Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More wedding photos

Here are some more wedding photos. Hehe, I don't think I have any close-ups of Care Bear from that day yet! Hmmm...

We had some good storms yesterday, finally. She was pretty perplexed when the lights went out, three times, but is a very good sport & enjoyed listening to the rain and watching the water run down the street. Thunder doesn't even faze her. Her baby pool and all her pool toys were REALLY full of water today, so we played in there before lunch. Shoes included. =/ Oh well.

My OB/GYN was in a huge rush today, but seemed pleased again. I'm up to 130.5 pounds w/ good blood pressure and he easily found Little Kicker's heartbeat, so I guess all is well. Wants to see me again in 3 weeks and I am pretty sure we'll be doing the glucose tolerance/ RH stuff for week 28... should be two weeks after next appt. =)

Things are good here. Going to grill out for dinner & then hopefully have a nice bike ride since it's so much more reasonable heat-wise! Have a fun over the hump day!

Young love <3 Posted by Picasa

The cake Posted by Picasa

Too pretty to cut! Posted by Picasa

first of the reception kisses Posted by Picasa

Head table Posted by Picasa

Best Man Ian, whom Care Bear adored! Posted by Picasa

More kissing! ;) Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005

After church she borrowed a collection plate & a pencil- makeshift drum. Now all she needs is a Salvation Army cauldron & bell! Posted by Picasa

Examining the stud finder Posted by Picasa

Checking for studs Posted by Picasa

Getting all strapped in (and getting the lecture on bike safety) Posted by Picasa

Saying "cheese" in her new helmet Posted by Picasa

All set for her first bike ride. Lookit that grin! Posted by Picasa

Busy weekend

We had a super busy weekend. We ran errands on Saturday. We girls stayed in the car while Dada dashed into the Post Office to mail Miss Madeleine her birthday gift (happy 2nd birthday tomorrow, Maddy!) and into Ace Hardware. We went to Dunkin Donuts for a Saturday treat- a box of Munchkins. We had naps and then went to Red Lobster in La Salle Peru for dinner before heading to Target. That's where we got Mama's new bike and a seat for Care Bear so she can ride w/ Dada.

Then yesterday was church, lunch at China Inn, naps, and then lots of cleaning. Dada installed two decorative shelves in our bedroom & then attached her bike seat. Then we were off on Care Bear's first bike ride! Here are pictures from the weekend, and I have more of Andrew's wedding that I plan to get up in the next day or so. Have a super week!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

She hopped into the pile all by herself. Scott called me, "I didn't show her how to do this!" Posted by Picasa

Ack! Incoming! Don't bury ME, Dada! Posted by Picasa

Kicking the leaves to see them fly Posted by Picasa

Yard fanatics

We didn't figure anyone would believe us unless we had pictures as proof, but yes, we've been out raking leaves this week. It's so dry out here that our poor tree has given up and decided it's Fall. We've done 5 yard bags, I think. The good news is that we're getting it done now while I can still bend a little and while they're dry and fluffy as opposed to months from now when they're icky and heavy and I'm uncomfortable. Plus, it gave Scott some quality get-Carrie-ready- for-bed time while I got a break from her =D So here's Care Bear, playing in the leaves in JULY. Wonder if we'll have snow in September ;) Now WE look like the yard fanatics! =/

Friday, July 22, 2005

Care Bear 050

To imitate Meredith's post (see This Runner's World link, above), I was going to post a Care Bear 101 List but think I'll just stick to 50 for now. So here's some fun facts about Puddinpop:

1. Care Bear has brown eyes w/ huge black lashes.
2. She has strawberry blonde hair that is getting very long!
3. Right now, her toenails are painted yellow (bought especially for her)
4. Her favorite TV show is "Maisy" on Noggin. She cries when it's finished.
5. She won't say the names of animals.
6. She makes the sounds they make instead.
7. She likes cinnamon on her applesauce.
8. There are Care Bears on her toothbrush and her bedroom calendar.
9. She likes chocolate. No idea where she gets that...
10. Her sheets are Blue's Clues, passed along from cousin David Walls.
11. So far she only has one mole, on her side.
12. She has one light birthmark, too.
13. Still hasn't gotten her upper 2 year molars. Driving me nuts!
14. LOVES to color!
15. Especially with pens.
16. Even on walls =/
17. Loves bubble baths
18. Says "yoom" for "swim"
19. Has a Pap, a Pa Pa, and a Pap Pap (not counting her Dada!)
20. Laughs at the noise near-empty containers make
21. Will play w/ Play Doh for 45 minute stretches!
22. Relishes chocolate milk
23. Doesn't like lettuce
24. Loves "booms!" (Fireworks)
25. Gets really excited about lightning bugs
26. Loves all bugs.
27. Calls flies "bees"
28. Likes windsocks (winsocks?)
29. Has 5 of them
30. Likes chimes, too
31. Has 2 sets
32. Is a choo choo expert (who wouldn't be, living in Streator!?)
33. Is passionate about music.
34. Tries to play every instrument she comes across.
35. Likes to play in the dirt.
36. Likes to play in sand even more
37. Wants her hair dried w/ the dryer, even when it's hot
38. Is a Chap Stick fanatic
39. Likes to give backscratches
40. Will sometimes use the Happy Massager to give backrubs
41. Likes peanut butter w/ her bananas.
42. Idolizes bigger kids
43. Likes peppermint Altoids!
44. Loves hats, on everyone.
45. Tries to play hopscotch
46. Wants music on in the car, every time
47. Would rather play than eat when she wakes up in the morning
48. Doesn't need any more toys, ever.
49. Has more bibs than most 3 kids put together!
50. Has a huge button fetish. Remotes, cell phones, appliances, nothing is safe!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cunningham Posted by Picasa

some of the Jones family Posted by Picasa

Some of the Cunningham side Posted by Picasa

The girls Posted by Picasa

Care Bear's beautiful Aunt Megan Posted by Picasa

The wedding party Posted by Picasa

A sweet smooch Posted by Picasa

Pretty rings! Posted by Picasa

Squirt's finally married ;)

Sorry that this is hard to see... trying to use Megan's colors from the wedding. This is as close to yellow that'll be visible that I can get! =)

At the behest of our Western relatives who couldn't make it to the wedding, here are some pictures to get you started. I apparently didn't take any at the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner, and I hate flashing the camera during the actual ceremony. So here's from "I now present the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cunningham" on =D Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wearing Pap's hat that had been in Vietnam. She couldn't let Rob wear it w/out her having to try it. Hehe! Posted by Picasa