Friday, August 27, 2010

I can't find it right this second, but he looks SO much like Liam in these first two. Scroll back through the 2005 pictures and I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

My little boy blue. *beam* Sorry, can't be original right now as I'm also trying to vacuum my disaster of a house! Have a good weekend!

And check out that drool!

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Dee-vious goes to first day of 2nd grade

Getting gussied up,

wearing the truth,

big smile (so she's fully dressed),

blast off into day number one of grade number two. And a proud Liam, who's chomping at the bit to start kindergarten readiness. Yay for school! Yippieeeeeeeee!

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11 weeks old

Enjoying summer evening air...

Filling out 3-6 mos clothes nicely...

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Cutest Burrito Baby Ever!

Ta-da! =D

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These 3 are so cute together!

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Channeling Chuckie Clark...

On his own, Liam decided his toy screwdrivers were ice picks, and started "climbing" across the living room floor. Any time you want to take him under your wing, Charlie, to train him you can let us know. Hehe!

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Sir Prance-a-lot

Annmarie and her family sent Sir Prance-a-lot to Damon. Here he is checkin' out his new knight and steed. The big kids LOVE him!

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Teeth and Tummy

Poor Care Bear has had these two loose front teeth for forever. Every day I'm amazed that they're still there. Her permanent ones are already poking through right behind them, trying so hard to push these guys out. I'm sure very soon we'll have new pictures of big kid teeth!

Have I mentioned she wants handcuffs from the tooth fairy? That's right. For her policeman costume for Halloween. Or so she says.

Here's the boy at 11 weeks. Look how BIG he looks already! =(

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My favorite monkey. I mean, my favorite Liam!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Withholding carrots

Hehehe. Just found this picture, and while
I'm not sure what Dada is sellin', little miss Lizzie sure isn't buyin'. And she isn't surrendering her carrots, either...

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I love this one of Maudie and Damon! Maudie is my great aunt. Haven't seen her for ages!

Dada let it slip that every time he'd gone to Florida to visit his grandparents, he'd had some Carvel ice cream cake. Lainie and Gary were happy to oblige and found one for his sweet tooth. He was so surprised!

Can you find Carrie? Where's Waldo?

Some of my cousins goofing around...

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Yay, vacation!

Ooooh, that wave was a little bigger than I thought...

...and Damon objected accordingly.

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Jockey's Ridge State Park

The kids loved it here. We'll have to go back again some day.

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