Thursday, May 23, 2013

Didja ever have one of those days?

Poor Virgil Eugene. This winter had been so cold and so windy that he looks like, "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!"

Is it just me or are they making the same face?


Don't let the fickle spring get you down! Get out there and enjoy it! Silliness is recommended and encouraged.
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Exercising with Dada

Poor Dada can't even exercise in peace. The kids take over the equipment...

So, applying the logic of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", he does what any self-respecting father would do and uses THEM for equipment!
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Awana awards night

The big kids participated in an Awana program this year and there was an awards ceremony on April 24th. Liam had finished his entire first book, so he earned a ribbon for that. Carrie memorized a verse and is reciting it in front of everyone below.


This last one is just because Bing is adorable and the baby he's holding is a total sweet pea. Irresistible!

Anyway, it was a fun night of food and the big kids being recognized for their efforts throughout the year. We were sorry that Dada was out of town and had to miss it. It was a fun night and I was very proud of their work!
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Fickle Spring

This is Ohio in spring. These are not from the same day, or even the same month, but they are very representative of April and May in Ohio. Above, one of Liam's "flowerful" trees.

Yes, those ones feature snow. So does the one below- see the roofs?

This gray one above and the flowers below are the same morning. I figured I'd better get a shot of the hyacinths while they were gorgeous before the clouds above pulverized them, but they blew on through and didn't do anything! Didn't even have the decency to pour on the big kids at the bus stop. I mean... uh... never mind.
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What have we been up to?

The kids have been big into the tangram shapes that we found in Carrie's room. There's a lot of shoving and fighting over whose turn it is to use them to make art, mostly between a big kid vs Damon, not between the big kids. I like that they're using a different medium; these kids LOVE to make art.

Here's a poor, conked out Liam.

More magnetic tangram art and a tea party:


Calvin-ball, apparently...

and I have no explanation for that one.

For whatever reason, the demented children we have decided to arrange everything we own into one spot outside and make a fort or something out of it. I try not to interfere, but someone needs to make it safe for monkeys...

And quality control runs in the family these days. Who was in charge of chopping these!? Whoever saw such a variety of mini wheats in one box!?

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Good eats

I love the singleminded determination with which this child eats. He is SO funny plowing through his food. His special favorites are noodles of any kind, yogurt (seen here), ice cream, or bowls of fruit. Dig in!

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We've survived a decade of parenting!

Miss Carrie decided on an Oreo cake this year. I just so happened to have a recipe for one that Dada helped me whip up. It's devil's food cake, chocolate glaze, and Cool Whip + cream cheese + sugar + pulverized Oreo center. Delish!

Being full of hot air herself, Carrie had no trouble blowing out 10 candles. Damon was irate that he didn't get to "help", but as his birthday is next month we figured he'd get over it. There's our newly minted, fresh out of the shower 10 year old. Happy birthday, Care Bear! We love you!

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