Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning 2012

We are mean parents. We informed the kids that for every minute before 8 AM that they woke us up, they'd lose a present. Terrible, I know. Guess who barged into our bedroom at 8:03 AM. You win a prize!

The boys wanted to tackle their stockings first while SweetieDee wanted to save hers for last. The elves apparently had taken liberal advantage of the candy aisles this year, as the stockings were chock-full of Swedish fish, gummies, gum, and other assorted sweets. It must be Christmas!

Carrie got almost knocked over when Liam opened his gift from her. She found a cup that spelled LIAM and it even had a straw. Good gift, Dee.

Damon got me a hat! This kid is big into Sesame Street characters right now. He's been sleeping with the stuffed cat he picked from The Beach House this summer, and he's added the Elmo he got for his birthday and the squeaky Cookie Monster he got for Christmas. I should say that we picked it out for him while we were shopping WITH him, so it never made it to the wrapping stage. And I could swear that Cookie's squeaker is the exact same one in Ernie's rubber ducky. It's a hoot!

Two lollipops later, Damon is kinda shell shocked that Santa would bring him a new car seat:
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