Sunday, October 28, 2012

Working hard, and hardly working

All the fourth graders had to do a book report on a President and Carrie chose FDR. The students were to decorate a pizza box and make a pizza about the President's life. One side was to display facts and important dates from their lifetime and the other side of the pizza slices were to be pictures or illustrations about said facts:


Then our girl wore her button-down shirt and tie, and presented her findings. She got an A+! If you click on any of the above pictures, it'll show them bigger so you can get a better idea of the facts she chose and her illustrations. That goes for any picture here on the blog, just as a reminder.

Then here's Liam getting ready for his rain gutter regatta. He and Dada sanded and painted his boat, while I had the joy of hot gluing the sail and actually attending the pack meeting where Liam placed third. Not bad for his first attempt! I'm really, really hoping Dada is in town for the next one. There was way too much bravado and entirely too much hot air, and I don't just mean what was being blown against the boat sails! ;)  I survived, even though I really dreaded going for the entire week before, and was proud of my Tiger Scout!

Oh, and here's Damon busy growing. Guess not all work is noisy or active or making a mess, though you could've fooled me!
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