Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spot of bother...

The dratted camera has gone into hiding again. I hunted for it yesterday as Liam climbed onto a kitchen chair to drape himself halfway across the table and stab at Carrie's meatballs with her own fork. =/ It'll turn up, I'm sure, but I'm bummed about no pictures in the meantime...

We spent the weekend galavanting around, as usual. We headed to Columbus, had lunch with Dave & Meredith (have a great vacation, guys!), Manoj, and Dave Yano. ;) It's so fun to see so many people in one spot! We even got to watch one of Dao's soccer games- he coaches a girls' team and they won. Very hot, sunny, and exciting. Really! We were surprised too ;)

Then we spent Saturday night w/ Dao, Sharon, Noah & Charlie. Thanks for having us, guys. It was a ball, as always! =D Dada and I slept out in his new tent that I got him for his birthday. It thunderstormed. We didn't get wet at all! YAY for the Hubba Hubba tent. Now I know I'm going to be getting flak about that- that is the real name of the tent. The 2 person one is the Hubba Hubba, the 3 person is the Mutha Hubba. I'm not kidding. So that was a perfect way to break it in... we'll be taking it to camp for that work week later this month. Weeee!

Care Bear is at preschool right now and little Lamb is down for his nap. We spent the morning at the library and they were very, very busy. He played with the beads on the colored tracks and she cooked in the plastic kitchen. She played with a doll house and he tackled some puzzles. She came to the Legos and he did some stacking rings that rattle. He read some books with me and she did some puzzles. Then we came home, had lunch w/ Dada, and off we went to the Y to drop her off. We'll be back again tonight for them to go to KidZone while I do my class and Dada does softball for his work team. Loooooooooove warm weather!

Not sure what we'll be up to this weekend. I'll be snuggling babies in the church nursery but other than that and home group we should be around. Have a super day, all!