Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cinco de Mayo and other tales

Journeys with Geoffrey part two: we took Geoffrey to the zoo! Here he is, surveying his own kind. If you look to the right, there are 2 giraffes in the distance. =)
And lo and behold, while we were at the zoo, we spotted the incredibly rarest and cutest of creatures: a Bing!
Then we went to see the monkeys. Whoops! That's a Care Bear, a Ninasaurus, and a Liam the Destroyer... my bad...
THERE'S the monkey. The gorillas were more animated than we'd ever caught them before. This one got quite close and that's Carrie. Hard to say who was having a better time watching whom...
There were fun Cinco de Mayo dancers celebrating too. They kept the kids occupied while we ate our lunch. We enjoyed seeing their flowy, flowery skirts and the fancy sombreros. Of course, they all turned out to be a centimeter tall when I took their picture, so I'll just leave it to your imaginations. =)
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This is Liam at the playground, swinging Peter Pan style. And that's even before he watched Noah and Charlie doing it!
These are the cheeseball grins they are perfecting. Check out that crazy hair on that girl!
New 'do for Springtime! She is convinced now that she looks like a boy, and is as happy as a clam about it! The rest of us love it cuz it's cute ;) And before I forget, it was raining today and I said, "I'm going to brave the elements and check the mail." She turns to Grandmama and says, "what means braving the elephants?"
Care Bear snuggling with her Grandmama. Doesn't she look so looooooooong? We go to visit Dr. Jon tomorrow to see how big she is now that she's 5! A few mornings ago I stood in her room and watched her while she dreamed. She was all twitchy and her eyeballs were rolling around under her eyelids. Once she was awake she told me she'd dreamed Explorin' Lauren (might be able to find her at ) was talking at our house. I said, "I saw you dreaming. I watched you." And she said, "did you see my cloud of dreaming?" I laughed & told her, "no sweetie. I couldn't see your cloud of dreaming." She answered, "it's in my head- that's why!"
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Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day fun

Anyone seen Liam? Anyone? Anyone?
Liam and I had a date at Fallen Timbers on May Day. Thanks to a nice saleslady, we found the fun chess set! He was very enamored with the horses, of courses. I think it'll be fun to take him and Nina sometime...
So big! Bigger than the King AND the Queen!
He's counting the knights. Onnnnnne, twoooooo....
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Play area at Fallen Timbers

We discovered the play area and had to say hi to all the stone buddies. He kissed the turtle goodbye. He really liked the foot stools to the leafy chairs. They were just the right height for him.

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Fire pit and picnic

We found a fire pit and fun outdoor seating. These are kinda squishy, believe it or not! I think he looks JUST like Dada in the one below.
They had a picnic outside for lunch. Couldn't waste all that sunshine!
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Today's photos

She is obsessed with this umbrella. I finally gave in and let her play outside with it. Of course, by then it had stopped raining. Oh well.
And she begged me to take pictures of her tower from tonight. And her with it. Happy May!

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