Monday, July 31, 2006

Liam weighs in...

Hi all. Just a quickie post to give you Liam's 9 month status:

Weight: 19.6 pounds (Carrie was 15 lbs, 4 oz at her 8.5 month checkup)
Length: 28.5 inches (Carrie was 28 inches at her 8.5 month checkup)
Head circumference (for all you nurses out there): 17.5 inches

Dr. Jon was really pleased with him, although Liam was not at all pleased with Dr. Jon. Hehe! No shots today, which was really nice! I'll do more photos soon, I promise!

Carrie had her next-to-the-last ballet class today and Dada got to take her. I forgot her ballet shoes (and I forgot to ask her what she learned today. Boy, I really AM slacking...) as I was getting Liam ready for his doctor's appointment. Both things were at 11 AM and as I haven't gotten myself cloned yet, well, you know ;)

Have a great week, all!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Carrie hiding behind the new Crayola crayon pillows Posted by Picasa

Carrie pretend snoozing on the crayons Posted by Picasa

Liam likes the crayons too! Posted by Picasa

Cherubs with aunt Chris from Arizona =D Posted by Picasa

Liam outside again, plus grass. Hehe! Posted by Picasa

Liam was NOT pleased with the beach ball sprinkler... Posted by Picasa

She finally got bold enough to get close, if we challenged her, "can you touch the orange side? Can you touch the green side?" Posted by Picasa

The boys watching the sprinkler action Posted by Picasa


Still working all the computer bugs out and re-doing all the downloads, organizing, etc. So here's a few pictures to tide you over until I can do the motherlode. Motherload? Hmm.... back to work!

Liam outside and loving it Posted by Picasa

Cookie catastrophe! Just like Hinrew w/ his Kix picture ;) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Patience is a virtue....

... that I don't have. Ha ha! Anyway, Pa Pa is coming to visit today, yippieeeeeeeee! While he's here I am going to upload/reinstall all the blogging/picture organizing nonsense that our naked computer needs. So hang in there, patient readers. Soon there will be pictures and stories! I hope, anyway. To tide you over, here's the rundown of Carrie's first encounter with a chocolate covered pretzel:

Mama: What is this?
Carrie: It's a pwetzaw.
Mama: What's on it?
Carrie: Nuffing.
Mama: Nooo, chocolate!!!
Carrie: Siwwy pwetzaw! How siwwy! (Silly pretzel, how silly!)
*she loved it*

Have a great week! We'll be keeping Pa Pa busy. And a big thanks to Grandma Barb who was here last week. I got to es-cap-ay several times and ran a bazillion errands all by myself. How nice! Thanks for the kids' new clothes too =) Kudos to grandparents!

And feel free to send get-well wishes to both Aunt Jana (got her tonsils out) and Aunt Becky (icky first trimester) to make them smile. We love you all! xoxoxooxox

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tidbits and tidings

Happy first anniversary to our Allios! =) And happy first anniversary on Sunday to Hinrew & Muggin already, too! Yippie! =D Hope it's been a super year for the four of you and that you have many, many more awesome ones together. We love you all!

We had a great visit w/ our Wegners. Thanks for coming! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of us together! =( We had a great time playing and singing and laughing and Mr. Freeze-ing ;) Come again soon. We miss you terribly already. =(

Before I forget, again, Care Bear's final ballet class is Aug. 7 and Miss Melissa has invited all the families to come videotape, take pictures, etc. So Grandma Barb, especially, please come get some footage of ballerina Carrie! They really are priceless in their tutus. Hehe!

And then there is little Mr. Liam, who is eating everything in sight. Now that's he has figured out how to open his mouth for a spoon, there is no stopping him. He devoured an entire jar of applesauce today at lunch and it even had oatmeal mixed in with it. So far he does pears, peas, and applesauce. I'm going to re-try sweet potatoes tonight. Such a good baby!

Pa Pa and his sister, Christine, are coming to visit this week. We're so excited! I'm sure there will be some eating out again. At least dessert! ;) Carrie keeps asking when Pa Pa will be here. A few days must seem like an eternity to her...

This weekend we'll meet up w/ our home group for a day of fun in the sun in Michigan. I think there's going to be swimming and a cookout. I can't wait to take pictures of Liam in his swim trunks ;) Hubba hubba! Have a good week, all!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Care Bear Communicates

Funny story before I forget. I wasn't here for this. Since the Scissors Episodes, we've had a childproof doorknob on the inside of her bedroom door. Dada related the story to me:

He's putting her to bed last night and she repeatedly tells him the same thing. She doesn't want somethingsomethingsomething. He's just not getting it. "You don't want what?" She doesn't want somethingsomethingsomething anymore. Finally she gets out of bed and takes off one of the knobs on her bedpost. (The screws holding them in have long been stripped, so this is no big deal.) "White!" she says as she waves it in front of him. Dada says, "aha! White what?" She runs to the door and taps the doorknob. "Doorknob!" The light goes on. "Ohhhh, the white doorknob." Yes. She doesn't want the white doorknob on anymore. Hehehehehe. She tried to get me to take it off the night before, to which I replied (rather gleefully, I must admit) "No, you get the white doorknob now... because you're three!"

He said she would wave the bedpost *wavewavewave* and then tap the doorknob *taptaptap* "White doorknob. White doorknob."

Anything to get her point across. This kid has a future in translation, methinks. Tatonka! ;) (Anyone who knows what that's from gets bonus points. Hehe!)

Off to play Thursday Thoughts on Meredith's blog, This Runner's World; only a day behind! Yay! =D

Thanks to Rob & Jana for coming to play w/ us this week. And safe travels to Bob & Lisa who're coming out for the weekend! Yippie! Visitors! =D

Monday, July 03, 2006


Happy Fourth of July weekend! =)

The Ugh in the title is because we've had major computer issues lately. One died. Completely. It caught a Trojan horse or something and made a complete mess of things, so it's been in & out of Dada's workplace while it gets cleaned up and files saved and all that nonsense. The other computer has been hooked up but, alas, has decided it doesn't know how to read our ScanDisk doohickey in spite of our best efforts to teach it. The long story short: I don't know how to do pictures now.

I know. I'm sorry.

We'll try to figure out if Dada's laptop can help in the meantime, but I knew that I better at least get some words/funny stories posted before there was a Reader Riot. One faithful reader already Busted My Chops this morning ;) (You know who you are. I don't need to name names!)

So. This morning was Care Bear's third ballet class and since Dada is off from work today we all went to the Y. He and I decided to walk around the track which is upstairs. There are windows looking down from the fitness center where the track is into the pool and the classrooms. Sure enough, we were spotted by our small ballerina. Hehe! They were doing something with beach balls in class today too... I think it was sort of a landmark for them. "You hold your arms up like this and step around your beach ball in a circle like this." Obstacle course! Haha. So we snuck some peeks while we walked our mile. Looked like she was enjoying herself. There were only 4 little girls in class today because of the holiday weekend.

Liam is still grinning with just two bottom teeth and has decided that he does indeed like pears and oatmeal mixed together. He's not very fond of peas. In fact, peas are considered a setback to the progress of the oatmeal and pears. Boys. ;) Sadly, the pears and oatmeal are also reflected in the diapers (gotta love toddler poop. Hey, this is a KID-based website. Like that topic is not going to get covered. Everything else gets discussed! I'm not apologizing. Pbbbbbbbbt. Hehe!) which are getting stinkier and grosser. Another Ugh ;) He's still not crawling but that's fine with me. Carrie and Triskal keep me busy enough.

We had our new neighbor friends over for dinner (Lee, Rita, Nina) Friday night. Liam was very excited to have a playdate with Nina even though she's waving, clapping, and crawling and he's not. He fell asleep in his high chair and her parents said, "ohhhhhhhh, look, Nina! Why can't you do that!?" She is a mover & a shaker... just about the cutest thing ever! I'm so glad he has a fun friend like her to play with! And I'm glad to be making some good friends here too =D

What did we do Saturday? Hmm. We did church yesterday... Rob & Jana will be coming Tuesday. The fireworks are tonight & we're trying to decide what we want to do about them. Watch from the backyard? Park at the Y? Go to bed? Ha! Dada is off tomorrow too- yay!

Not sure what else to say since I didn't take any notes this week on funny things. I did take pictures though, so as soon as we figure out what's going on w/ this crazy computer we'll get them on. Wendy's updated her site, so be sure to pop over & visit The Olson Bunch under Links at the left there. Have a great, safe holiday! Thanks for checking in!

(And a totally non-kid-related question, but have any of you ladies out there found any good waxing kits? I am so sick of shaving =/ *sigh* Lemme know if you have any info at all! Thanks!)