Friday, October 13, 2006


Yay for Maisy ;) Here's some more CO photos. TGIF and happy Friday the 13th! Have a great weekend, all =)

Notice anything funny about the traffic sign? And I don't mean that the entire picture is diagonal =P Posted by Picasa

A closeup shot of the hula hoop Ped Xing ;) Posted by Picasa

conked out again Posted by Picasa

hotel livin' Posted by Picasa

Denver has buffaloes that are decorated all throughout the city- Liam slept through his first sighting Posted by Picasa

Let's go to the Denver Aquarium! Posted by Picasa

Seahorse topiary Posted by Picasa

Great big sea turtle Posted by Picasa

That's an otter. He's a quick little bugger! Posted by Picasa

Liam loves fish. They must be about his speed. He kept beaming at them Posted by Picasa

There was a stingray petting tank. Even before Steve Irwin's accident, I was pretty leery. But they're so cool! I never dreamed they'd actually LIKE it. They kept circling around to come back for more petting. Amazing. Posted by Picasa

The coral crawl Posted by Picasa

He went right through =) Posted by Picasa

Beautiful starfish and friends Posted by Picasa

Seahorses, so neat! Posted by Picasa

They had tanks w/ big window bubbles underneath them so you could crawl under and pop your head up inside the bubble. Liam was pretty impressed w/ the seafloor view ;) Posted by Picasa

Pihranas! Posted by Picasa

This one's for mom- hope he's not too dark. Some cool toucan-ish bird! Posted by Picasa

pretty parrots Posted by Picasa

Nemo! Posted by Picasa

We like aquariums! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back to CO

I'm taking advantage of a Maisy DVD we borrowed today from the library to get a few more pictures up. I do have lots more to do still. And since it's gotten a lot colder, I imagine videos will be more frequent, which means more blog time ;) Have a great weekend! Eek, tubby time!

Welcome to Golden! Posted by Picasa

There were neat sculptures all through town. This one is a fisherman. Posted by Picasa

The park beside the river as seen from the bridge. And yes, Dada took Liam down that twisty slide after seeing another daddy and baby accomplish it safely! Posted by Picasa

The river that runs through town. Of course I neglected to write down which one it is... the brewery is way down there at the end, if that helps! Posted by Picasa