Friday, January 28, 2011

Close, but no cigar...

Mama: So Carrie, who invented the light bulb?

Carrie, face squinched up in concentration: Zaccheus?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No cavities

We did our first 2011 trip to the dentist yesterday while PaPa was here to help corral kids and babies, etc. Damon was an angel, alternately singing and sleeping in his car seat while Thing One, Thing Two and I got our teeth cleaned and checked.

Liam went first and apparently told Cindy, our dental hygenist: Now watch it. Don't get all scrape-y by my gummies. She hid her mirth very well, (she has 4 kids of her own, 3 being triplets) and made sure she told me about it. He claims it was: Now be careful. Don't get all scrape-y by my gummies, but she insisted it was "you watch it" twice. Hehe!

Nobody had any cavities, again. Yippie! The dentist recommended we have some of Carrie's bottom baby teeth pulled to make room for the big ones coming in. He hopes that as her jaw grows that it would give her new teeth extra room. We're thinking braces are going to be inevitable anyway, soooooo... we'll see. She just about left town when he suggested pulling teeth. She has her permanent bottom front four and the two top front ones, with a loose and wiggly one beside them. Cindy also said her sealant on her back molars looks wonderful.

We go back in August and will all need X-rays at that point. Oh goody. I can't wait.

Christmas morning 2010

I think Liam's face says it all:

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Hmm. Whaddaya do with a holiday Scooby Doo?

You eat him, of course! It's what he'd do!

I think Dada is trying to get Mama to go running with him. Pretty sneaky, Dada!

And Care Bear clearly shows what she thinks of THIS gift...

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Something for everyone

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All Christmas-ed out...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cute pictures

Doesn't he look SO BIG in this one? =( And cute!

Everyone's favorite--- baby feet!

I love his huge eyes in this one. Like I've never kissed him before. He cracks me up every day.

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When Liam sleeps, that kid SLEEPS:

What happens when you leave drinks outside in a cooler in NW Ohio in December and January? Hmmmm:

Where's the coin? Which shell, er, toy is it under? What? I'm too little for coins? Drat... I didn't think this was a very fun game...

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More cute baby pictures

Teething on Dada:

No, PaPa, YOU are number one!

This, right here, is a cute nose.

And this is my serious face.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

How do we get there from here?

Liam: Where do you work?

Dada: Plaza two.

Liam: Where is the room where you sleep?

Dada: Upstairs with Mama.

Liam: Noooo. At work.

Dada: I don't sleep at work.

Liam: Yes, you do! I saw it! You don't know...

Mama: "You know nothing, Jon Snow..."

Liam: You don't know anything about ice cream!

Dada: Now THEM'S fightin' words!