Sunday, March 21, 2010


AND happy belated 62nd wedding anniversary to my Nana and Pap Pap! They celebrated 62 years of wedded bliss yesterday on the first day of spring. Hope it was a great day, you guys! You are such treasures to us. xoxoxoxoxoxo =)

The Best Nest, year 3 11/12- 4

I can NOT believe that we've been in this house almost 4.5 years. It amazes me all the time that this is how it feels to stay put long enough to have 5 quote boards from the same location! Now that I have my cup of coffee warmed back up and have changed the music in the CD player, I'm ready to lay the latest in funny sayings on you. Enjoy!

pre-Thanksgiving '09
Carrie, age 6: I do not want too clen up mama. wi do I have too clen up. but you no that I LOVE YOE. (translation: I do not want to clean up, Mama. Why do I have to clean up? But you know that I love you.)

Mama, discussing Thanksgiving and how many people were going to be here (about 27 the day after Thanksgiving): We're not going to have any leftovers! (The only explanation I can offer here is Pregnancy Insanity...)

Dada, talking about Brazil nut dressing: I make no guarantees that I'm gonna be Chuck-worthy. (He has a cousin, Chuck, who is an excellent cook!)

Carrie, flipping through Newsweek: MAMA! I see Rock Obama!!

Carrie, inspecting bread dough containing wheat flour: Did you put someone's freckles in there?

Carrie should be getting ready for school but is spelling "Diego" repeatedly instead: D-A-G-O, D-A-G-O...

Liam: My penis is waiting to peeeeee...

Carrie: There's Chili's. It's the one with the pickle on it.

On a roadtrip, we pull into a Cracker Barrel in Findlay, OH. Carrie: We're not very far... we only got as far as Cracker Barrel.

Mama is stroking Liam's soft skin and he declares: Mama! You're driving me itches!

Liam to Mama, after she wrote his name on his magnifying glass (again): Thanks, Mama! You're a super-good-letter-do-er!

Liam admonishing Mama: my new socks have letters on them. Why did you draw on them!? (Hanes)

Carrie, age 6: I realllllllllllllllllllly want a (Nintendo) DS. Everyone has one but me!
Mama: AND you want an iPOD. And a pony.
Carrie snorts giggles: A PONY?! I don't want a PONY!
Mama: Good! Cuz you're not getting one! HA!

Mama to Liam: Here.
Liam, singing: Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for the minty circle!
Mama: God bless you- you are SO cute.
Liam, through mouthful of minty circle: I didn't have a sneeze...

Mama to Liam: Do you want music or do you like the peace?
Liam, in a perfect deadpan: I like the peace, thank you very much.

Dada to Mama: Sunlight looks good on you.

Liam, age 4, discussing "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing": Angels fly. They don't sing.
Mama: They sing too. That's part of their job.
Liam: *pause* And they play drums.
Mama: Ooh, do they? I hope so. That'd be great!
Liam: I'm the drummer angel. You're the bongo angel.

Carrie, age 6.5: I'm very famous at puzzles, actually.

Liam's supposed to be using the toilet. Instead he's fully-clothed and "juggling".
Liam: I'm juggling invisible oranges!
Grandmama: I know. I can see it from here.
Mama cracks up, thinking, "busted!"
Grandmama continues: What I WANT to see is your invisible butt on the pot!
Mama and Carrie both crack up laughing.

Hazelnut coffee is brewing on a Saturday morning while the kids are singing "The Wonderpets" themesong at the tops of their voices.
Mama: *inhaling deeply* Isn't that the best smell?
Dada: I dunno. I can't smell anything with all this noise.

On a no-school day, Liam asks: Where IS Dee anyway?
Mama: she's sleeping in.
Liam: I want her to sleep out.

Carrie at Christmas 2009, on the phone to PaPa, who asked if she'd gotten what she wanted: Except for a guitar. I ordered a guitar...

Liam, age 3.75, trying to say "prickly pear cactus": Prickly hair captus

Liam, age 4, covered in stickers: Sticker-power-boy!

Carrie to Grandmama: Your bum is bigger than Mama's, I'm afraid.

Mama, while in Pepe the Pilot: Let's beep at Mama Rita.
Liam: Are you gonna push the button that says H on your steering wheel?
Mama: Yes, hehe. H for Honda and H for honking...
Liam: and H for beeping.
Mama: Hahahahaha! Nooo, not H for beeping!

Liam: "swee" is the word for when you get a balloon, Mama.

Liam to Mama: You have a scratch.
(Mama explains how she got it)
Liam: Ohh, that's too bad. Let me kiss it. *smooch*
Mama: Thanks! That feels much better!
Liam: Maybe a zerbert (raspberries) will help! *PBBBBBBBBBBBBBT!*
Mama, laughing: Yep, that helped all right!

Carrie to Liam: You're a chunk of cheese!
Liam: No I'm not! That's my Mama!
(I have NO explanation for that one. But I think it's hilarious because Mary Alice once called Dada a hunk of cheese. Genetic, perhaps?)

Liam: Mama, you're the best mama in the whole world. You make my heart super happy. *Mama BEAMS!*

According to Carrie, age 6.5, clocks are either antalog or diginal.

Carrie, age 6.5: My tongue ran into a spice...

Guiseppe, via Facebook: High school is messed up, yeah. But it's such a huge transition from careless youth to responsible adulthood that you have to expect the crucible for the metamorphosis to be a bit of a disaster, lol. (Everyone needs childhood friends like that!)

Liam to Mama: Do not read it. Just word it. (Recite it)

Liam, age 4: I don't have enough fingers to count all the people I love!

Liam: Yay, yay, yay, yay, YAY! Our grownups are coming with us!

Carrie, age 6: I collapsed a new word! (coined a new word)

Liam, age 4, to Mama: Can I sit in your seat and drink your coffee? I want to be a mom.

Dada got new shoelaces and is inserting them into his shoes.
Liam, age 4: Dada! You got tie-ers!

Carrie, age 6.5: Mama, you work at home, so you are a homegirl.

Liam, age 4, and Carrie, age 6.5, are playing with Legos.
Liam: ARGH! I'm going to BEAT you!
Dada, from across the room: That's my job.
Liam, without missing a beat: We could both beat her.

Mama to Dada, talking about how she's easily amused/ a cheap date: Aren't you so glad you married me? It'd have been so much more expensive if I was someone else!

Mama to Carrie: Did you wash your hands after touching the money? *sees Carrie's guilty look* Go wash- people drop money in the street and sneeze on it while counting it. Always wash your hands after touching money.
Mama looks at Dada.
Dada: What, there's no good money laundering going on around here? *both crack up*

Carrie, age 6.5, has been playing the Wii's Mario Kart game for a month, gets flattened in a race.
Carrie: I know. Apparently you have to watch out for cars.

Mama: "Take me to bed or lose me forever!"
*Big pause*
Dada: Right now!?

That's all, folks. Gotta get some fresh poster board up! Happy Spring! Garden post(s) coming soon...

28 weeks down

The Baby in the Belly, as the kids have named him/her, has completed 28 weeks and now we enter the final trimester. So far, so good! Our doctor is very pleased with weight gain and how I'm measuring, my glucose test is done, I've gotten my Rhogam shot, and we're all set. Names are still being discussed, as usual, and most of my Girlfriends are giving me the usual grief about being All Baby once again. I keep reading that a pregnant woman may gain about 11 pounds in this last 12 weeks and I keep wondering if ANY of it will help me grow a butt. *sigh* And no, you may not smack me for that. I'll sit on you!

That first picture is for Wendy. The wrap was given to me by my OBGYN for Liam, who is only doing GYN now, as a help for recovery. I'd lent it to Wendy during one of her pregnancies and she swore it helped with back pain when she wore it pre-baby. So I'm giving it a try, and whaddaya know, she's right! It's a relief to put on and also a relief to take off, if that makes any sense. If not, no worries.

Everything has been going very smoothly and I'm very blessed. Carrie jabbed me constantly with her bony little heels, usually under my right ribs. Liam was a whole body bouncer, as if I was a trampoline. This child likes to dance. And box. The kids have been laughing hysterically that when I lay on the couch, the baby in the belly goes crazy. Shimmies, bounces, kicks, punches, you name it. We're so excited!
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Buildings and Books

For some reason, I always think of my uncle Jeff when playing with Lincoln Logs. Perhaps because he's been in the Army for forever. At any rate, here's a soldier at his fort. Liam kept laughing at me because I am clearly not a master of Lincoln Logs- my walls kept collapsing. Good thing I didn't have to survive on the frontier, that's for sure!

I took these ones last night of Dada reading about chicken noodle soup to Carrie. The reason the barn is on the couch is because he vacuumed for us last night and it hadn't made it back to its spot by the fireplace, hehe. Or perhaps it likes to hear stories too!

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Recent Shenanigans

This is Dee in her bedroom with Tino. Behind her is a sheet that I have as her curtain. Dada took this, perhaps because I'd changed it to the Little Mermaid from her wintry Blue's Clues one...?

We had French Toast today. It was picture perfect!

Yay, Dada's home! Everyone loves to see Dada! =D

An extreme close up of my sweetieboy. Isn't he just gorgeous?

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Will blog tomorrow. Taking pictures tonight! Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sure signs of spring

The kids have been asking, "when is Spring cleaning day?" I have promised them that I'll let them know. Today Liam was helping wipe down windows. He lets me spray the Windex and then he tries his hardest to make the squeaky sound that makes him laugh. =)

Our sheets are all changed (we do that on Fridays around here) and I'm contemplating washing curtains. However, I have already committed to cookie baking today and we need to vacuum, so I don't want TOO many irons in the fire. I do need my naps too!

AND we saw our very first robin this morning. He was pretty sneaky. Liam was sure he was a dove and he kept standing on the fence right between us and the sun. Finally he hopped into the front yard for a few seconds and we did spot his bright red breast! YAY! It really IS almost Spring! Hang in there, Sally! ;)

Yesterday I trimmed up the kids' hair. Carrie's was mostly just bangs and around her ears, but I got the clippers out for Liam. Amazingly, the #4 clippers are shorter than I remember them being. *whistling innocently* I truly didn't mean to buzz him, and there was a TON of hair on the floor, but he is all fuzzy and ready for Spring. Mama Rita has already admonished me. But his face just POPS with no hair on his forehead! He is SO cute. I'll get pictures up soon! We even pulled a Sarah, Plain and Tall and tossed the hair outside for the birds to line their nests with.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Grandmama comes out on Sunday, so we're going to fit as much fun with her in as we can. I've already promised Care Bear a Just Girls' Milkshake Date, so at least we know we have that to look forward to. May you all have wonderful weekends!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Hooray! Proof!

Our snowman looks like the headless horseman. The Broccoli Broad started to melt yesterday and the broccoli popped out. Triskal devoured that, and I replaced the hat on her head. I added balls from our yard for her eyes and the kids were inside pointing to their mouths. So I inserted a smashed plastic pink bowling pin for her smile, turned around, and the kids are pointing to their noses. I found some old Happy Meal toy from Nick Jr., I think, and showed it headfirst into a nose hole so that the base of it was sticking out. The kids bent over laughing.

Today, there are two humps left of abdomen and thorax, I suppose. Hat is gone again and the entire head has melted away. I'm sad to see her go, but not at all sad to see the rest of the snow in the yard following her lead.

And the best part is that I thought I saw a killdeer on our way to church on Sunday. This morning while I was running errands with Sweetieboy, I saw three more. I hate to think what they are thinking, but I have a general idea. But that means spring is coming if they are coming back! Hoooooooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!