Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birds and bugs

Damon's been birdwatching lately. Today he was hiding, in his bright red Elmo shirt, under the tree where we have three feeders. He was perfectly quiet and content, and the sparrows eyed him suspiciously but ate anyway. Then he retreated back to the steps by the sliding glass door and some of the bigger birds like our mourning doves and red winged blackbirds returned...

And thank heaven for the cavalry is all I can say. Care Bear had her fourth big project of the year due last Friday. She had at least 3 weeks to do it, but of course it came down to crunch time. Dada and PaPa, who was here visiting, stepped up big time and helped her focus and actually work in spite of other distractions. Dada did a lot of the prelim work during his car ride the weekend before to see Grandma Barb and Pap. Carrie rode with him and I took the boys, so she got a lot of rough draft accomplished in those 4.5 hours. PaPa got to help with the artistic presentation, which is right up his alley anyway, and I'm proud to report that she received 60/60 points and got her 100% along with a note that said, "this was your best writing of the year!"  Way to go!


Tell us how you REALLY feel, PaPa. He quipped, "I can't WAIT to do this again when Liam is in fourth grade. The rapture had better happen first!"

Come, Lord Jesus!
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