Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kitchen photos

Thanks, Lisa, for reminding me! Here's the kitchen handprint shots. It's a small section of wall that extends from above the fridge, across the window wall to the new peach wall. I love it!

And on a totally random note, Scott got a call today at work for Emily Brent- the woman we continuously got calls for at Woodsy House! Now how would they get his work number after he's been here 16 months, and STILL be looking for the wrong person who they didn't get a hold of for the 2 years we were at Woodsy House!? Emily Brent, wherever you are, you need to update your contacts on your "new" phone number! How weird is that?

"New" kitchen- handprint accent w/ peach wall to the right Posted by Hello

Close up of her handprint sponging Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

First few days of Pa Pa's visit

Pa Pa's been busy! He painted the kitchen yesterday (someone remind me to get the finished pictures up here) and has been chasing Care Bear a lot. Yesterday afternoon she played in the baby pool while he wrapped up the painting project. Then while he was hosing off his roller brush, she decided that while she was still wet from the pool that she'd play in the dirt. It kept her occupied for a good 15 minutes at least. Probably would have played all day if we'd let her. So all that dirt stuck to her (especially on her legs from diaper drips) and she looked like a big dirtball by the time we decided we better rescue her for dinner. So Pa Pa hosed her off before we let her in the house. Hehe! Enjoy the pictures!

Today we had the ultrasound and the tech is pretty darn sure that this bouncing bundle is a boy! I said, "Carrie, do you know you're gonna have a little brother?" and she said, "yeeeeeeeeeahhhh!" so I guess she's excited, too. Don't ask us about names- we can't agree yet!

After the ultrasound we headed to the library to drop off books and have a tea party on the ceramic tea set they have in the children's department. The 7 year old twins there were completely tickled w/ Carrie... she made them laugh quite a bit. So we took a picture on the steps and then headed off to Buster's for lunch. They have very unique ceiling fans that keep babies very entertained and we never remember to go there, so Her Royal Highness was a good girl and ate tons. Pictures of that too.

Scott's on his way home from St. Louis, having been there since Sunday night. He missed the ultrasound, but that's okay as long as he doesn't miss the birth. Then I'd kill him. Haha. Looking forward to small group tonight & having my baby home. Hope all are well! Trying to stay cool here... Wendy, send us some rain, okay? =)

Pa Pa painting in the kitchen. Posted by Hello

Dirtball. Look at the handful on her shoulder, even! Posted by Hello

Perfectly content to sit in the dirt after the pool Posted by Hello

Massaging dirt into her hair. Ancient beauty secret, perhaps? Posted by Hello

Check out that diaper sludge. Eww! Posted by Hello

Hose'r down! Posted by Hello

Ack, Pa Pa!!!! Posted by Hello

On the library steps after the typical tea party there Posted by Hello

Her first ice cream sandwich Posted by Hello

It's getting messy, Mama. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dada, Carrie & Pa Pa at Starved Rock state park on Father's Day 2005. Posted by Hello

That's the Illinois River, Pa Pa. Posted by Hello

Freeeeeeeeeeeeesh fish! Posted by Hello

Big view. Wonder how many miles you can see. Posted by Hello

Stack of bedtime books Posted by Hello

Father's Day 2005

Pa Pa Cunningham arrived safe & sound last night (after a 3 hour delay over his rental car!) Carrie was so excited to see him; she called him by name & went straight to him to be picked up & hugged for a long time. We didn't do much last night- just enjoyed the evening sun.

Today we went to church and then headed to for Sunday brunch. It was packed & we ate ourselves silly. Deeeeeelicious! Scott & I had been there twice before- it's where we stayed overnight for our anniversary (the first time we'd left Carrie at home w/ a sitter!) and we'd visited there once last year to just scope it out. It was a lovely day! We got to see lots of fisherman, two who caught fish for us to look at, lots of doggies and soaked up some Vitamin D. We didn't get back home and down for naps until after 4. Then Dada had to head to St. Louis this evening to check out some breakage at a plant tomorrow for OI. He'll be staying w/ Kelly & Becky & Hershey tonight so we sent some fresh fridge art. He should be back tomorrow night... we hope!

Pa Pa had to read lots of books tonight before Carrie was content to go to bed. At least the screaming matches have diminished some. I need to remember that she's only two for one year!

Ultrasound appointment is Tuesday morning at 10:30 so here's hoping the kid cooperates AND the tech knows what he/she is doing. I'm bearing in mind Sharon's surprise at delivery. Hehe! Going in w/ a much more opened mind this time around ;)

Happy Father's Day to all out there and have a wonderful week, the first one of summer!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Extreme makeover Posted by Hello

Hi bug! Look at the size of that thing! Posted by Hello


This kid definitely had some Gramps in her yesterday. She was such a dickens!

First of all, by the time I get out of the shower, she doesn't come running to greet me like always. It's super quiet when I step out- never a good sign! I call her, and she does come, a pen in hand. She'd swiped it off the kitchen table. By the time I come to investigate, poor "Baby" has had a complete makeover. First pen casualty!

While we are outside after Dada got home, she's determinedly trying to get the garage door up by herself (my remote doesn't work, so we have to do it manually and she's seen us do that). She comes flying back over to us where we are sitting on the front stoop yelling, "MAMA! MAMA! SEE!!!???" There is a huge BUG on the brim of her hat. I would have freaked if that had been me, but she was perfectly content to have it hang on there for dear life, waving its feelers at her. We have no idea if she put it there or if it just landed on her. Completely cracked us up.

And last but by no means least, as we adults are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, a very quiet (once again) Care Bear is left unsupervised in the living room. Mind you, she's only wearing a diaper as it's hot and we'd been playing in the baby pool earlier- hadn't gotten around to clothes yet. She entertains herself and then comes waltzing into the kitchen. "Da." (Carrese for "there") Completely pleased with herself- she is COVERED in yogurt. She had painted her legs and torso (and much of Andrew's computer chair *sigh*) with yogurt. I took one look, turned my head away and started laughing. Scott took one look, snags her, and proceeds directly to tub, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Sadly, we didn't get a picture of that so you'll just have to use your imaginations. It's better that way anyhow- although I bet she has very soft, lovely skin from her yogurt wrap!

I can just hear Grammy & Gramps laughing & laughing. Wonder what today will bring! =D

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

She stood up on the chair to steal Scott's strawberries from an Ottawa vendor. Three times! Posted by Hello

First time ice cream cranker! Posted by Hello

Ice cream is hard work! Posted by Hello

Jump jump jump! Posted by Hello

Kia & Shawn chanting, "legs apart, together, apart, together!" Posted by Hello

Hard landing, hehe! Posted by Hello