Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh the lengths ... er, heights we will go to... ensure a good time at the Christmas Extravaganza 2008:

Come one, come all! Just be sure to let us know you're coming ;) I'd like to be able to be done baking cookies sometime! =D See you December 5-7! You all know how to get in touch w/ us. Same location as last year. We have a big, fuzzy dog; if you have allergies, bring your meds. Yippieeeeeeeee!
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Big boy

Liam had his 3 year old appointment today w/ Dr. Jon. I forgot the camera, naturally, but he cracked Dr. Jon up because he was wearing his "Give Peas a Chance" shirt from Grandmama. He said that was the best shirt he'd seen in a long, long time and wished he had one like it! It really is cute. Mama Rita's already claimed it for Bing...

Anyway, he weighed in at 30.5 pounds which is 40th percentile (for those of you who're keeping track of these things) and he's 37.5 inches tall (45th percentile) and his BP was 80/60 because he was trying to squirm away from the nurse. Hehe. Didn't like getting his BP taken, just like his uncle Hinrew. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HINREW TODAY! =D Grandmama had hers last week (and she thought she would get away w/ no mention of it, heh heh, silly girl).

Other than the horrible hacking cough that Liam has and shared with Dee and myself, Dr. Jon declared him to be in good shape. He told Liam to work on eating his meats (poor kid has a horrible meat gag relfex; good thing he likes peanut butter) and his veggies. And he told him he's see him next year and that he oughta be peeing on the potty all the time by then. And to have fun in soccer. Good visit! =)

Gotta run- have a great week!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last picnic of the year

The kids love to have picnics on the slide. I think it's safe to say this will have been the last one of the year...

... and a leaf floated over to be beside Carrie. Definitely fall! She was really tickled that it blew that close to her.

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Liam and lilies

My boys <3

These crazy lilies decided to bloom the first week of November! Methinks they're a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit late...

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Tantrums and tights

This is Care Bear, throwing a fit that I made her wear a dress with tights to school. The horror! This was Monday...

This is her after the tantrum. Isn't she so cute in tights? The boots are from her friend Jillian; she'd outgrown them already.

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She lifted her head from off her paws just as I clicked it. She looked all the world like she wanted to be a fairy with her magic wand!

Started snowing today. Right now all the roofs are covered and the grass is mostly white too. Weeeee! It's so quiet and pretty...

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flat Stanley and a first

This is Flat Stanley. He came from Philly to stay with us. We're supposed to show him unique and special things about our town and take him on vacation with us. Then we report to our second grade buddy and she will track his movements with the rest of her class. Some of you are thinking, "then why did they take him to the DENTIST? That's not unique or special." However, it was Liam's first visit to the dentist's chair, so we wanted Flat Stanley to join us:

This is Cindy. She took good care of all of us and all our teeth. Liam wouldn't let her clean them after she checked his, but other than that, I'd say he had a good first dental experience. She said we3 looked great!

Could it perhaps just possibly be that Liam objected to Cindy's dental assistant? Yiiiiiiikes. In all fairness though, Care Bear did a great job helping me use "Mr. Thirsty", the vacuum-sucker thingie that you can use instead of spitting. She is a Mr. Thirsty expert!

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Who needs toys...

...when you could sneak a stash of medical supplies to have fun with? These were actually given to them, no worries.

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Little Drummer Kids

Yes, I know I have some pictures of Liam drumming already on here. This time the kids found a stash of Wendy's straws, denuded them, and went to town before the bus this morning. Here they are, drumming for all they're worth. Straws are MUCH quieter than markers and pencils! =D Sign them up for STOMP...

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