmama Posted by Hello

Woah Dada! I'm losing my pants! Posted by Hello

Yogurt covered Carrie Posted by Hello

Lots of piggies! Posted by Hello

She reminds me of the ladies from the Ya-Ya sisterhood in this one Posted by Hello

New furniture from Grandmama Posted by Hello

Dandelions as big as her head! Posted by Hello

This is how Carrie plants seeds. Haha! Posted by Hello

This pose cracked me up. Just lounging like she owns the place. Oh wait, she does! Posted by Hello